An Introduction To Diamond Engagement Rings

You are very much in love and want to get married. But before you ask for her hand in marriage, you have to buy a diamond engagement ring. It won’t just stand as a symbol of your undying love and affection — it will also tell her that you care enough to choose only the best.

Here are some guidelines about diamond engagement rings to help you on your way:

The cut of the diamond on your engagement ring is probably the most important factor, because the brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on it. The ability of the diamond to handle light depends on how its angles are ‘architectured.’ The best diamonds are proportioned x96 the depth should be optimally matched to the diameter, among other things.

Make sure that the diamond you are buying has minimal inner flaws (called inclusions) that are created in the formation process. The more visible and the bigger the size of these inclusions, the lower the diamond is rated in terms of clarity. Clear diamonds are more brilliant, and therefore more expensive.

The best diamonds are colorless, since they allow maximum light refraction that creates sparkle. Off-white diamonds are cheaper, because they absorb light instead of refracting it, reducing brilliance.

Carat weight may seem tricky, but it is actually fairly easy to understand. Just keep in mind that the price of a diamond increases exponentially as its size increases. Bigger is not necessarily better, though, so try to strike a balance between size and quality.

Often called the ‘fifth C’ in choosing a diamond, a certificate is like a ‘grading report that contains the assessment of the diamond according to a qualified professional. This professional uses gemological instruments not only to evaluate the cut, color, clarity and carat weight, but also to document the stone’s unique characteristics.

All Inclusive Honeymoon Vacations

All-inclusive honeymoon packages are extremely popular with couples who wish to spend their honeymoon vacation in luxury, style, and comfort. All-inclusive honeymoon vacation packages are compact service offers made by renowned resorts from all around the world. The uniqueness of all-inclusive packages lies in the fact that a single payment is all that is needed to obtain the varied services offered by different resorts and hotels. Some of the all-inclusive honeymoon vacation packages focus on particular activities like sports, recreation, or physical well being in the form of specialized exercises.

A typical all-inclusive honeymoon vacation in Jamaica with emphasis on physical conditioning would include accommodations in an oceanfront suite overlooking the Caribbean Sea, breakfast, afternoon tea, gourmet dinners, yoga sessions in the morning and meditation at sunset each day, private transfers from the Montego Bay International Airport, kayaking, sun fish sailing, and snorkeling, a welcome gift bag, various services, and taxes.

There are many types of all-inclusive honeymoon vacation packages, and some of them include accommodations, all taxes and services, airport transfers both ways, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, all drinks including house wine (but not bottled wines and champagne), welcome cocktails, tours to places of interest, drinks package in room fridge, use of tennis courts and equipment, bottle of French champagne and a Swedish massage.

A typical Mexico all-inclusive package intended for honeymoon couples includes luxurious accommodation in a spacious room with a private balcony (three night minimum stay required), welcome cocktail, a daily breakfast buffet, and one round of golf per adult.

All-inclusive honeymoon vacation packages have gained widespread popularity among honeymoon couples, and are suitable for those who do not have the time to organize and plan their vacation to dream destinations around the globe.

A Look at Maui Wedding Cakes

Since Maui and Hawaii in general have been blessed with the most wonderful fruits and flowers, the best cakes on the island tend to take advantage of them. There are companies on the islands that have been creating designs and recipes for wedding cakes for over 50 years. Many have received worldwide acclaim. Several, in fact, have created wedding cakes for the rich and famous for weddings not even held in Hawaii.

The cakes are produced to order and then flown to their final destination to be enjoyed at the wedding reception as if it were happening right on Maui. In addition to the fabulous fruits and flowers available, there is an abundance of dairy products from some of the happiest, healthiest herds of cattle anywhere in the world. These natural items, unequaled in quality anywhere else in the world, combined with the talents of Hawaiian cake makers, are responsible for some of the best Maui wedding cakes ever.

There are creations available from Maui wedding-cake producers that simply can’t be reproduced anywhere else. Sweet pineapple butter cream fillings, decorated with some of the most beautiful flowers are a mainstay of the better cake makers. Frostings made from freshly picked sugar cane, grown a few miles from the bakery, can’t be duplicated using packaged products from your local supermarket – even if they originated from Hawaii.

For the adventurous, there are flavors and fillings available made from eclectic combinations of fruits and flowers that are as unique and wonderful as any found on the planet. No matter what you desire for your Maui wedding cakes, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality, made from ingredients that were still growing a few hours before they reached the oven and that there is no other place on earth that such a wonderful creation could have been produced.

