An Introduction To Computer Desk Chairs

Common computer desk chairs are covered with leather or leather-like materials. This is because computers are usually used in rooms with cool temperatures. The use of leather x97 one of the sturdiest materials for covering anything x97 is therefore practical.

Most of these chairs can swivel or have wheels that allow for greater mobility. Computer and information technology professionals use these types of desk chairs to get them moving about their cubicles or work areas. They can check cables, power systems and servers without having to stand.

Other professionals like receptionists who use desktop computers may not need wheeled or swiveling chairs. Their work stations are normally designed to have them looking at all times at people coming through the office doors. A chair that is designed tastefully is needed in this situation.

Some computer desk chairs feature a detachable or foldable table for laptops. This contraption is convenient and practical for employees who would need to shift from his desktop computer to his laptop from time to time.

Depending on the computer desk, some chairs perch their sitters higher or lower. Internet cafxe9s, in an effort to offer privacy for their customers, have computer kiosks. The computer is placed within the kiosk and the monitor screen is tilted upwards. A user has to look down on the screen to read. The user’s neighbor will have great difficulty in sneaking a peek at his email. For these kiosks, chairs are raised to a height that will allow a seated person to look down on the monitor.

Other computer users like to tilt their head a little when looking at their monitors. To allow this, the computer desk chair must be lower than the table.

The different models of computer desk chairs in the market today attest to the growing need from consumers for more flexibility and comfort.

An Introduction to Chess Sets

Chess is a popular board game across the world. While many people are content to play chess on a regular board with plastic pieces, many players who truly love the game take pride in their unique chess sets.

There are many different kinds of chess sets to accommodate all chess players. Chess sets are made out of many different materials such as glass, ivory, marble, and wood. Some chess sets are especially small or have magnetic pieces, perfect for taking on trips and playing while traveling.

People have been playing chess for many centuries. No one knows for sure where or when it originated, but it is known that people in Persia, India, and China played chess in the Middle Ages. The game spread to the Middle East next, then to Spain and the rest of Europe. It is very likely that the game pieces were altered once the game spread through Europe to take on the forms that they currently have.

The different pieces in a chess set each represent parts of medieval life. The pawns represent peasants. Just as peasants were considered unimportant to people in power, pawns are the weakest pieces in the game of chess and are used primarily as sacrifices. The rooks, or castles, represent home and sanctuary. The knight represents soldiers, who, at the time, were held in high esteem, but not as much as the church or royal family. The bishops represent priests and are considered more valuable than knights. The queen is probably the most powerful piece on the board, but the king is the one that must be protected at all costs, or the game is lost.

Chess players at all skill levels marvel at the craftsmanship that goes into creating fine chess sets. It takes true artistry to create chess sets out of wood, stone and glass. Many chess sets are extremely rare and are valuable collector’s items.

An Introduction To Carpet Cleaning

Carpets add beauty to our living room and are comfortable to lie down or sit upon. Maintaining the cleanliness of carpets is essential for any home. Carpets need regular cleaning, as they tend to gather dirt very easily. They are much harder to clean than bare floors. Carpets collect animal fur and are easily stained by spilled drinks. Dust mites rapidly multiply within carpets and can cause allergies in people prone to asthma attacks.

Cleaning a carpet is an important process and also makes the room appear clean and fresh. Vacuuming a carpet is the best way to get rid of accumulated dirt. Dry-cleaning and steam cleaning are easy ways to remove any stains. It is important to clean up a spill immediately with a paper towel or rag. Soap, laundry detergent or other strong household cleaning agents are best avoided. A carpet can be kept in good condition if it is shampooed twice a year.

The method of cleaning a carpet depends on its fiber. Woolen, cotton and rayon carpets are cleaned using neutral detergents and should be dried quickly to avoid yellow stains. Excessive use of water could cause dampness and shrinking. Dry cleaning is the best way to clean silk carpets, and care is to be taken to not expose them to extremely high temperatures. Carpets made from plant fibers are best cleaned by the dry foam extraction method, where a detergent solution is whipped into foam and applied. A specially designed machine with reel-type brushes is used on the carpet, followed by wet vacuuming.

