Sermon Collections

Some of us listen to the speech and forget it the moment the function ends. Some of us retain part of what the speaker says. Some of us take a pencil and paper and note down all the important points. Why? It is because we know that the points will be useful in our own lives at one time or the other. We are serious in focusing on the points and implementing them in our own lives, so that one-day we can be famous too. Notes are very effective when readymade solutions are needed to solve the numerous problems that we face today.

Suppose we are listening to a speech delivered by an eminent person on how to become famous. What do we usually do?

In high school and college classroom settings, some kids always excel in their class tests and exams because they listen to their teacher, take notes seriously and concentrate on them before class tests and exams.

Sermons, which are the Word of God, are far more important than classroom notes, as they help the churchgoer not only to write his day-to-day “tests and exams”, as well as to prepare him for promotion to eternity so that his soul finds peace. For example, 1 Timothy 4:7 tells how a person can change for the better. Mathew 6:25-34 contains valuable guidelines when we are worried. Romans 13:14 shows us how to be careful from bad elements.

Just like a diligent student who keeps all his notes intact, people who aspire to a good life and entry to heaven should keep a good collection of sermons. They can use these sermons whenever they encounter problems. After all, sermons are the Word of God, our best friend, our friend in need.


Calligraphy is a unique form of art in Asian Cultures. It is among the four basic skills nee of the Chinese Literati.

It is regarded as an abstract and sublime form of art in the Chinese culture and is said to be very revealing of one’s personality. Its importance goes a long way to choosing executives in the Imperial Court. Different from other visual art techniques, all calligraphy strokes are the same and unbroken, thus demanding careful planning and confident execution—very similar to the skills needed for an executive. Even though calligraphy is confined to the structure of words or characters, there can be many creative ways for self-expression.

The key in good calligraphy is to control the concentration of ink, the porosity and thickness of paper, and flexibility of the brush. There are an infinite variety of styles and forms that an artist may create. This is in contrast to western calligraphy, where diffusing ink blots and dry brushstrokes are signs of impromptu expression rather than a fault.

The font-like uniformity of western calligraphy and homogeneity of characters is only a craft. The artist may seek mental exercises through calligraphy that coordinate the mind and the body to select the style in his expression and content of the words he is writing. The exercise is very disciplined yet very relaxing for a person who is concerned with his physical and spiritual well being. One of the qualities of a calligraphy artist is his longevity. Many of the famous calligraphy artists led a long and fruitful life.

Other popular East Asian Calligraphy includes Japanese and Korean. Koreans and Japanese consider calligraphy as a national treasure and a heritage worth preserving. In Japan, kids compete over the best calligraphy when school begins.

Famous Painters Picasso and Matisse, influenced by Orientalism, are two artists who openly declare the influence by Chinese calligraphy on their works.

Book Publishing Tips

Publishing with vanity press has its perks and downsides. You must thoroughly research and compare, the existing publishers before you start presenting or proposing the publication of your book.

Make sure that you are financially capable for the preliminary release of the book. It is advisable that the book is launched in peak seasons like Christmas. In this way, the book will be noticed and may become part of someone’s gift list.

Consider the genre of the book x96 it may be timely for an event or a celebration. For instance, an autobiography of a local hero can be published on Independence Day. Or, a book about love can be released on Valentine’s Day.

Take note that these publishers do not have a staff that will take care of your book’s promotion, tours or its distribution to bookstores. If you have plans to be the next bestseller, you should take care of these concerns. Among other things, you are going to be the one accounting for royalties, licensing fees and other payments. There maybe a few companies that cover these areas, but just to be safe, you have to be on the look out.

A very important matter is the editing. There is no editor-writer relationship. You will be your own editor. You are going to be the one reconfirming relative facts or correcting grammatical errors. You also have to be careful about any statements in the book. Be sure statements do not offend anyone. A tell-all book has the potential for a lawsuit waiting to be filed.

Most of these publishers do not have a reasonable distribution scheme. Even if your book has reached the bookstore, there is a possibility that it will be placed in an obscure section of the bookstore.

Bear in mind that readers will always question your credibility as a writer, because you have participated in the publication. Beating this kind of perception is very difficult. If you are really determined to be published, establish an assurance for the quality of your book.

Book Publishing Software

The publishing industry is a very robust industry. Publishers scramble to get the best books published to sell as many copies as they can to readers. Given this, most publishers realize the advantage of using the best and most up-to-date technologies in publishing that can help them become more competitive.

One of the most important steps in updating or modernizing the operations of a publishing company is picking the best software. Choosing the right software is a crucial step since it can make the operations more efficient and cost-effective. Choosing the wrong software will cause more inefficiencies and losses. Below are a few tips that can help publishers pick the best software for their companies.

Things to consider

You should first consider picking the right software to meet the needs of your company. This step will involve assessing the capacity and the feasibility of using certain software in your company.