A Guide To Wedding Gift Ideas

A marriage is a joyous moment in the life of two individuals. A couple shares this beautiful personal moment with their near and dear ones, who rejoice in their happiness. A wedding gift is a tangible depiction of the feelings of the giver for the couple. A gift has to be carefully chosen, keeping the couple’s individual tastes, likes and dislikes in mind, if it is intended to serve its purpose. Nothing is more distasteful and insulting than an inconsiderately given gift. A gift’s value is not determined by its monetary value, but it must communicate the giver’s thought appropriately and adequately.

While the market abounds in numerous gift options and alternatives, selecting the right gift for the couple can be a challenge sometimes. While one can overhaul the market, surf the net and burn a hole in the purse, choosing the perfect gift requires some thinking and a little homework. A giver should always strive to give something unique and different.

Personalized gifts always stand out and make a personal statement on behalf of the giver. A special memento, decorative crystal, or a paired watch with the couple’s names engraved in it along with the wedding date is something memorable for the wedding couple.

For very close relatives, a hand-made scrapbook complete with family pictures, or a family tree platter with hand-painted pictures of family members along with their names, signature photo quilts, or customized ceramic plates with the couples pictures and wedding dates etched on it are a few ideal gift options.

In case of a hard-core golf fan, one can give a golf set with the couple’s names engraved on it. A Bible with the couple’s names and wedding dates engraved on it is an ideal gift for a spiritually inclined couple. It is necessary to be aware and informed about a couple’s interests, hobbies, tastes and the like. A gift can be given based on this kind of information. Romantic gifts like photo pillows with the couple’s portraits on it can also be given. One can also give gift certificates, home décor items, classic gift items like crystal and silverware, or various wedding mementos like a polymer clay image or metal candles, just right for the mantel and keepsakes.

The choice of exchanging gifts for each other rests on the bride and the groom. Couples can exchange framed love poems, engraved jewelry or even unconventional items like a vintage car, for those who can afford it. A thoughtful gift certificate to a relaxing spa or a recreational resort is just the right way for the bride or bridegroom to express their gratitude and love for their parents. It is the thought that matters, and mere framed poetry or a handwritten letter to the parent is also as valuable, if not more.

Parents can give bridal showers, a party to acquaint the couple to the family, or some personalized gift items, including gift certificates. Thank-you gifts need not be expensive, but should cater to individual taste. It should be given according to the kind of relationship one shares with the guests.

A Guide To Wedding Flower Arrangements

Each wedding is unique in its essence and so are its flower arrangements. It reflects the personal preferences and style of the bride. These are some of the points about the arrangements.

Flower arrangements include everything from the bridal bouquet to the central pieces in tables. There is no guide to proper flower arrangement. Anything personal would do the trick. Flower arrangement includes everything: the flowers, the colors, the greenery and the garnish.

There are various things which can be incorporated in a flower arrangement. Small flowers can be attached to candles to create centerpieces. Flower buds can be arranged in bowls of water to be placed in the reception. Flowers can be attached to archways to indicate the entrance. The same color scheme can be followed throughout, including ribbons and beads according to mood, budget and style.

Wedding flower arrangements can be added in areas like dressing rooms, guest room tables, reception table, gift table, church door handles and so forth.

Choosing a good florist is very important. A florist whose general idea matches with the bride does tend to be more successful with last minute replacements. The choice of the bride and groom, the location, the color of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gown- all set the mood for a particular flower arrangement. Bouquets can be of many shapes and sizes, proportionate to the size of the person carrying it.

Some of the most popular arrangements are:

Round: sometimes called a “colonial bouquet”. This type has the flowers bunched together into a tight or loose cluster and can include formal or informal arrangements.

Nosegay: A small round cluster of flowers, often not as dense as traditional round bouquets. It often includes more greenery and ribbon streamers.

Cascade: sometimes called the teardrop or waterfall, this arrangement can give a “wispy” feel. Flowers with heavy blooms are arranged with flowing foliage.

Biedermeier: A European-inspired bouquet with blossoms of different types and colors placed in a defined circular pattern.

Heart: often seen at Valentine’s Day, symbolizing love and romance. It is an alternatively shaped bouquet featuring two full, arched shapes at the top, while tapering down to a point at the bottom of the bouquet.

Single stem: While not technically a bouquet, single-stem arrangements have gained in popularity in recent years, as simplicity has become the trend. Single-stem designs generally feature a unique design element, such as an intricately wrapped stem (for a long-stemmed flower), elaborate bow, streamers, or a decorative lace bloom collar (for a shorter-stemmed flower) to give the design more interest and appeal.

