Christian Camps for Troubled Teens

In today’s high-pressure world, teens and their families face lots of problems. When teens make poor decisions, choose the wrong friends, and become increasingly attracted to destructive behaviors, there is no doubt that they are in some trouble. Parents always struggle to find out excellent treatment options for keeping their kids on the right path. Among many treatment options, Christian camps for troubled teens are designed exclusively for the purpose of redirecting unmotivated and troubled Christian teens.

All Christian families believe that their religion is a very essential part of their lives. Christian parents often try to ensure that their kids will be brought up believing in Christianity as well. When such a family is faced with a troubled teen, they will obviously do what they can to help. Of course, when medication and therapy fail, they move to Christian camps and schools. All these facilities are Christian-based solutions for troubled children who are rejecting their Christian tradition and rebelling against parental authority.

Christian camps are considered as good alternative to boarding schools, boot camps, and drug rehab centers to deal with behavior problems. They aim at restoring the troubled teens to a particular life of power, purpose, in addition to potential. The camps give professional Christian counseling and Biblically based coping skills programs.

All programs are designed to provide the discipline and structure teenagers need in a Christian home environment. The camps encourage teenagers to follow Scriptural solutions for their problems. In addition to behavior modification, they deal with key aspects of a young man’s life, which include educational, social, emotional and physical. Christian camp programs are normally available for teens that are between the ages of 12-18. There are also camps for adolescents from ages 8-12.

In some camps, programs that deal with mild mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and bipolar disorder are provided. The camps follow a comprehensive, holistic approach to these problems from a distinctly Christian based focus. Christian camp programs are also designed to help deal with drug or alcohol abuse and legal problems for troubled teen.

Christian Bumper Stickers

Apart from providing reminders and inspiration to Christians with regard to their faith, Christian bumper stickers have now taken on a different character. These bumper stickers are now collectorsx92 itemsx97precious finds that fetch a hefty sum. Given the classic nature of these stickers, collectors bid as high as $1 million for an original bumper sticker that was made in years past. However, buying these stickers also involves buying the cars that they were originally stuck on, which makes the hunt for these stickers even more exciting for enthusiasts.

Notable sales for classic stickers

One of the most famous Christian bumper stickers is the x93Honk if you love Jesusx94 sticker. In an auction in New York, the popularity of this sticker was proven when the winning bid for the sticker amounted to one million dollars. Another famous sticker, which is the x93Have you prayed today?x94 sticker, made in 1958, fetched a higher price of $1.2 million dollars in a recent auction. The people who buy these stickers display them together with their Picassos and Monets.

Some less notable stickers can fetch a price between $10,000 to $50,000 dollars. Cars with a combination of more than one bumper sticker can fetch up to $700,000 for the set. This phenomenon has encouraged collectors to intensify their hunt for these stickers. They have often moved to homes set close to big churches in the hope of cashing in on the demand for such collectorsx92 items.

The demand for classic Christian bumper stickers has increased significantly in the recent years. These stickers have not only been purchased at high prices but have also been popularly auctioned, with bids reaching the million-dollar mark. Given the demand that these classic Christian bumper stickers have generated, it is expected that their prices will continue to rise in the future.

Choosing a Pool Table

Pool tables come in 7-, 8-, or 9-foot lengths. The size you choose is a matter of available space, but keep in mind that tournament length is 9 feet. If you’re a stickler for authenticity, go for the tournament length.

The pool table is comprised of a body, a bed, side cushions, a felt-covered surface, and pockets. The body can be made of wood, laminates, wood veneer, plastics, and sometimes metal. It can be simple and mass-produced, or it can be luxurious and ornately decorated. Some models will blow your mind with their unconventional styles!

The pool table bed is usually made of one piece of slate; this is the only type of surface that serious pool players will accept. Cheaper beds are available if you aren’t a stickler for sure lines and straight shots.