When cleaning a carpet at home, it is important to first vacuum and remove as much dirt as possible. Always use the recommended strength of cleaning solution. Overdose can cause severe damage to the carpet. Care must also be taken not to over-wet the carpet, which could cause discoloration and shrinkage. Carpets should be dried within 12 hours of wet cleaning, using fans, if necessary, though proper ventilation is usually enough.

An Introduction To Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are essential upholstery for the car if one wishes to maintain their car in impeccable condition. These covers can be put over the seats and they protect the seats from undesirable external and internal elements of the car.

These covers are tailored to fit over the seats of the cars. They can be custom made to make a perfect fit. They are held in place by zippers or Velcro fasteners or buttons. Velcro fasteners are the most popular as they do not cause any discomfort to the person sitting on the seat. They can be made of cloth, leather or any synthetic material and are washable. Dustproof and stain-proof materials such as neoprene are selected to make better quality car seat covers.

Though some covers are custom designed to fit particular car seats, most of them available in the market are of standard sizes and can fit all types of seats in all kinds of vehicles. They are marginally cheaper than custom designed covers. Covers are made with a foam lining, which may be three to eight inches thick to provide added comfort for the person sitting on the seat. The foam lining also provides insulation to the person.

The basic function of car seat covers is to protect the seats from spoilage. Expensive seats of cars can be saved from animal marks, food marks, sweat stains, etc. by using car seat covers. Car seat covers are a small investment considering they protect precious car seats. It is necessary to wash car seat covers frequently especially after long drives and after the car has been kept in the garage for a long time with the covers on. While buying a car seat cover, it must be checked if the covers are easy to remove and put on so that they can be washed regularly.

Each car seat cover may cost about $30 to $70 depending on the finish and the material with which it has been made. Car seat covers are now available in several patterns and colors. It becomes aesthetically important to match the car seat cover with the rest of the interiors of the car. Car seat covers are today not just a matter of security, but also a matter of vehicle enhancement.

An Introduction to Bamboo Flooring

A little known fact: bamboo is technically not a tree at all, but a grass that includes over 1,000 species. Even without planting, bamboo naturally grows back, and it reaches maturity in only four to five years. These qualities make bamboo an excellent, forest-friendly source of wood for flooring.

Bamboo flooring may be new to North America but there are already several importers. Almost all bamboo imported to Canada and the United States is grown and manufactured in China though, it can be found in all of Southeast Asia.

Bamboo flooring is durable, and has a warmth and beauty that makes it especially desirable for flooring. Though there are many species of bamboo, only some are suitable for making flooring. Moso, for instance, is a common choice that reaches 40-50 feet high after just one year of growth. In another three years, the reeds are mature enough for harvesting. After harvesting, the bamboo is dried in the sun and then cut into strips that are shaped and planed. From these strips, bamboo flooring is made through a process of laminating and staining. The two main colors available for bamboo flooring are natural (a light woody color), and carbonized (an amber shade). There are also other color variations depending on the staining method.

Bamboo flooring has many remarkable qualities that make it equal to or better than many other “wood” flooring options. It is as hard as hard maple, and has been confirmed as harder and more stable than red oak. Maintenance for bamboo flooring is no different than for other pre-finished wood floor products — frequent sweeping or vacuuming, spray cleaners, and occasionally mopping. Environmentally, the impact on world forests would be dramatically lessened if bamboo flooring were more widely used.

When considering bamboo flooring, it is important to know that not all bamboo is equal. Nor is all bamboo processing equal. Some discount or wholesale companies are already selling immaturely cut bamboo for bamboo flooring. The result is low-quality, cheap bamboo flooring that won’t last. Timing is also important in processing bamboo. If it is not treated within three days after it has been cut, the bamboo can easily mold, making the resulting flooring look bland and dull. Be sure to confirm that the wholesaler you deal with is knowledgeable and can assure that their bamboo and processing methods are of high quality.