Another thing that you should consider is the motivation of your company in using new software. In being able to articulate the objectives of your company in getting the new software, you can then be guided in your choice. You should also consider your budget and your timetable in picking software; delays and added costs defeat the purpose of updating your operations.

Once you have decided on a particular software program, you must then have strategies for its successful use, plus implementation the upgrade. This will involve, one, communicating to your people the need for a plan in utilizing the software and, two, involving everyone on the team in planning.

Lastly, it is also a good idea that you have information on how to contact the maker of the software in case you experience technical difficulties.

Picking the right software for your publishing needs is a crucial step in upgrading your operations. The best software helps you meet your company goals and conduct effective business.

Book Publishing FAQs

Vanity book publishing is also referred to as subsidy publishing or vanity press. This type of publishing involves the author in the process of the publication, mainly to finance a part or the entire cost. This covers the printing, promotion and distribution of the book.

How does it differ from conventional publishing?

Traditional publishers accept manuscripts, and then appraise the contents and marketability. If it has commercial potential, the company will pay for the publication of the book. Meanwhile, vanity publishing obliges the writer to subsidize the book release with little consideration of the manuscript.

What are its benefits?

Vanity book publishing gives the writer a certain independence that traditional publisher does not provide. There is no editor, and the manuscript is printed as it is written. Hence, the concept of the book will be kept in tacked. It allows the author total control of the business side of the publication.

How will I get my book published?

It is very easy to be published as long as you are ready to shoulder any possible expenses that come along with the publication. However, this will always depend on the contract that binds you with the publisher. With regards to technicalities of the book, there are fewer discussions. The main concerned of your publisher is x85 Can you afford it?

What are the chances for the commercial success of the book?

An author should never have high expectations to instantly hit the market and become a bestseller, especially if there have been previous manuscript rejections. Although publicity and promotion can help the book sell, it should be noted that these publishers rarely have an advertising department to address these issues.

Book Publishing Companies

Book publishing has accelerated as an industry in the last few decades with the steady growth of computer technology and new publishing techniques like digital information systems and the Internet. According to figures released by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), net sales for the entire United States publishing industry are estimated to have increased by 1.3 percent from 2003 to 2004 to a grand total of $23.72 billion. This clearly indicates the publishers or the book publishing companies are reaping the benefits of the trade.

Most of the publishers or the book publishing companies usually control the advertising and marketing tasks and sub-contract the editorial and production process to small businesses, as book publishers rarely own printing presses and binderies. This trend, known as ‘book packaging,’ is gaining momentum as retail book chains and supermarkets have centralized their buying.

Although, the publishing industry is teeming with many book publishers, some of the well-known names in the industry are: McGraw Hills Companies, HarperCollins Publishers, Penguin Group, Reed Elsevier, W.W. Norton & Company Inc., Macmillan Publishers Ltd., Longman Publishers USA, Pearson to name a few. These companies publish material on diverse topics ranging from entertainment, fiction, non-fiction, management, art, architecture, photography to day to day issues like cooking, pet care, gardening, etc.

Recently, Western publishing industry has been shrouded with controversy as large business houses have bought or merged a significant number of key publishing houses and bookstores to create a monopoly in the market. This has resulted in an increased concentration of well-known authors to augment the market share of bestsellers. The growing commercialization in the publishing industry has become a matter of concern not only for critics but also for writers in general.

Book Clubs

Much like food, a book is best enjoyed when shared. This is probably the reason why book clubs sprout everywhere – readers get to share ideas, interact with other booklovers, and best of all, get books at specially reduced prices!

Why join a book club? One reason is social interaction. It canx92t be any more obvious x96 a book club is every bookwormx92s party. As a member or moderator, you can openly express your opinions, likes, and dislikes about a particular book that the club has agreed to read together. In some instances, you might even be introduced to the author of the book and get firsthand information on his or her reasons for writing it, clarify some sketchy areas, and even get the latest buzz on possible sequels.

Joining a book club likewise allows you to meet different kinds of people, because it is generally open to everyone x96 people of different ages, social backgrounds, etc. If you attend regularly enough, you will begin to meet people with the same interests as yours.

There are book clubs that specialize in certain genres of literature, such as classical, mystery, movie books, or romance. Join these x91specializedx92 types if you are more discriminating x96 you can form new friendships, meet more prospective clients, and maybe even find love!

Also, book clubs are often sponsored by publishers and book marketing groups, so members are usually given hefty discounts (as much as 50% off!) and early access to the newest and most sought-after releases. You can also borrow and exchange books with either the club itself (if it has its own collection) or with the other club members.

Finally, joining a book club can inspire you to go back to reading (if you are not yet a bookworm) or be even more passionate about books (if you already are). Here you can challenge yourself to read between the lines, grasp literature by its roots, and open your mind to new ideas. Joining a book club will let you rediscover the simple joys of reading x96 the joy of smelling paper, of opening an unread book for the very first time, and of totally immersing yourself in what it has to offer.

