Bootleg Movie Downloads

Bootleg movie downloads are a major scourge in the world of entertainment and are an offshoot of the digital makeover associated with the movie industry. One of the disturbing facts is that it has generated lucrative, novel businesses including movie DVDs and downloadable music. In other words, digital technology has opened up an unknown scope for bootlegging by unscrupulous players in the field.

The harm that has been done by bootleg movie downloads is unprecedented. Records indicate that disc and tape forgery accounts for a sizeable loss in revenue. An area of grave concern is that illegal copies of movies are flooding the internet. Bootleg downloads have hit the entertainment industry hard. It has encouraged commercial piracy to a great extent, and it has come as a great blow to creative ideas and views.

The United States entertainment industry is worried that there has been a steady growth of disc bootlegging. The ambiguous system that facilitates entry of bootleg movies to the market is complex. It is lucrative as well. Commercial pirates earn huge amounts through this nepharious process. In the absence of strict laws, the risk involved is minimal allowing bootleggers to pocket thousands of dollars a week.

Bootlegged movies move globally with the aid of an intricate and surreptitious channe1. First, a movie is clandestinely recorded with a camcorder while up for public viewing in a theater. The recording is then transferred to a computer and placed online, The master copy is handed over to a manufacturer either in the form of a DVD or electronically. The manufacturer makes copies from the discs that are made available for a fee to a network of distributors. These distributors sell them to teams of peddlers.

Blackjack Odds

A player can get good odds in a blackjack game depending on the rules of the game and the skill of the player. Assuming that a player used the correct basic strategy, a single deck game with Las Vegas Strip rules and double after splitting can actually give the player a 0.1% advantage.

In theory, blackjack can offer the player the best odds in the house. Players usually do not have to look hard to find a blackjack game with a high casino edge. The basic thing a player should know about blackjack odds is that you should never take a hit on 20 or 21, since 21 means blackjack and a guaranteed win. On the other hand, the worst blackjack game that a player might run into would be an 8-deck game with double on 10 and 11 only, dealer hits soft-17 and no re-splits. However, as long as naturals are paid at 3 to 2, this game is probably better than any other in the casino.

However, unlike craps, which requires only knowledge of where to place your bet, blackjack requires skill. You must know your basic strategy well, and should be willing to place more money on the table when called for in double-down and split situations. The continuous flow of inexperienced new players and players who refuse to follow basic strategy increases the casino’s advantage by 5% or so.

Blackjack odds are based on the percentage of times you would lose if you took a hit while holding that hand value. Although the effectiveness of blackjack odds is not proven, knowledge of blackjack odds can aid you in being a more educated player. However, if luck is on your side, you can hit that lucky twenty-one and would not have to consider any odds.

Blackjack Slots

Blackjack slots also referred to as twenty-one which is one of the most popular slots played on casino tables. The game is played with one, two, four, six, and eight decks of cards. A dealer holds and deals the cards of the single and double deck games, which are dealt out of a tray like box, which is called ‘shoe’.

The game is based on simple arithmetic calculations. If the total of the player’s cards is higher than the dealer’s cards without exceeding twenty-one the player wins. On the other hand if a player thinks that his total cannot reach close to twenty-one he can quit that is called as ‘bust’ but he automatically loses. In hand-held games, the cards are kept facing down. The players can pick up the cards, whereas in the ‘shoe game’, players are not allowed to touch the cards that are faced up to him. Rest all is the same in both the games. Blackjack is a game based on dependent events, wherein bigger cards left in the deck favor the gamer and the smaller denominations favor the dealer. The thrill of the game is in the shifting of advantages back and forth from players to dealers, which is also the basis behind the card counting.

The main objective of the game is to beat the dealer, and not to get close to twenty-one. Since the player has the privilege to act first, he has the advantage to stand on a hand that has the potential of going over 21, when the dealer also has cards that can bust him. However if the player and the dealer both bust, still the player loses. Thus players are advised to learn to play their hands correctly and ensure the best outcome, which is based on the mathematically strategy.

The game of blackjack is very easy to learn and even involves the use of a basic strategy chart at the table for reference, and thus with little efforts the players can take correct decisions.

Black Jack

Blackjack was first played in France, in the early 1700s, where it was called Vingt-et-un, the French equivalent for Twenty and One. The name blackjack was a result of a special bet where a player was rewarded for picking the ace of spades and the jack of spades as the first two cards.