Basket: flowers arranged and carried in a shallow basket and often used in a garden-like wedding setting, most often carried by young attendants.

These are the basic popular wedding flowers arrangements. They are as unique as any individual wedding.

A Guide to Relationship Quizzes

Sometime in the 1950’s, women’s magazines started publishing relationship quizzes in their pages with a complex scoring system that arrived at a number. This number was then plotted on a scale and the reader could determine, based upon that number, whether their relationship was “good” or not. It seems silly, and compared with the complex testing done today for relationships, it is silly. But it started a phenomenon still going strong. Back then the popular psychological testing technique that was being used in spy films and TV dramas was the Rorschach test. You looked at the squiggly designs and if you interpreted them as female body parts or death figures the red flags went up. Psychology has improved a bit since then and so has the relationship quiz.

Even though they still use the format of answering questions, scoring the answers and then plotting your final number on a graph, the questions have gotten deeper and more meaningful and the research behind the quizzes has gotten to be more thorough. Today’s quizzes, often called “Relationship Diagnostic Questionnaires”, are based on solid couples research and hopefully point out specific areas of weakness in the relationship with the goal towards improving it.

No longer is a simple number used to evaluate a highly complex relationship and place it in a category of “good” or “bad”. Today, a relationship quiz is designed to find out where the holes are, who is guilty of what mistakes, where the breakdown in communication lies and how to fix it. That’s a far cry from the Rorschach type of testing that started the whole thing going.

Popular relationship quizzes have broken down the testing into two areas – the things that drew the couple together in the first place and the skills necessary to keep a good relationship from souring. By asking the right questions in these two areas, couples can get a much clearer idea of why they came together in the first place and then, what may have taken place to drive them apart. They can then relive the old passions, work hard to improve the stagnating skills and in the end, enrich their relationship.

40Th Anniversary Gifts

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion when you and your spouse celebrate a reaffirmation of your commitment to each other. It is an annual renewal of your deepest feelings for your loved one. It is a day that demands special time to spend with each other. Make a special effort to choose a perfect gift that will communicate how much you really care.

The fortieth anniversary is indeed a reason to celebrate. Forty successful years together is a real achievement. The fortieth anniversary is called the ‘ruby anniversary.’ Do not let your fortieth anniversary pass by without expressing your love by giving a special personalized jewelry item. Consider a dazzling red ruby for the ruby anniversary. Some consider the ruby rarer than a diamond. What better message than this one for the apple of your eye?

Called the queen of all gemstones, the ruby in all its red resplendence is the ultimate representation of love and passion. The name of this rich and noble gemstone is derived from the Latin word ‘rubens,’ which means red. Give a ruby and watch the shimmer and vibrancy of the jewel reflect in her eyes. Sparkling and magnificent, the captivating beauty of a ruby has the right blend of regality and class. It will not fail to convey the message of undying love and sincerity. It is a symbol of unconditional love and faithful commitment. Signifying both fire and sensitivity with its deep hue, the ruby has inspired ardor and fascination for a very long time.

A ruby could be set in bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants or even personalized keepsakes. Seen from all aspects, it appears that a red ruby would be the perfect gift for your spouse.

30th Anniversary

Traditionally a thirtieth anniversary gift is associated with a pearl. Rare and pristine in its beauty, a pearl is the symbol of your unwavering love and affection for your spouse. Pearls are mysterious and seductive. The sheer elegance of pearls will speak volumes of your feelings for your spouse.

Pearl jewelry is guaranteed to dazzle your spouse and bring great joy. A celebration of thirty years of togetherness deserves this special touch. The specialty of pearls is they are a special gift that makes any woman proud to wear them. Pearl jewelry is an obvious choice for the thirtieth anniversary.

There is a range of jewelry ideas from clasps to hairpins, earrings to bracelets, rings to pendants. They are all sure shot anniversary showstoppers! Take your time and pick out something unique, keeping in mind her taste and style.

If you are looking for something different, here is a refreshing and new idea. How about oysters? Oysters are well in tune with a thirtieth anniversary. You can plan an exotic oyster dinner at your favorite restaurant — complete with candlelight and soft music. You know, is believed that oysters are aphrodisiacs and makes a great anniversary meal!

If you happen to be a conservative woman, looking for a gift for your spouse, look for shaving brushes, coat handles etc. You could also present your husband with a mother-of-pearl photo frame complete with an old photograph that you both cherish.