Ready to join a book club? Use the Internet to search for one in your area, or check the Yellow Pages. Happy reading!

Book Club Fees

Two of the most important considerations that parents look into when enrolling their children in book clubs are the cost of joining and the security of credit card transactions conducted with the book club.

Given that the books are sent through the mail, parents want to be aware of other costs they may incur, such as shipping charges and sales taxes. Parents also want to be assured that the credit card transactions they enter into are secure. Most online book clubs offer their members a certain level of security with regard to credit card information. Most of the fees charged are also very competitive.

Below is a discussion of some of the prevailing rates and privacy policies that parents may find helpful in choosing a book club for their children.


On the average, the cost of becoming a member of a book club ranges from $25 to $30, depending on the type and number of books ordered. Discounts are also offered to parents who may wish to enroll two or more of their children in the book club. However, parents must be aware that this price does not include shipping charges and sales taxes. These clubs may give you a 50 percent discount on a publisherx92s books because they sell the books directly to you, thus eliminating a middleman. If the parent wishes to withdraw his childx92s membership, some clubs offer money-back guarantees, given that the parent returns the book within a prescribed period of time.


With regard to informationx97especially credit card informationx97that the parent provides, most clubs offer their members a privacy policy wherein the security and confidentiality of provided information are ensured. Most clubs assure their members that the information will not be shared with other companies and will only be used for internal purposes.

Most sites use the generally accepted SSL encryption to ensure that the information cannot be viewed and used by other people. These sites also assure their members that they will not be charged anything without prior notice.

Financial transactions done over the Internet should be practical and secure, and those who engage in such transactions need to be aware of what they are paying for and how their transactions are being kept confidential.

Book Authors

Writing the great American novel is a dream project of many of us. One can be a book author and write about anything on this planet including cooking, child psychology, flowers, birds, shells, or furniture; or one can write coffee-table books or even computer books—the field is wide open.

The next step is to a find a publisher or an agent who will grant you a handsome advance. Once published, go on a self-promoting trip around states and purchase the yacht last seen within magazine covers.

It sounds like a cakewalk, but then there has to be a marketable subject. One area that does not require selling expertise is a computer book. The subject matter does the work for you, and if you happen to be an authority on the topic, then packaging is the foundation for inducements from publishers. Unlike fiction or other genres, computer book authors do not need the services of an agent, thus saving on agent commission and extra expenses. A word of caution, even if you are a new entrant in this field and still believe that whatever you are writing is of utmost importance, work on convincing publishers. The majority of publishers prefer technical writing experts; these books save time and unnecessary sales gimmicks, as technical books are generally limited area editions. The author’s reputation sells the book; so if publisher is well known and there are no agents in between, then book will benefit both the author and the publisher.

If you are a first-time writer, then check on publishers wanting new writers. There is no point in sending queries only to be rejected, and time can be better utilized checking publisher lists. Initially, the contract might not be attractive, but once you have established yourself and your book is successful, then it is easy to negotiate better deals. Look over the contract carefully to check for hidden loopholes favoring the publisher. Another area of concern for the first-time computer book author is the saturation and overuse in this field. It is a fast-changing technology, and finding new and selling topics in track with developing technology requires hard work, as what is new today is past tense tomorrow.


Bali is an Indonesian island that is known for its rich culture and scenic nature. Located at the east of Java and south of the equator, Bali has a surface area of only 5,632 square kilometers and measures fifty-five miles along the north-south axis and less than ninety miles from east to west. Because of this, anyone can explore the island for a day, visit many beautiful places, and be able to return to the hotel in the evening.

Bali has now come a long way since the first settlers immigrated to this place from China in 2500 BC. Nowadays, it has a total population of over 3 million people, of which the majority of these are Hindus, while there are a few people who are Muslims. Most of these people live in the coastal areas in the South and others live in Despansar, which is Balix92s capital, with a current population of over 370,000.

Textiles, handicrafts, and garments are the backbone of the economy of Bali; they provide thousands of jobs and, when exported, these contribute about 45% to Balix92s economy. The hotel and tourist industry in Bali also continues to boom as more and more people find Bali a totally relaxing tourist destination. Over the years, many people come and visit beautiful tourist locations in Bali such as the town of Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua. There are several available activities in these places, including diving, snorkeling, paragliding, cruising, rafting, and even mountain climbing.

However, due to the terrorist attacks in October 2002 and October 2005, not only properties were lost but many lives as well. The devastation that was caused to the island affected not only the people of Bali but also those who planned to travel to this place. Many people changed their minds because of their fear that terrorists might attack once again.

Indeed, Bali has come a long way. And although terroristsx92 attacks happened in the past, the determination of the Balinese people never fades, thus, they continue to look forward to a much brighter tomorrow.