The use of candles dates back to around 400 B.C. The first beeswax candles appeared during the middle ages; prior to that, candles were made of fat obtained from slaughtered animals. Now, candles are made of everything from animal fat to plant cells to synthetic materials, as well as a number of manufactured and organic scents and colorings to really personalize the type of candle you buy. You can even make your own. The purpose of these candles was solely to provide light. However, they were oily, had an unpleasant smell and emitted thick smoke.

Beeswax candles grew in popularity very quickly. These produced less smoke, gave off a pleasant scent, burnt for longer periods of time and did not drip. In those times, candles were not for used by the common man, as they were very expensive and they were considered a luxury item.

Blended wax candles burn slowly as compared to plain wax candles. Today candles are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. These include votive, tapered, round and scented types. Nowadays, people even use soy and vegetable candles. In the past, candles were always handmade, but these days, outside of specialty shops, most candles are machine made.

Candles are no longer used as the sole source of light. They are now used for their visual effects and decorative purposes. They are also used on religious occasions, for lighting altars. They are also used as emergency lighting, in case of electrical failures. And, of course, most common modern use for candles is on birthday cakes.

Candle Wedding Favors

Candle wedding favors are one of the best wedding favors to be shared with the guests to commemorate a wedding. Giving candle wedding favors is an ideal way for the couple to renew the feelings of joy and togetherness with their guests. Candles usually have an important role in the wedding ceremonies and almost all wedding ceremonies include the lighting of at least one candle or two to symbolize the union between the newly wedded couple. Candle wedding favors remind the guests about the special moments of the ceremony for a long period of time.

There are many varieties of candle wedding favors available such as traditional votives and novel candle wedding favors in different shapes and sizes. Wedding favor candles are mainly available in attractive red rose or heart shapes to highlight a sense of romance in the air. Traditional couples often select classic pillar style candle wedding favors. There are candle wedding favors to match any theme and style of the weddings. These types of wedding favors are the best way to capture the symbolism of wedding ceremonies.

There are different types of wedding favor candles such as flip flop, coconut and ornament candles. Among these, flip flop and coconut candles are ideal for the summer weddings. Candle tins can also be personalized for any type of wedding ceremony. They are usually romantic, decorative, and cost effective. Because of the huge selection of sizes, styles, colors, designs, and scents, it is easy to fit the candles in any decorating theme. The candles and candle holders are usually selected to match the reception colors or shades of the couple’s favorite colors. Personalized votives and votive holders make the best guest favors.

Candle wedding favors provide high quality wedding favors and are considered the favorites for spreading the romance of your wedding. If you really feel like lighting someone’s fire, you can give them these wedding favors which are so perfect for thanking them also. There are also travel-friendly candle wedding favors which allow the guests for a little candlelight romance wherever they go.

Candle Supply Manufacturers

Candles were first used centuries ago as one of the only means of light. However, over the years, the purpose of using a candle has undergone extensive change. Today, they are used more for their decorative purpose than anything else. Candles are manufactured in various designs and styles. The candles add beauty to any room and represent warmth, love, and relaxation. Candles come in fragrant varieties to refresh the mind and body. Candle making has become a popular hobby and a profitable profession as well. To make candles at home, the right supplies are needed.

Many manufacturers sell candle supplies such as wax, wicks, and attractive decorations. These are the most essential supplies that cannot be overlooked. Apart from these, candle supplies also include scented oil required for making scented candles and the different moulds that can be used to create unique shapes.

Candle manufacturers may hire professionals to write articles and reviews relating to different candle supplies. Reviews help determine the various types candle supplies that are needed for soy candles, oil and paraffin candles. They may also provide information relating to supplies that are required for making scented candles, floating candles and electric candles. Manufactures who have websites also state details pertaining to the varieties and types of candles that are popular. Some potential customers may desire to get a special customized candle made. They give the procedure as to how to go about it. They also give directions to be followed in order to make candles at home. People can read this information and then go about acquiring the necessary candle supplies to make candles at home.

Candle Making

Candles are commonly used for decorative purposes. Candles have transformed from the original white stick, to any array of colored, scented and decorative varieties. People also have the choice of purchasing round, tapered and votive candles. They are available in wide varieties in the market. However, people may also choose to make candles.

Ingredients needed to make a candle are paraffin or wax. These are also available with additives such as dye, fragrance oils, shells, beads, etc. A metal mold is used to give shape to the candle. A wick and wick screw are also needed to make a candle.