An Informative Review of Popular Adjustable Beds

This article provides a detailed review of popular adjustable beds available for purchase both on and off-line. Prominent adjustable bed manufacturers include Craftmatic, Sleep Comfort, Sealy, Tempur Pedic, and Spring Air.

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

The Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Company has been in the marketing of adjustable beds for more than 30 years and the company has sold more than 800,000 adjustable beds across the world. A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed with optional Heat & Massage may provide temporary relief from health problems like low back pain; sliding hiatus hernia; poor local blood circulation; water retention or swelling of the legs; arthritis; rheumatism; aches and pains from fatigue; night heartburn; asthma; stress and tension; joint and muscle inflammation; or neuralgia.

Sleep Comfort

Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds are available in two models — Standard and Wall-hugger. The company offers twin, full, queen, dual queen, king and dual king adjustable beds and also in several other sizes and shapes. The company also provides mattresses in Dual Firm Coil, Pillowtop Coil, Latex Foam and Visco Memory Foam models. Based in San Diego, California the company supplies adjustable beds to anywhere in the United States.


Sealy Corporation is the one of the biggest bedding manufacturers in North America. The company, along with its subsidiaries, produces a vast range of mattress and foundation products. Sealy’s range includes the conventional bedding products (mattresses and foundations) in the Sealy, Sealy Posturepedic and Sealy Posturepedic Luxury Collection. Moreover, Sealy is also a producer of the important component parts used within the mattress. Sealy Posturepedic, Sealy Posturepedic Luxury Collection, Sealy Backsaver and posture premier, and Reflexion Latex Foam Collection are some of the brands from Sealy. Sealy’s products are sold through over 7,000 retailers across North America.


Temper-Pedic, Inc. is the name of the company that founded the NASA mattress or visco foam mattress. The temper-pedic mattress is made of 100% visco-elastic memory foam. Temper-pedic foam’s has the unique specialty of responding to the body’s temperature and shape, thus making sleep very comfortable. The Temper-Pedic Company is also known as Tempurpedic, Temperapedic, Tempra Pedic , temprepedic or tempurapedic and is the supplier of the temper-pedic mattress and bed, as well as the temper-pedic pillows and temprepedic mattress pad toppers. The tempurpedic mattress is available in more than 60 countries and is also sold through online retail websites.

Spring Air

Spring Air offers the Ovation™ adjustable base that has the Comfort Reach™ action. The Ovation looks like a traditional bed but has the Comfort Reach Smooth Glide Action. Its head and foot elevation improves blood circulation in the body and relieves pressure on the back. It also comes with a wireless remote control that has a programmable memory with Easy View glow-in-the-dark. The remote has a memory massage recall for programming the massage program every time it is turned on.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum blinds are a low-cost and durable solution as a window treatment. They remain durable and easy to maintain regardless of humidity. Hence, aluminum blinds have remained a popular choice among shoppers.

They are available in a wide array of colors and are normally available in micro, mini, and other slat sizes up to 2 inches. Quality of aluminum window blinds can be measured by the thickness or gauge of the aluminum, with larger gauges being better and/or more durable.

Aluminum mini blinds provide a low cost and durable solution to your window dressing problem. Slats are available in 6-, 8-, or 9-gauge aluminum. The higher gauge of the aluminum slat the more durable the slat. Aluminum blinds are easy to clean and maintain. The 1-inch aluminum slats are more stylish and sophisticated with textures ranging from a luxurious pearl finish to the richness of suede.

Aluminum blinds come in 1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch sized slats, with as many as 100 colors, including metallic, hammered, brushed, and a soft suede finish. The two-inch slats provide better sun control, and are less intrusive to the view outside.

Aluminum blinds are the most inexpensive way to put up blinds in your home or apartment. These are frequently called mini blinds because the slats are so narrow. Mini blinds are perfect if you are on a budget and need privacy. Duotone mini blinds allow you to select a color of your choice for the front side of the blinds with a neutral color facing the street.