From then to the 20th century, the game spread across the globe. In 1956, a person named Roger Baldwin wrote a paper on the optimum strategy in blackjack, which was published in the journal of the American Statistical Association. It was the first attempt to apply mathematics to the game. Baldwin used probability, calculators and statistics to show different ways to reduce the house advantage. His paper looked like a typical mathematical paper, full of calculations. What he needed was a computer, to refine the deductions.

In 1962, the ‘Einstein of Blackjack,’ Professor Edward O Thorpe, refined Baldwin’s strategy and published a book called Beat the Dealer. It became so popular that it topped the New York Times’ bestseller list the very next week. Casinos had to actually change rules in their favor.

Stanford Wong took over where Thorpe left off. He wrote a book called Professional Blackjack, which was full of computer simulations of the game. It became the Bible for both beginners and expert players. After Wong, an IBM employee Julian Braun came up with the basic strategy of counting cards. In 1977, when a certain player used computers in his shoes to win over a hundred thousand dollars very quickly, the case was taken up by the FBI.

The game became even more popular after the release of the Academy Award-winning movie Rain Man, in which Dustin Hoffman played Tom Cruise’s autistic brother with an ability to memorize cards. In the movie, Cruise took his brother to Las Vegas to use his ability to get out of a financial mess. In reality, the movie led millions of people across the globe to the blackjack table.

Black Jack Tournaments

The word tournament has an element of excitement, don’t you think? The word almost makes blackjack sound kind of sporty. Whether played in the casinos, or online, they are hugely popular among fans. Competing against other players instead of the house makes it more fun, and gives the better players a chance to rake in bigger money.

Simple as they may sound, (what do they need except a couple of tables?), casino blackjack tournaments aren’t organized as often as other gaming tournaments. This is mostly because casinos have so few blackjack tables anyway.

When they are held, the daily tournaments usually have a small fee, while the invitational ones are usually held as a reward for loyal customers. They may go on for two or three days, in which case the guests are provided free lodging.

Some things to understand before you enter any tournament are what the prizes are (they could be as high as USD 5,000), what is the minimum and maximum bet, how many rounds will be played, how much time will it take, and whether you will be given tournament chips, in which case you might have to pay a fixed tournament fee of about USD 150.

In you’re interested, there’s a website called, where you can get a list of all the upcoming tournaments for the coming month. You can even register yourself on the site and post messages for the rest of the gang. But before you even think of registering for a tournament, make sure you’ve memorized the strategy chart. If you don’t count, you will end up losing everything you go in with. And this time it won’t be the house that will make the money. It will be another better-prepared player.

Black Jack Tables

You have probably walked into a casino and wondered why a couple of blackjack tables are very crowded and the rest are completely empty. And you have probably observed that the tables that are crowded tend to get more crowded and those that are empty, remain so. While you might have thought it is to do with the dealer’s popularity or the stakes won or lost at a particular table that is not quite the truth. The reason is a simple fear of the house, of not wanting to be in front of a dealer alone.

What people do not realize is that their chances of losing at an empty table are just as high as a crowded table. The only difference is that at a crowded table the game gets longer and each person’s turn comes slower. So instead of losing all the money they walked in with before the end of five minutes, they make it last for about half an hour.

Even at the crowded tables, players believe in theories that propagate the right base to sit on at a blackjack table. Apparently, for the players who use basic strategy, it does not really matter which seat they take. It does not improve their chances to be at first base or third. For those who count cards, and use strategy variations, it is considered best to sit at the third base, so that they can see as many cards as possible before it is their turn to play.

There’s a joke that does the rounds at these tables, when beginners ask the more experienced players about choosing a base. It goes, “When playing against a ’front loading’ dealer, the best seat is the one that gives you the best shot at getting a glimpse of the dealer’s hole card.

Black Jack Strategy

Roulette is considered to be the queen of casino games, and blackjack is considered king. Blackjack is the most extensively researched casino game in the world, and it is also the only casino game with fluctuating odds, where the chances of winning change with the composition of the deck. It is a game where the house’s chances can actually be dimmed to less than 1% if the player follows a certain strategy.

This strategy is known in blackjack as basic strategy, which determines whether a player should hit, or stand, or double, or split. It is based on the player’s total points and the dealer’s visible card. To be a successful player, one needs to refer to the strategy chart, which shows how to play the cards depending on the dealer’s visible card.