It is important to create a work area, as melted wax can tend to be messy if spilled. Covering the workspace with newspaper is helpful. While melting the wax or paraffin, it is important to have access to a fire extinguisher, in case of an emergency. It is preferable to use an electrical heating device to melt wax as this prevents accidents. In other cases a double boiler should be used. Once the wax melts temperature rises sharply.

A thermometer should be used to check melted wax temperatures. It should never be left unattended since it may reach its flash point, which is 300o F. The mould should be dry and ready to use. If it is being re-used people should clean remnants of old candles. The wick screw should be fixed with the wick and kept ready to use. People may even purchase ready wick screw preparations. Once the melted wax is at a steady 250 o it is ready to be poured into the mold.

Once the wax is poured in the mould it solidifies after some time. It is advisable not to be curious and touch the visible end to check if it has dried. Even though it may not burn the skin but such an action is most certain to leave finger impressions. Once this process is complete, the new candle is ready for use.

Candle Making Supplies

Candle making can be a fun creative hobby. It can also be a great business opportunity.

There are a number of methods used to make candles. Molds, votives, and containers are three items used to shape the molten wax into candles. The wax itself can come from several different sources. Bee wax, soy wax, and other gel-like substances can be used to make candles.

The type of container or mold used to make a candle usually dictates which type of wax is needed. For example, pillar waxes have a high melting point and are good to use with molds and pillars. Pillar and mold candles are usually freestanding, meaning that they are removed from their containers once they have hardened. Votive waxes have a lower melting point than pillar waxes and are good for use in metal votive candleholders as well as some containers. Container waxes are similar to votive waxes in that the candles created are not meant to be freestanding. Wax for container candles has a lower melting point and is designed be poured into jars or pots used as candleholders.

Aside from the wax and the mold or container, candle makers can add their own personalities to the mix by coloring the candle or giving it a scent. There are an endless number of dyes available to color a candle in any shade imaginable. Truly skilled and creative candle makers can add multicolored swirls and scents to a candle. These soothing aromas are spread throughout the room when the candle is burned. Some of the most popular of these scents are vanilla and cinnamon.

Candle making is a fun and easy-to-learn activity that the whole family can enjoy. Well-made candles can add to the appearance of a room and give off a pleasing smell.

Candle Making Kits

If you have always wanted to make your own candles but never had the time to research the steps and buy all the supplies you need to get started, there is good news. There are candle-making kits available. There are kits designed for grownups and even kids who want to get creative and make candles. The following are some of the popular kits available in stores today.

Gel Candle Making Kit. Gel candles are very hot these days. You too can easily make your own gel candles with kits that usually contain candle gel tubes (there are about eight or so in one kit), twelve bags of wax candle chips, and twelve clear glass candle jars. You can create translucent visual treats that are perfect as home décor or as gifts to special people.

Beeswax Candles Kit. There are a lot of beeswax kits on the market. There are adult kits that allow you to create professional candles out of preprocessed beeswax, and there are also beeswax candle making kits for kids that educate them about bees as they create candles. Note that children’s kits are for 5 years old and older.

Marbled Candle Kit. Ever thought that those candles with fancy marbled designs are hard to do? With marbled candle kits, you just pour once; wait for the wax to cool, and you have your very own spectacular marbled candle.

There are many other candle making kits available either in specialty stores or over the Internet. Just browse around and you will find one that suits your taste and personality. Remember that candle making need not be a lot of work. Buy your candle making kits now and start making beautiful candles for yourself, your family and your friends.

Candle Holders

Candles have been used for centuries and are still in demand, though on a much smaller scale. Over the years the purpose of using a candle has undergone considerable change. A number of candle manufacturers claim to produce non-dripping candles but they may still drip. This can be quite a mess and one may have wax residue around the candle, which may at times be difficult to clean. Candleholders come to the rescue in these situations.

Candles are not always available in ready to use containers. It is important to place the candle upon a safe stand. For this purpose, candlesticks were made available years ago. These sticks are apt for mounting single candles. However, if people need to place numerous candles, a multiple carrier known as a candelabrum is used.

The use of chandeliers dates back to ancient times. They were designed to mount many candles, which when lit, were raised and hung. Nowadays, these are powered by electricity and have built-in cables connected to a power source.

Unique brass candleholders are commonly used in places of worship. Votive candles are designed to melt into oil when lit. This makes it compulsory for these candles to be burnt in holders. Usually votive candleholders are available in transparent or colored glasses and cups, which contain the melted wax, allowing it to burn continuously.

Nowadays candleholders are available in a variety of designs and metals. Candleholders may be sculpted or manufactured from brass, sheet metal or cast iron. People may also purchase holders available in special designs. These include animals, aquatic creatures and special themes. Candleholders are also available in various sizes. These holders not only provide candle space but also add to the beauty of the place they are kept in.