Vertical blinds add height to a room and are perfect for a large picture window or a sliding door. Vertical blinds can have relatively wider slats in order to fill the larger space. When you select vertical blinds look for soft textures that complement your furniture.

Air Beds

When you hear “air” bed, do you think of camping? Most people do, but an air bed is also used in many homes because of its extreme comfort and a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

An air bed is light when deflated and can be easily transported. It also comes in handy as an extra bed. It’s easy to set up by using an electronic air pump that inflates the bed in less than a minute. The bed size is the same as that of a regular bed; so regular bedding can be used.

Air beds are often used in hospitals for patients who are confined to bed for a period of time. Sleeping on an air bed prevents bedsores and are very helpful in providing comfort.

Some air beds have a “hybrid mattresses” that have coil springs with air chambers that can be inflated to get the desired firmness. There are also beds with air chambers placed side by side so that two people can adjust their side of the bed separately for individual comfort.

People who camp and hike often prefer simple air beds that can be inflated manually. There are also air beds for cottages and cabins. These beds can be set on to frames and are not portable.

An air bed is comfortable because of its ability to spread body weight evenly. The bed changes its shape according to the shape of the body sleeping on it. Another important factor is an air bed reduces dust mites, while a regular mattress over time can become infested with dead skin and dust particles leading to allergies.

Air beds were originally designed for hospitals, but are now used in many households for better sleeping comfort and better health.

African Wildlife Art

Wildlife art is considered as one of manx92s earliest art forms because some of the carvings that have been found in archeological sites predate written history. This art form inspires an appreciation of the relationship between man and nature. However, wildlife art can depict other things depending on which country or place the artwork comes from. An example of this is how Native Americans associated different traits with different animals. Another example is what wildlife art represents in Africa.

Wildlife art in African culture

One of the most common themes in African art is that of a male with a weapon or an animal, which is used to give honor to ancestors, because animal ownership in Africa connotes honor and power. Sculpting a horse together with the likeness of an ancestor gives honor to that ancestor. This is because in African culture, ownership of a horse signifies power and wealth, as riding a horse x93elevatesx94 the rider to a higher position compared to other people. With regard to other animals, the interpretation of what they depict can also depend on which tribe made the sculpture. Interpretations of the same animal may vary among tribes.

Multiplicity of meaning

On how Africans view wildlife art, it can be concluded that this kind of art tends to carry a multiplicity of meanings that depends on which tribe made it or for what ritual it was used. This fact has made it very difficult for Western observers to understand this art form in Africa given the numerous x93permutationsx94 of meaning that this art form may carry.

Wildlife art is one of the earliest art forms that man has created. Such an art form has been used by most cultures. However, different cultures interpret wildlife art differently from other cultures. This has led to a seemingly endless list of symbolism that cultures assign on art that depict animals.

African Masks

Masks have long played a vital role in African cultural life. African masks are in fact dramatic demonstrations of the spirits of departed ancestors, and believed to have hidden powers of social control.

They are made according to traditional style and worn by trained performers, often with elaborate costumes, to teach and to inspire reverence for cultural history, seek protection by honoring women ancestors, and celebrate a good harvest. The ceremonial events express important social, religious, and moral values of the whole community, and the mask’s artistic and symbolic details show the same.

Masks are generally hand-crafted by well-trained artisans. In Kenya masks are made of glazed terra, whereas in other African countries, wooden masks are used. In Ghana, the Eket tribe hand-carves love masks from ‘sese’ wood, which is believed to bring love to one who displays it. Sese wood is commonly found in Ghana, and is very durable.

The use of wood in African masks has a very long history. Traditional African beliefs say that trees are living objects with souls, which provide a life source to masks carved from them. So before carving a mask, the carver consults his spiritual advisors, undergoes a purification ceremony and offers a sacrifice to please the spirit of the trees. When the tree is cut down, the mask carver chews some of the sap to achieve brotherhood with the tree. The carver believes that all these activities help in the betterment of his craftsmanship, and increase harmony with nature and the gods.