Bottled Water

Bottled water is now one of the largest industries in the world. Studies indicated that over half of all Americans drink bottled water, spending a lot more on the bottled water than for the tap water due to the misconception that bottled water is safer or healthier than tap water.

Bottled water is now the most profitable business, the fastest growing multi billion dollar segment of the entire beverage industry. However, studies show that most of these bottled water also comes from municipal sources and is treated before it is bottled.

Bottled water may undergo several forms of treatment. The most popular of these treatments is the distillation, where the water is turned into a vapor so that minerals too heavy to vaporize are left behind before the vapors are condensed into water again. Reverse osmosis, where the water is forced through membranes to remove minerals and absolute 1 micron filtration, where the water is sent through filters to remove particles that are sized more than a micron are also popularly used treatments. The treatment that almost all the bottled companies use is ozonization, wherein the ozone gas is sent through the water for disinfestations.

Bottled water, even though as much as 240 to 10,000 times more expensive than the tap water, is still very popular because it is perceived to be comparatively safer and of higher quality than tap water. Expensive imported water sold in smaller bottles is even more expensive. However, scares about contaminated municipal water have even many low-income families opting for bottled water. Also, many people drink bottled water as a healthy alternative beverage to soft drinks and alcohol.

The bottled water industry boosts sales by frequent advertising the fact that bottled water is pure or entirely free of contaminants. Also, bottled water does not contain chlorine or other harmful chemicals. However, this is only in the case when the bottled water has been really taken from a well or a spring and not just advertised that it is.

More and more people are choosing bottled water as it is marketed and viewed as a light, clear, caffeine-free, salt-free, and sweetener-free healthy alternative to soft drinks. Others prefer it mostly out of concern about the quality of the tap water. Either way, the main reason for the explosion in bottled water sales is public perception, fueled by heavy industry advertising.

Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled water can easily be delivered either to a work place or a home where people who have water coolers or the water dispensers. Still or sparkling water can be delivered to the office or home as and when required. The success of commercial water cooler services along with the booming sales of bottled water has prompted manufacturers to look at water delivery as an excellent business.

Studies show that the water delivery services are split roughly 50-50 between commercial and home use in the United States and Canada, but residential customers in the UK amount to only 1%.

The water used in the water delivery services usually undergoes reverse osmosis treatment to separate water molecules from impurities. This leaves behind only hydrogen and oxygen in free flowing spring or municipal water. This water is then filtered, sanitized, ozonated, and is finally bottled. Distilled water is one of the purest forms of water that is used for delivery services. The water is run through a vapor compression process during distillation. This allows the water to be first micron and carbon filtered, then softened, then boiled to vapor and then again re-condensed. This results in water so pure that it is even recommended for clinical and medical use. Distilled water usually contains absolutely no minerals.

Water delivery services are provided by a number of companies. The consumer just needs to log in to the website and place an order for the service. However, these companies usually provide service only with a particular brand of water. One such website, which deals with a number of well-known brands such as Crystal, Sierra, Belmont, and many more, is They provide water delivery for home or office and all the customer has to do is place the order through their website. It is suggested to buy brands with a known protected source and companies that have readily available testing and treatment information to show the high water quality.

Bottled Water Brands

Statistics reveal that more than 50% of Americans prefer to drink bottled water and that from 1988 to 1998, the sales of bottled water tripled to about 4 billion annually.

Almost all the states require all bottlers and distributors of bottled water to obtain a permit from the concerned department of health and human resources in the office of environmental health services. This is to ensure that the bottled water is from an approved source, which is properly protected, is properly labeled about the source, tested for potential contaminants and inspected to verify that it is bottled in a sanitary manner.

Bottling plants can be in-state bottling plants or out-of state bottling plants. In-state bottling plants are permitted to use any laboratory from the facilities provided by the department of health and human resourced. Alternatively, they can use an out of state laboratory not provided in the list only if the laboratory has been certified with the Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations for testing of water. However, the plant must submit the state or country certification number as well as the name and address of the laboratory while submitting the application.

The leading brands in the market are the PepsiCo and Coca cola. Pepsi and Coke each produce a single bottled water brand in the retail premium PET segment in the industry. PepsiCo’s Aquafina, which is exhaustively filtered with no added minerals, is considered to be in the number one position with an increasing number of sales. Coke’s Dasani, which has a mineral mix, is a close second in the market. Nestlé’s Perrier and Danone’s Evian follow close to these two leading brands.

Bottled water provides a safe alternative to tap water. All different bottled water brands offer unique flavors for consumers.

Black Tea

Black tea is one of three varieties of commonly known teas that are black, green and oolong tea. Black tea is a ‘true’ tea and the most common form of the tea. Black tea is also referred to as a cup of a tea without milk. Black tea made from leaves more heavily oxidized than other varieties of tea. Black tea is stronger in taste and contains more caffeine as compared to other oxidized teas.

Black teas are distinctive in flavors and can be sweet, spicy or with a hint of chocolate. Black tea is known for retaining its flavor for several years. As a result, it has also been used as compressed bricks. Black teas are available in bricks and tea bags.