A couple games, and one understands that the house begins with an advantage because of the simple fact that the player has to make the first call. Since the basic strategy chart deals only with the first two cards, a player will need to know what to do when he takes a hit. The experts say the best way to do this is translate the chart into simple text. So, the basic strategy to play a hard hand (when the two starting cards do not contain an Ace) would be, if you have eight or less, always hit; if you have 17-21, always stand. Similarly, the basic strategy to play a soft hand (when one of the two starting cards is an Ace) would be, if you have an Ace and an 8 or an Ace and a 9, always stand.

Translating the blackjack strategy chart into text only makes memorizing easier.

Black Jack Rule

Unlike most casino games that are dependent more on chance than skill, blackjack is quite mathematical. Hence, the game has some basic rules that need to be followed, if one is to do more than experience the thrill of sitting at the table losing his money.

The basic is to know that the hand with the highest total wins, as long as it is not over 21. Over 21, a hand goes bust. Cards 2 to 10 as worth their number, the kings, queens and jacks as worth 10 points each, and the Ace is 11 points, unless this would cause the player to go bust, in which case it takes the value 1.

Each player gets two cards, and one of the dealer’s two cards is face up for all the players to see. A two-card hand of 21 is a blackjack, or an automatic winner. If it’s the dealer, then all the others lose. If it’s a player’s, all the other players, including the dealer, lose.

There are, however, some other rules you need to keep in mind while playing this game, especially if you are a beginner. The first thing to do is keep an eye out for the betting limits of each table. It’s also important to note the kind of game being played. Beginners are safer playing shoe games, where all the cards are dealt face up. The rule about buying chips is simple. The dealer is not allowed to take anything from a player’s hand. So if you need to buy chips, you have to place your money on the felt. The dealer will pick it up and put the chips in the same place. While making a bet, you have to put your chips in the circle on the felt, in front of your seat.

Simple rules these are, but they will help get to the blackjack table feeling more confident.

Black Jack Games

If you are the sort of person who thinks blackjack is one of those card games played in casinos, with very high stakes, you will be surprised to read this. It turns out that there are numerous types of blackjack games available at the casinos and some apparently friendly to beginners. The rules are more or less the same; the nuances are slightly different, the biggest one being the number of decks used in the game.

Blackjack can be played both as a single deck and a multiple-deck game. However, both these types are relevant only when the game is played in the casino. In the online version, the cards are shuffled after every hand.

Several other types of this game, which can be found both in casinos and online, are called European Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack, in which the rules are tweaked to attract new players. Of all the blackjack games, Spanish 21 is particularly exciting for beginners. Besides the fact that this game is dealt with a Spanish shoe, the rules are very liberal and the house advantage is apparently low.

There are several variants of this version which are used to attract beginners. While they seem to be more player-friendly, they actually have a higher house advantage. For example, Double Exposure Blackjack, where the dealer’s cards are both face up. The player has the option of increasing his bet on seeing the dealer’s cards. As seems obvious, beginners might be tempted to take this offer, which eventually results in the house raking in a huge booty.

With the Internet becoming so popular across the globe, there are now two online versions of the game: the downloadable game and flash blackjack. Whatever game one plays, whether online or at the casinos, it’s a good idea to do some reading of the famous Edward O’Thorpe and Ken Uston before taking to the table.

Black Jack Gambling

The Internet is full of very amusing stories about Blackjack gambling. There’s one person called Martha, from the Society for the Protection of Animals, who decided to take advantage of the blackjack gambling frenzy in her town to raise money for animal welfare. She actually made a huge packet just organizing the game for this cause.

Then there’s Ned, who was hospitalized with back problems because he sat hours on end, everyday, in one position, playing blackjack online. Under a heavy dose of medication, when he could barely talk, his friend heard him mumbling something about blackjack! Such is the following this game commands.

But did you know that blackjack is the only gambling game that is not determined by luck alone? It is more about mathematics and calculations than the thrill of sitting at a table in a casino waiting for lady luck to smile. It’s not a game for those who want to take chances. You do that and you just up the chances of the guy sitting there well prepared and set to win.

While the basic of blackjack gambling is counting, picking your seat at the table is equally important. For example, for basic strategy players, it doesn’t really matter where they sit. For counters, who use strategy variations, is makes sense to sit at third base so that they can see as many cards as possible before their turn. Of course, as they say, if you are playing blackjack in Rio, then the best place to sit is the one that gives you a good view of the waitresses at the bar.