Buying Candle Supplies Online

Collection of candles is a fascinating hobby. People love decorating their homes with different type of candles. For this reason, cheap candles are a perfect option for most people as they can beautify homes at a reasonable cost. Many people also consider candle making an enjoyable and creative recreational activity.

To make candles at home, all the necessary supplies need to be organized well in advance. This is important because the candle making process is an uninterrupted one as the melted wax can solidify quickly. The supplies required are molds, candlewicks, candle dyes and fragrances, brushes oils and containers for the melted wax. Molds are available in different sizes and shapes and are easily available in the market. Candlewicks, which are at the top end of a candle, come in different shapes, widths, and thicknesses. Melted wax is hot and a heat resistant container is required. These too are available in different shapes and sizes and use metals like aluminum. A few oils and brushes are also needed.

These supplies can either be bought at a local retail store or can be easily purchased online. There are beginner’s kits and candle making books to guide people with candle making. However, it is recommended to check and compare the rates before placing an order. A little research helps to explore all the products and companies available, associated with candle making. Their respective websites have a detailed listing of the various supplies offered and the buyers can browse and choose according to their need. However, the quality of the supplies should not be sacrificed for their price, as this will result in inferior quality candles.

Many manufacturers and retail stores have websites for selling different types of candle supplies. Online orders can be placed by using credit or debit cards. Many prefer online stores as they offer the most competitive rates.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing and selecting a gift for a special occasion like a birthday can be quite bothersome. Often, we feel lost, unable to decide among the hundreds of thousands of products flooding the market. However, deep research reveals some great birthday ideas.

Numerous giftware companies fill the market providing both pre-designed and ready-made birthday gifts, as well as customized birthday gifts for all. Real flowers, clothes, gift baskets, electronic goods, crystals, jewels, leather goods, wallets, cheese cakes, toys, bags, home decorators, plants, cookery, books, body and bath products, musical boxes, engraved pens, scented candles, and customized plaque inscriptions besides others.

Personalized birthday gifts can be sought for at companies such as Last Laugh Gifts, Warm Sentiments, and Books Unique. Last Laugh Gifts provides a customized wine label with your friend’s or any other person’s picture on it.

Vermont Teddy Bears also provide teddy bears to be gifted on birthdays.

Patagonia Gifts also has a wide range of customized and pre-designed gifts for men and women. Letter openers, cross cufflinks, leather and silver cuff bracelets, and much more are all available at the aforementioned company. Red Envelope, Things Remembered, Generous Gems, Sundance, Bears in Chairs, Connection Channel, J.C. Penny, Personalization Mall, and Limoges Jewelry are some examples of companies which provide other customized items such as pens, rings, pendants, or necklaces.

Companies like Bodum, HoMedics, Cyber Café Center, Love is a Rose, Pyjamagram, AARP, and One Share also have great unique gifts for women. While Bodum and HoMedics deal in electronic goods, Love is a Rose provides beautiful crystallized roses in gold.

Gift baskets make good birthday gifts too. Some examples of gift basket companies are Wine Country Gift Baskets, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Warm Sentiments, Green Mountain, Nostalgia Baskets, and Book Baskets. Especially for men, Well Baskets, LLC has some truly delicious food baskets.

Birthday Flower Arrangements

If you have a friend or relative’s birthday coming up and you don’t quite know what to give her, flowers could be a good idea. If you can’t choose the flowers, leave it to a florist, he will ask you questions about the birthday girl and select the flowers accordingly. Besides sending on beautiful flowers, florists’ websites also send fruit baskets and personal care items as birthday gifts.

If you’ve decided on flowers, you can choose flowers specific for her birth month. If her birthday is in January, send her carnations; in February, violets; March, jonquils; April, sweet peas; May, lilies; June, roses; July, larkspurs; August, gladioli; September, asters; October, calendulas; November, chrysanthemums; and December, narcissuses.

For younger women and girls, your flower arrangements could be based on a flower theme for her birthday party. You could create large paper blooms, perhaps of sunflowers, and do up T-shirts with flowers in thumbprint designs and get them to carry cake and confectionery bouquets.

Begin with the party invitations and design them in the shape of large flowers with each petal bearing all the details of your party. Make these cards with a sheet of card paper from which you will need to cut four-inch long petals. Now, cut a 1.5-inch diameter circle from the remaining sheet. In each petal, punch two holes, one in the center and the other at the narrow end. Pile up all the petals and cover them with the circle, ensuring that the holes are in line with each other and stick them together with tape. Open each flower and write the details of your party on each petal.