Cloth or felt color can come in a variety of colors. Sometimes a manufacturer or dealer will let you customize the color of your table when you buy it.

Brunswick is a leader in the industry. Brunswick offers over 34 models of pool tables, each uniquely distinct in overall style and flourish. Choose the Artisan model for sleek lines, the Greenbriar for a statelier centerpiece to your game room, or the Manhattan for a wood and stainless steel paean to the urban lifestyle! The Contender series from Brunswick offers some more affordable models, plus a few extra game tables like air hockey and foosball. You can visit the Brunswick website at There you can “build your own table” by selecting a style, a cloth color, and even a size (7, 8, or 9 feet.) You can also learn more about the contemporary world of billiards.

Chinese Holidays

Like most other countries, China celebrates New Yearx92s Day on the 1st of January, and Labor Day on May 1st. An anti-imperialist, cultural, and political movement took place in China on May 4, 1919. It marked the rise of Chinese patriotism and a re-evaluation of Chinese cultural institutions, such as Confucianism. China celebrates Youth Day on the 4th of May. This is held to commemorate May Fourth Movement.

July 1, 1921 marks the day of formation of first National Congress in China. Hence, July 1st is called CPC Founding Day. CPC stands for Communist Party of China. China celebrates the anniversary of Zheng Hex92s first voyage on July 11 and is referred to as Maritime Day. August 1 is marked as Army Day in China. This day commemorates the Nanchang Uprising on August 1st, 1927. 1st October is the National Day of China and marks the birth of Public Republic of China (PRC) that took place on October 1, 1949.

First day of first lunar month is celebrated as Spring Festival or Chinese New Year based on the Chinese calendar. Lantern Festival is held on 15th day of the first lunar month. China celebrates Dragon Boat Festival on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, also called Duanwujie. It celebrates Double Seven Festival on 7th day of 7th lunar month. Both these festivals are based on Chinese calendar.

Double Seven Festival is the Chinese version of Valentinex92s Day. China celebrates Spirit Festival on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, and Double Ninth Festival on the 9th Day of the 9th lunar month. All these festivals are based on the Chinese calendar. China celebrates Qing Ming Jie or Tomb Sweeping Day in early April or in the fifth solar term, based on the Chinese calendar.

Civic holidays of China are New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Labor Day, and National Day. New Year’s Day is a daylong holiday, while the other three are held for three days. In addition, adjoining weekends are adjusted in order to have a three-day holiday for New Year’s Day and a seven-day holiday is given for each of the other three civic holidays.

China Travel

China is situated in the south-eastern part of Eurasia and the eastern and central part of Asia. The region totals 9.6 million square kilometers. From bustling metropolises to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China is characterized by a diversified culture. Whether you are following the Silk Road, sailing down the Yangzi River, or exploring the Dr. Seuss landscape of Guangxi Province, the cultural feast is its chief draw. However, standard tourist sights like The Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Terracotta Army are relatively few, considering the size of the country.

Contrary to popular perception, China has not done away with its Maoist past; the revolutionary fervour is balanced by economic pragmatism. However, the change of pace is visible in modern day China. Travellers who visit the country would be surprised to see how much China has opened up and how many liberal trends have materialized subsequent to the late Deng Xiaoping’s free market economics. Whether travellers are attracted to the country’s rich history, architecture, culture, or politics, the speed with which things are changing ensure their vacations are unparalleled.

In the plains, villages appear to amalgamate while big cities are sprawling affairs with the majority of their inhabitants residing in uniform dormitory buildings. There are several regional discrepancies. Some areas of the People’s Republic are not populated by the Chinese but by supposed minority peoples, of whom there are over 200 groups. Nevertheless, enduring images of China are fundamentally stereotypical Chinese ones: chopsticks, tea, shadow-boxing, karaoke, Dickensian train stations, smoky temples, red flags, and the aroma of frying tofu, in addition to the industrial landscape a person would expect from one of the world’s largest economies.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit China. Daytime temperatures range from 20xb0C to 30xb0C in these seasons but the nights can be cold and damp.

