TV Theme Songs

The advent of television and the place it has acquired in the lives of people is indicative of not only technological but also social revolution. Its impact can be seen in each and every domain of life including music. One of the popular ways in which music has become an integral part of our life is through TV theme songs.

TV theme songs are the deciding factor in the popularity of a TV show. There are many classic TV theme songs that remain fresh in the memories of the people and are hummable. Theme songs from show such as ‘All in the Family,’ ‘Benny Hill,’ ‘Mr. Ed’ and ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ are quite popular. The popularity of TV theme songs is proved by the presence of a number of websites that have classic TV theme songs listed. People can download them and go back to memory lane to enjoy them in their original form.

TV theme songs have virtually assumed the form of a music genre on account of the effect it has on the people. The popularity of TV theme songs proves conducive in attracting the attention of an audience — retaining their interest in the show. On many occasions, the audiences wait for the show only because they love its theme song. On the other hand, high-pitched TV theme songs, when repeated and heard on regular basis, become jarring and audiences do not consider watching such TV shows.

TV theme songs need to express the theme of the show, and compliment the theme and presentation of a show. If a show revolves around a comic theme, then the song needs to have a comical tone. Similarly, a horror show may have some eerie music. Theme songs should not be mundane, or else they lose their repeat value and make the whole show dull and staid.

TV theme songs are important in the sense that they give an insight to the audience about the theme and the standard of a show and need to be catchy and appropriate.

Song Titles

Writing a song seems to be an interesting pastime for some people. However, there always comes the question of where to start writing a song. It is hard to believe, but it is from the song title that a song gets started.

It’s no use starting to write a song until you have a title that moves you, as it is the title that is going to be your chorus, the hook and heart of the song. It is the song title that is going to be the guiding beacon of your song. So start looking around for good titles that have energy for you; perhaps action words, images or some short phrases. You can get that phrase all around you, in the newspaper, conversations, television or magazine. Write all the ideas you get and then choose the one that is most appropriate to you. Once you get the right song title, writing the song proves to flow along, as you ask questions about the song title, and look for their answers. Then you could also make a list of all the words and phrases that are associated with the song title to get more lyrics for your song.

However, when writing song titles, there are a few rules that have to be followed. The first and last words should always be capitalized to provide the effect of the song title. Of course, articles, conjunctions and prepositions that are less than five letters long needn’t be capitalized in the song title. Prepositions are only capitalized if they are the first or last word of the song title. Even prepositions that are part of a two-word phrase, like Come On, have to be capitalized in the song title. Even remember that the short words like also, if, than, when have to be capitalized in the song title. If you follow these rules and ideas, you are bound to come up with a song title that surpasses all other song titles.

Make CD Covers

The CD cover is the front-face of a CD case. It identifies the disc content and also adds a personal touch to every CD. Attractive CD covers are marketable, as people tend to identify the inside content with the cover design. Personal collectors can make CD covers at home, or they can use professional CD cover design services.

You can simply log on to the Internet and search for CD covers on a search engine if you are looking to make a CD cover. You will see a long listing of good CD cover archives that have a large database of audio, DVD, and data CD covers. Some websites stock previously published covers, while others have stock cover designs that are ready-to-print. There are several reliable websites that also offer these CD covers for free.

A CD cover is a four-fold sheet that must clearly list the CD title, and also have credits and other information printed on it. Many people prefer to opt for an all-color design instead of having a black-and-white cover. The most popular CD design is called ‘4-over-1’ printing. This is especially popular for longer runs. In this design, the front cover is full-color artwork while the back cover is done in black and white. This saves money if the CD cover is being printed in bulk. If you are designing the CD cover at home you can opt for full-color on both sides.

When making a CD cover, make sure you leave sufficient margins when placing all the important elements. This way, even if the CD cover comes out a little larger than estimated, you can cut it easily without worrying about losing part of the title. Also, the purpose of a CD cover is to label the disc, so make sure the title is legible. The other important text elements like contents or track listings must also be printed in a clear font that is easy to read.

When designing CD covers at home, you can print them out on an inkjet printer. You should ideally edit your picture using graphical editing software, but keep the layout design work for DTP software.

If you are still unable to fathom how to make CD covers, you can also access several tutorial resources on the Internet.

DVR cards

A DVR card looks quite similar to the common computer video card in many PCs. However, when it comes to functioning, there are a lot of differences between them. DVR cards come with software that can be used to display and record information from multiple cameras at the same time. These are installed in computers to allow them to function as digital video recording (DVR) systems.