Black tea contains the compounds theaflavins and thearubigens. Both contribute to its distinctive flavor and dark color. Researches have shown that black tea is very beneficial for health. Regular consumption of black tea reduces the risk of strokes. Black tea is rich in antioxidants that prevent cancer, decrease the risk of heart attacks and reduces the cholesterol. Black tea is full of various nutrients such as amino acid theanine, the minerals calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium, and the vitamins C and K. Black tea is also used in promoting the body’s ability to natural heal itself.

Black tea is famous in all parts of the world and has names in different regions. In America it is known as ‘Black tea,’ but in China it often referred as ‘Red Tea.’ Unblended Black teas are usually named by the country where they are produced. Different regions are known for producing teas with characteristic flavors.

Black teas are taste delicious and have lived up to the potential of being a healthy beverage. Millions of people enjoy black tea as a dietary supplement. Consumers can find several choices of Black tea at most teashops or restaurants. The varieties of black teas are also imported to markets with the help of many dedicated tea websites. Tea lovers can also get their favorite Black tea from all part of the worlds using these websites.

Black Chef Hats

The most popularly used chef’s hats are white in color. However, the latest market shows some trendy designer hats that come in different shades such as black, gray, checkered, red, blue and others. The black and the checkered ones are catching up on sales in the market compared to the traditional white ones.

Other models would include the black with checkered borders or the white ones with black or checkered borders. Red chef hats are also in vogue in the present market. Colored hats are mostly available in the cloth variety as compared to the disposable paper kind. The colored cloth chef hats are made of cotton or cotton blend material that can be starched and stiff while being comfortable to wear at the same time.

Colored chef hats are available with adjustable elastic or Velcro headbands, and have a comfortable sweatband built into them. Polyester chef hats are being made currently to give a crisper look than the cotton ones. Also, polyester or polyester blend chef hats are easier to maintain than the traditional cotton chef hats.

Although more and more chefs are using black chef hats, the head chef is still seen to be in a white hat. All the other chefs, cooks and the others working in the kitchen are in a revolutionary change with regards to colored chef hats. Black colored chef hats are also available in different styles like the base ball variety, short hats and such, changing the trend of the chefs wearing only long pleated hats.

Most chefs prefer black colored chef hats these days as the color tends to hide all the sweat and other splattered stains on the hat. Also, since it is a polyester blend it tends to soak up sweat a lot more than the disposable ones. Since they are available in a wide range of model, a deviation from the original plated style, more and more restaurants prefer that their chefs shift to the colored hats than the traditional white.

Although a complete black hat might look way different than a traditional chef’s white hat, white hats bordered or checkered with black tend to make a distinct change in the tradition. They would also not be that different in the styles and only the color could be changed for that unique touch of difference.

Birthday Cake

It’s nice that people remember the day you were born. After all, it is a very special day. For most of us, there is always someone ready to throw a birthday party. Whether it be Mom and Dad, or darling husband or wife, or anyone else, one of the best treats on anyone’s birthday is a birthday cake with candles. Because what would a birthday be without a cake and candles for making a birthday wish?

Birthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes x96 round, square, layered, tiered, upside-down, and many, many more. They also come in some very unique shapes like trucks, babies, guitars, shoes, and so on. Birthday cakes can be just fun and simple or quite elegant and complex. They can be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, a mix of all of the above, or other flavors.

Theme cakes are very popular for children’s birthdays. Harry Potter’s, Hogwarts Castle, Barbie’s, Pegasus, and Sponge Bob and Patrick are in high demand at most parties these days. Chocolate cake seems to be the favorite, followed by the classic chiffon cake. Of course, any good host will top off the birthday cake with a heaping spoon of ice cream and sprinkles and lots of love and best wishes.

Even with all the streamers, the balloons, the presents, and so on, birthday cakes remain the centerpiece. More than anything else, the birthday cake with delightfully burning candles all round it and your name in icing on the top, remains the most enduring symbol of a birthday celebration.

Beware of Noni Fruit Scams

Multi-level marketing companies came under a lot of fire in the 1990’s and early 2000’s for allowing its distributors to claim cure-all properties for noni. Governmental organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, the National Food Administration in Finland, and others have issued warnings to those distributors, forcing them to publish disclaimers about their products. Since then, the market for noni fruit products has shaped up as more people become educated about the truths and falsehoods surrounding the fruit.

Some marketers have claimed that the only real noni fruit, in all of its health benefit glory, is that which comes form the Polynesian Islands. In fact, all noni fruit is the same, wherever in the world it grows. Noni is the Polynesian name for the tree. Its scientific name is Morinda citrifolia, but it is also widely known as Indian mulberry, among other names.

Another noni fruit scam, still in use by various private promoters, is to pollute Internet search engines by directing such phrases as “noni fruit scam” to unrelated websites. Various “warning” sites have cropped up as a result, exposing the scams to consumers.

Unfortunately, the backlash against the noni fruit scam has been too extreme. Many people are going out of their way to prove that noni fruit is actually bad for you. While there are some potential side effects, including diarrhea, noni fruit is a generally nutritious and valuable food overall.