China Travel Services

Fuelled by interesting travel services, international travellers to China are increasingly opting for unique experiential vacations. In fact, more and more people are buying customized travel packages, whether it is a leisurely river cruise, a historic tour, martial arts experience, or exploring the Silk Route. With more and more people becoming travel savvy, the traveller now demands specialists and not generalists.

To meet the demands of the travel-savvy generation, several China travel services are making an effort to entice them with experiential tailor-made packages. For example, the ’14-day Journey to the Home of Martial Arts’ is an inexpensive travel service for martial arts aficionados. The travel service includes round-trip air transportation from the U.S.; intra-China air and land transportation transfers; China airport departure taxes; 12-night hotel accommodations with daily buffet breakfasts; escorted sightseeing tours; Tang Dynasty show; Shanghai Acrobatic show; and round-trip transfers between airport and hotels; hotel taxes and service charges in each city.

Books written by Stein, Hedin, and others have generated interest in the oriental mystery of the Silk Route, and a number of international travellers are keen to visit these places. Travel services are capitalalizing on the benefits of the country’s ancient culture. Packages like the ’15-Day Ancient Silk Route Escapade’ offer a distinctive experience of Beijing, Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuan, Xi’an, and Shanghai. This includes round-trip transpacific air transportation from the U.S.; intra-China air and land transportation; 12 nights in deluxe and superior first-class hotels; one night aboard an overnight train in a private compartment; round-trip transfers between airport and hotels; hotel taxes and service charges in each city; sightseeing tours; and $100,000 Automatic Flight Insurance for transpacific air ticketed by PDT.

Yangtze River Cruises and few other travel services offer a downstream Yangtze River Cruise. The tour includes round-trip air transportation from San Francisco; intra-China air and land transportation transfers, sightseeing; five nights in superior first-class hotels; three nights aboard Victoria Cruises’ ship; hotel taxes and service charges; cultural entertainment; and $100,000 Automatic Flight Insurance for transpacific air ticketed by PDT.

Americans visiting China are advised to register with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing or the nearest U.S. consulate. Registration will aid their posts in China to locate the travelers in the event of an emergency at home or in replacing a lost or stolen passport.

China Travel Agencies

Owing to the sheer size and diversified environment of China, it is not possible for an international traveller to truly experience its myriad of treasures like Yangtze River, the Great Wall of China, pastoral villages dotting the country, and some of the most magnificent art and architecture in the world, without the services of a good travel agency.

Travel agencies across China are moving beyond the traditional elements of a holiday, like Beijing, Great Wall, Yangtze cruise and the Terracotta Army. The inclination is now towards more variety; and there is a demand among international travellers for the traditional China experience. Regions such as Yunnan in the southwest, with its stone forest, are now regularly found in travel agency pamphlets. Unfamiliar regions such as Shaxi, west of Beijing, or Shadong, to the east, are being promoted. Gauging travellers’ interest in China’s historical sites, China Highlights Travel has introduced an ’18 Days of China Historical Tour.’

An increasing number of travel agencies are offering customized packages based on travellers’ individual interests and budget. For example, China Tour Service offers tailored tours like the Yangtze River Cruise, Tibetan Adventure, Silk Road Tours, Shangri-La China Travel, and World Heritages Tours. China Highlights Travel provides Yangtze River Cruises in a choice of over 40 ships including deluxe Victoria Cruises, the 5-star luxury East Queen, the smaller, yet comfortable, Princess Sissi, and budget ferries that natives take as daily transport vessels.

China Custom Tours, with associates in China and the United States, offers special-interest tours. The travel agency concentrates on popular places as well as off-the beaten-path locations. They arrange package tours and travel arrangements for individuals, groups, business leaders, and professional and educational communities, and they supplement their programs with international air arrangements, visa processing, and a travel protection plan.