DVR cards are mostly used in surveillance systems to process the information received from a source such as a camera and pass it on to a storage device like a hard disk. In such a set up, there is more than one video out port. At these ports, the output from the security cameras is plugged in to the card. Once installed inside a computer, the card becomes active and is instantly recognized by the machine thanks to the accompanying software. Once properly installed, this card allows the user to digitally record signals on to his hard drive and then view it instantaneously.

Depending on need, you can also choose the quality of storage. DVR cards frames per second (fps) ranges are 30, 60,120,240 and 480. The fps also determines the time for which recording can be done. For a hard disk having 80 GB disk space, at 30 fps one can record for 320 hours. Similarly, at 120 fps, for an 80 GB hard disk drive, one can record for up to 80 hours. If you have a 960 GB hard disk, you can record for a whopping 3840 hours at the rate of 80 fps, which translates into 160 days or nearly 5 months.

Only a limited number of cameras are supported by the old DVR cards (launched nearly two years ago). If more cameras were needed, more cards had to be installed. This led to an increase in the workload of the computer that was unable to meet the memory demand and resulted in a system crash. Modern cards come with enhanced inbuilt processing power that reduces the burden on the computer.

With unmatched features, DVR cards have come to symbolize a much needed technology intervention in the field of surveillance and monitoring. In the coming years, with advanced features, DVR cards will completely replace its conventional rival.

Blank CD Cases

Many centuries ago William Shakespeare quoted ‘If music be the food of love, play on.’ Years later the sentiment still lives on. For many, music is the essence of life and the tendency to collect it becomes more of an addiction at times. Whatever the content, though, it is of paramount importance to protect CDs, which are fragile and vulnerable to scratches and dust collection.

New CDs usually come in a case. However, the same is not the case when people are creating backup discs or burning their own music CDs. These are usually purchased in bulk and come without any cases. To protect the discs, it is advisable to purchase blank CD cases. These are good value for money and help prevent dust accumulation.

To ensure longevity, each disc should be kept in a separate CD case. People with a vast collection of CDs may opt for blank CD case folders or wallets, which offer a compact storage options.

Hard plastic CD cases are universally known as CD jewel cases. Blank CD jewel cases are apt for storing CDs, and are a convenient option for people on the move. Another good option while selecting blank CD cases is to buy CD containers or spindles. These have a hard outer casing and can be used to store multiple CDs in minimal space.

In case people need to carry a few CDs around, it is advisable to use a portable CD case. These have a strong outer covering and multiple blank plastic sheets within that can fit CDs and sometimes, the insert booklets as well. There are also multiple color-coded blank CD cases available. These are beneficial for filing subject specific study material or collections of individual artistes. Whatever the purpose, a blank CD case is the perfect way to keep your CD collection safe for years on end.

Casino Slots

Casinos introduced slot machines for the wives and girlfriends of gambling husbands with the intention that men would get more time to spend on gambling. In recent times, the game has become very popular amongst both men and women visiting the casinos. Instant jackpots and ease to play are some of the reasons why increasing number of people are drawn towards slot machines.

Casino slots can be classified into straight slots and progressive slots. Straight slots have set jackpot payouts according to the machines payout schedule. For instance, if playing on a straight quarter slot, winning a jackpot by betting on a quarter will give 200 coins, a two-quarter bet wins 600 coins, and the jackpot amounts to 2000 coins. On the other hand, progressive slot machines have jackpots tied into a bank of machines, a carousel of machines, or even other machines at a different casino. The progressive jackpot is displayed on an electric board, which is attached to the progressive slot machines. Further more, the progressive jackpot increases with every play on each slot machine of the progressive group. The payouts on progressive slots can reach to extremes and can range from several thousands to multi-million dollar payments.

A casino has many other attractions such as the 3-reel slot machine, 4-reel slot machine and the 5-reel slot machine. Often odds increase with more reels in a slot machine. The other attraction includes the fruit machine, and uses a video monitor in place of standard reels. Similar to these, various new slots are introduced in casino’s every season. Every time they come up better gimmicky names and enhanced digital effects, thus maintaining and increasing the attraction.

These slot machines are designed with a feel and look of the conventional mechanical models, but they work on a complete different principle. Dissimilar to the conventional mechanism the outcome of each pull in modern slots is controlled by a central computer inside the machine, and not by the motion of the reels.

Casino Jackpots

Legend has it that the term “jackpot” originated at a time when riverboats with casinos traversed the Mississippi river. Stories suggest that an unbeaten and skilled poker player named Jack Rodgers saved all his winnings in a big iron pot. This was secured at his favorite casino. Rodgers decalred that if anyone could beat him they would win all his wealth. As this decalartion spread, people started referring to the large prize as ‘Jack’s Pot.’