Benefits of Mangosteen

It has already been generally accepted (and widely advertised) that mangosteen extract is useful in the treatment of arthritis, acid dyspepsia, fibromylagia, moderate asthma, otitis externa and eczema. Now, the latest findings indicate that mangosteen has – in addition to its antioxidant effects – antimicrobial actions that inhibit the progression of acne. Furthermore, it is highly effective against the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacterium responsible for staph infections.

Mangosteen is at least as effective as most pharmacological agents as far as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties are concerned. Diabetics are increasingly in favor of its regular use and report that their need for insulin decreases considerably with the ingestion of mangosteen products.

The medicinal benefits of mangosteen will doubtlessly be heralded for a long time to come. Many more will be announced and either confirmed or dismissed in the process. At the moment, there is an understandable trend towards treatment with naturopathic agents like mangosteen extracts in lieu of prescription drugs.

Those properties may be taken as confirmed (unlike some of the miraculous benefits ascribed to it.) However, the highest testimonial that can be given for including this legendary (and certainly not inexpensive) plant in one’s diet is the fact that people who do apparently enjoy better overall health. This means that they appear to be less prone to disease and have higher energy levels than those who do not use mangosteen. They spend less money on prophylactic (preventive) medicines, pay fewer visits to doctors and hospitals and display a higher level of confidence in their health status.

With polluted air, toxic wastes and high levels of stress threatening humans from every side, natural products like mangosteen may offer a centuries-old escape from some of the worst maladies generated by modern civilization. In an age where the use of regenerative food supplements has become something of a religion, could one possibly give higher endorsement to any other natural solution?

Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are used to monitor the weight of your body. Their readings are an accurate reflection of your overall body weight. Bathroom scales are mostly sophisticated pieces of instruments that use strain gauge technology coupled with a computerized calibration system. Most of them are powered by batteries.

Carrying too much body fat enhances the risk of developing serious health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Maintaining a healthy body fat percentage can reduce and prevent health hazards. Ordinary bathroom scales only measure weight. They cannot measure body fat. Today, there are bathroom scales that can also measure body fat. They are ideal for anyone engaged in fat-burning exercise, bodybuilding or weight management programs. Bathroom scales are usually calibrated in stones, pounds, and kilos.

There are four types of bathroom scales – digital scales, solar powered scales, dial scales, and body fat analyzers. Digital scales use electronic measurement powered by a lithium battery. Old style mechanical scales, also called dial scales, measure weight using a spring-loaded mechanism. Body fat analyzers use electronic signals to determine the level of fat within your body.

Majority of bathroom scales have the ability to retain records of weight, body fat, and body mass index, allowing users to easily retrieve them. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices that blend with today’s home fashions. Most of them are suitable for use on carpets and hard floors. Digital bathroom scales are known for their accuracy, reliable performance, and unique features. Digital talking bathroom scales announce your weight in clear voice.

Portable bathroom scales are perfect for travel. Bathroom scales that support multiple users are also available. Depending on the features, the cost of these scales varies from ten to hundreds of dollars. Multi functionality, overload indication, low battery indicator, automatic shut off, and high precision are the major features of modern bathroom scales.

Bakery Management

Bakery management is the means of handling bakeries. Management takes a lot of effort, but through common sense, knowledge and, of course, hard work, this may not seem to be as tough as it seems.

One of the greatest steps in bakery management is introducing cross-merchandising in the bakery. To do this, you could display fresh herb breads near fresh herbs, or you could cut up your loaves for the customer to catch the taste. Also, try cross-merchandising your bakery items with the deli and soup counters. Keeping coffee on display with the other bakery items will definitely help the loaves fly off the shelves.

The customer gets to know about the bakery through signs put up in your shops—so make sure that the customer is comfortable in the bakery by providing proper signage. Signage may be in different shapes and sizes, with small signs for cookies and muffins and bigger signs for sectioned areas of the operation. If you prefer handwriting your signs, make sure they are legible and attractive.

Another important aspect of bakery display is color. The best colors for a bakery are browns and beiges, but to liven up the operation, bright colors like red and yellow will complement any display. When concentrating on lighting, don’t over- or under-light key areas of the bakery, as lighting adds life to your products. Be certain to watch lighting systems so that you can ensure cleanliness and accuracy of the beams and so that you can identify and replace burned out bulbs immediately.

Cleanliness is an important factor in ensuring the return of customers. No customer wants to find a dusty food counter or a spotty sneeze guard, so make sure the staff wear hairnets, hats and disposable gloves while handling bakery items. Have a well-stocked shelf of favorite bakery items at all times. Try variety, as customers get bored of the same items over and over again. Always make it a point to give the best service to customers by providing staff with the required training. You could try handing out customer comment cards to get comments on your operation. Keeping sample stations in the bakery is also not a bad idea; sampling proves to be a great customer service tool. Once the customer tastes the food, their cravings are satisfied and thus, the sale is closed much faster.

The final aspect of bakery management is to keep promotions and contests in the bakery. Use national holidays for special promotion periods to have customers bursting through the door. Holding bake-offs where you could encourage your customers to show off their secret recipes is also a great idea.