Whether travel interests range from travel by bicycle to remote villages or a shopping marathon in metropolises, eating Western or ‘clashing with chopsticks,’ a leisurely cruise or sightseeing, it pays to spend some time in choosing a good travel agency.

China Tours

China is slightly larger than the United States. It is the most populated country in the world, with over 1.25909 billion people, about 22 percent of the world’s total.

As a tourist spot, China offers a limitless variety of spectacular scenery and historical wonders. Generally May, September and October are ideal for touring anywhere in the country. During June to August, travelers often visit central and northern China, as rainfall is likely to occur in southern China during this time. Moreover October is ideal to travel anywhere and any region in the country. Because of the popularity of this tourist destination, large numbers of flights between China and countries like the United States, France, Britain and Hong Kong have been added, making it easier to make travel plans. As a matter of fact, during 2004-05, the revenue of the tourism industry of China exceeded $30 billion and is expecting to rise. The Chinese government has spent billions developing China’s tourism industry by establishing international five star hotels including Hilton, Hyatt and Sheraton. They have also improved their rail system and are continuously spending money to upkeep their many ancient monuments and historical sites.

The terracotta army of Xian, Buddhist caves, temples of Tibet, Great Wall of China, the ancient places of Beijing and Shanghai are some of the most popular attractions in China. There are over 13000 travel agencies offering adventure tours in mountains and rivers in the different provinces of China. Tour operators include China International Travel Service, China Comfort Travel and online agencies like,,,, and These agencies will plan your entire trip from start to finish and offer individual and group packages at reasonable prices. You may even design your own customized tour with many of these agencies. As a tourist, you can request a travel guide who will help interpret the ancient history and culture of China.

China Tour Operators

Tour operators are companies who offer tours and packages all over the world. Many tour operators in the United States are members of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) is a professional association representing the tour operator industryin the U.S.

When traveling to a country like China, it is wise to consult a tour operator to make sure that you are getting the most for your money, and to discover the activities that most closely match your interests. The tour operator will help book all accommodations and recommend popular structured escorted group tours with group leaders. The tour operator will handle everything from airfare to hotels, meals, tours, admission costs, and local transportation.

In China, you may choose the option of an unescorted package. While this may seem convenient, you usually end up paying. This package is purchased when you arrive in China. Therefore, any foreign tour operators you may purchase your package from are required to use Chinese state-registered travel agencies to act as local handlers. They usually quote very high rates, which become even higher when the tour operator adds the middleman fee. This is because Chinese travel agencies are controlled by CITS, (China International Travel Service) which keeps prices high. You can check with the China National Tourism Office for a list of registered Chinese agencies that can give you information on packages tours that includes choices of airlines, hotels and other hidden expenses. Try to avoid booking with a private Chinese tour agency or guide online because many are not licensed.

China Guided Tours

Every individual should visit China at least once to enjoy the scenic beauty of the terracotta Army of Xian, Buddhist caves, temples of Tibet, Great Wall of China and the ancient places of Beijing and Shanghai. There are thousands of travel agencies that offer a wide variety of guided and non-guided tour packages to China visitors. Many different packages are offered that include a tour guideA tourist traveling through China who wishes to truly experience the history, civilization and natural beauty really should opt for a guided tour package.

Most of the tour operators in China like, China Travel service (CTS), InfoHub, GAT China Vacation etc offer guided tour packages for the visitors at different competitive prices depending upon the tastes and interests of the visitors. An experienced guide will meet you (or your group) when you arrive and stay with you through the tour. The travel agency where you book your trip will arrange hotel and room accommodations as well as set up your itinerary for touring. They will also give you information about transportation, currency, tipping, health and hygiene and weather and temperature.

A 15 day guided tour of China will usually take you to various cities such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong. This is one of the more popular itineraries and offers wonderful highlights including museums of art, a day trip to Suzhou to visit the famous gardens and the Li River cruise in Guilin. A package will run generally around $2300 per person.