It is possible that this legendary wealth came to be known as jackpot through the years. The terminology is still used to refer to winning a large prize. Today “Jackpot” is a popular slot machine game. The game is always played via the Internet.

The game is fairly simple. The slot machine downloads three randomly selected numbers or characters. A player has to insert a specified token to start the game. The numbers spin in an automated pattern. The objective of playing casino jackpot is to get identical numbers in all three slots after a spin.

Casino jackpot is a common slot machine game in all casinos. A major reason for this is because the game is almost always designed to attract a player. The stakes in casino jackpot are very small. People have to purchase tokens of very minimal value. Since the monetary denomination is less, people in turn tend to spend a lot without realizing. The game is designed to allow people to have occasional wins.

There are people who are reputed to have won enormous sums of money at a casino jackpot game. The game is a window to the entire casino experience. Casino jackpot accustoms people to take risks, preparing them for the larger casino games. The game is known to be highly addictive. This is a direct result of the low stakes in trhe game. People are always willing to take another chance at casino jackpot just in case the next spin proves to be lucky.

Cash Sweepstakes

A cash sweepstakes is exactly as it says, the opportunity to win cash. Winnings may be millions of dollars or one single penny. It all depends on your luck. Besides luck, the only way you’re going to win is to register for a grand prize in a sweepstakes.

There are many different kinds of cash sweepstakes. You can win cash for testing a product or by giving opinions on online surveys and polls. By registering, you become eligible for a number of rewards. To register, you need to fill out a form giving information like name, address, phone number, age, marital status, education, etc. The sponsor will then analyze this information and find an appropriate survey or poll for you to participate in online. At that time, you will also receive information on your reward. Rewards vary from site-to-site and survey-to-survey depending on the information you provided.

You might take a survey on “attacks by animals” and be eligible for a $400 shopping spree, or you might win a $10,000 scholarship merely by entering a site that asks you to list your degree. There are also sites that offer $10 for every survey you fill out online.

Filling out surveys for money is the most popular cash sweepstakes. Lots of people with a few hours to spare do it on order to earn some extra money. Start playing and watch your fortune grow. There are also sites that enter you into multiple – sometimes dozens, hundreds, or even thousands – of sweepstakes with just one registration form. That means your information will be shared with countless advertisers and direct mailing experts. Be prepared to receive spam.

Card Games

Some 7th- to 10th-century manuscripts trace the earliest instance of playing cards to China. The earliest authentic references to playing cards in Europe dates back to circa 1377, and the history of English playing cards dates back to mid 15th century.

Per the basic rules of a card game, when a game is played, the players arrange themselves in a circle around a horizontal surface on which the cards will be played. The players face inwards, and are seated so that they cannot see each other’s cards.

A pack of cards is used to play card games. All cards are identical in shape and size, and each card has a two sides; one being the face and another the back. Backs in a pack are indistinguishable and faces may all be unique, depending on the game. In both cases, any card is identifiable by its face. The set of cards is called a pack in British English and deck in U.S. English.

In a number of card games, cards in a pack are grouped in suits. Dealing is done either counterclockwise or clockwise. It is usually assumed that the dealing is clockwise for games from North America, North and West Europe and Russia; counterclockwise for South and East Europe and Asia, also for Swiss games and all Tarot games.

Card games for a solo player are called Solitaire in the U.S and Patience in the U.K.

Some of the popular traditional card games are Bridge, Canasta, Cribbage, Euchre, Hearts, Pinochle, Pitch, Rummy, Solitaire, Spades and Whist.

Car Sweepstakes

What is more exciting than entering sweepstakes to win a brand new car? The opportunity to win the car of your dreams to impress your guy/girl or to make your neighbors jealous is merely a registration form away.

Or maybe a boat, motorcycle or truck is on your “wish list.” There are sweepstakes for those as well. As a matter of fact, there are sweepstakes for just about any vehicle you can think of. You can also win great vehicle accessories to make your “baby” more efficient and customized. All this for free, when you enter a sweepstakes contest.

There are many sponsors who offer sweepstakes with an automobile as a prize. Dodge is one of the latest offering four ways to enter a contest to win one of three, new Dodge models. You can enter by filling out a survey, playing the daily match game, registering with the company or relaying your favorite feature of a particular vehicle. However you opt to play the game, you have an equal chance to win.

Also, under the rules of sweepstakes, it is not necessary to purchase any of the sponsor’s products. This means you have the opportunity to win the vehicle of your dreams without spending a single, hard earned penny. The only catch is the registration forms. The process might take you awhile, and you may be put on a whole set of opt-in emailing lists for advertisers. Not a bad price to pay, however, for the chance to win a free automobile.