An Introduction To Embroidery

Art is the product of man’s natural admiration for beauty awakened by what he sees, feels, and experiences. There are various forms of art that involve utilization of imagination and creativity. These forms require certain skills to create a so-called work of art. Music, literature, sculpture, architecture, and painting are just a few of the forms of art that serve as an outlet for man to freely express his thoughts and emotions.

Art can be seen in everything that man does, ranging from his everyday duties and tasks to complex art forms and fields. The clothing that man uses to protect himself from the effects of his environment can also be transformed into a work of art. Embroidery is the fascinating cloth art that involves the use of needles and thread. The earliest forms of embroidery that survived the tests of time were found in ancient Egypt, probably because of the kind of climate there preserved these works.

Embroidery was originally done manually, or by hand. It is basically done for decorative purposes by sewing various types of materials into a layer of cloth or fabric to create patterns and designs that are usually a reflection of the beauty of nature. It is a laborious threadwork, especially for starters since it requires not only the use of fingers but creativity and imagination as well. There is a need to critically choose the type of fabric or cloth, needles and threads to come up with a successfully embroidered product.

Together with the surge of advances in the field of technology is the invention of embroidery machines to make the laborious process easier and faster. Machine embroidery can be done either by a sewing machine or through a computer-operated sewing embroidery machine aided by readymade patterns and designs, usually in the form of software.

American Film Schools

American film schools have a rich history dating back to the 1970s, when there was little chance to get film education. The only option to gain knowledge was to go to Hollywood at a young age and work along with people in the industry. By the 1970s, many major universities began to offer classes in film technology. Over the years, many film schools have opened with numerous educational programs that provide actual industry experience along with education.

American film schools are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) and the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). The schools are commonly departments of universities, divisions of colleges or separate schools. There are some privately owned film schools as well that are not connected to American universities. Most of the schools provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs and some have graduate programs only. Various techniques involved in movie making, including film production, film theory and screen writing are taught. Hands-on practical knowledge and intern programs are included as part of studies.

Some schools are considered top in the nation. New York Film Academy, Los Angeles Film School, USA Film School, San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, and FSU Film School are among them. These schools are located in prime areas of cities including New York and Los Angeles, and provide better education and have good infrastructure. But studying in these schools is quite expensive.

Founded in 1929, The University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television is the oldest film school in the nation. Some \ other good schools are the American Film Institute (AFI), California Institute of the Arts, Columbia University School of the Arts, The North Carolina School of the Arts, and the schools at New York University (NYU), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and University of Texas at Austin.

African Wildlife Art

Wildlife art is considered as one of manx92s earliest art forms because some of the carvings that have been found in archeological sites predate written history. This art form inspires an appreciation of the relationship between man and nature. However, wildlife art can depict other things depending on which country or place the artwork comes from. An example of this is how Native Americans associated different traits with different animals. Another example is what wildlife art represents in Africa.

Wildlife art in African culture

One of the most common themes in African art is that of a male with a weapon or an animal, which is used to give honor to ancestors, because animal ownership in Africa connotes honor and power. Sculpting a horse together with the likeness of an ancestor gives honor to that ancestor. This is because in African culture, ownership of a horse signifies power and wealth, as riding a horse x93elevatesx94 the rider to a higher position compared to other people. With regard to other animals, the interpretation of what they depict can also depend on which tribe made the sculpture. Interpretations of the same animal may vary among tribes.

Multiplicity of meaning

On how Africans view wildlife art, it can be concluded that this kind of art tends to carry a multiplicity of meanings that depends on which tribe made it or for what ritual it was used. This fact has made it very difficult for Western observers to understand this art form in Africa given the numerous x93permutationsx94 of meaning that this art form may carry.

Wildlife art is one of the earliest art forms that man has created. Such an art form has been used by most cultures. However, different cultures interpret wildlife art differently from other cultures. This has led to a seemingly endless list of symbolism that cultures assign on art that depict animals.

African American Art

People who find themselves displaced from their homeland and transferred to a foreign country would need to exert a lot of effort at ‘assimilating’ the local culture. This is because doing so may involve disregarding their own set of beliefs so that they would be able to conform to the culture of their ‘new’ country. African Americans had to shift their understanding of art so that their artistic creations would be appreciated in America. To better understand this concept, an appreciation of the history of African American art is needed.

Art in the time of slavery

The period of slavery in America saw how many African Americans had to shift their paradigms with regard to art, sticking to what were the accepted forms of art in America, which were mostly influenced by Europe. During this time, the African American artists were defined as ‘slave artisans with other skills such as quilt making.’ However, this definition later changed to ‘painters of white families’ portraits,’ and in some cases, the painters were called ‘portrait painters of well-to-do free persons of color.’ Some of these painters gained acclaim and were able to buy their freedom from their masters by bartering their artwork.

After the Civil War

In the period after the Civil War, many African American artists were being recognized for their talent. Up to the 1920s, most of the artists of this time produced works that were displayed in museums and studios. However, the works that were produced during these times still conformed with European tradition and the training that these artists received were still mainly characterized as European.

‘The Harlem Renaissance’

In the late 1920s, different African American artists formed a movement called Negro or Harlem Renaissance. This opened the door for African American art, in the form of literature, music, knowledge and visual arts, to become explored and rediscovered, which also led to the upliftment of the individuality of African Americans as a people. The decade that followed this was considered the ‘Renaissance’ of African American art, where artists broke free from foreign influences to discover their own unique art form. From this period on, African American artists were free to express themselves based on what has been discovered during this ‘Renaissance.’

The rough path that Black artists in America had to take is a testament to what they had to undergo to ‘regain’ their identity as a people. Give this, the history of African American art shows not only the struggles of Black artists towards freedom from foreign influences but also of self-discovery.

Affordable Web Site Design Companies

Advertising online can be a very effective promotional tool for business. However, given the stiff competition faced by companies that advertise online, there is a need for them to come up with an effective web site that can attract more traffic and therefore, generate more sales. To be able to do this, companies need the appropriate tools and skills to use them to come up with a web site that would stand out among those offering similar products. Unfortunately, most small companies do not have an IT department to help them build a web site. In this case, the only viable option is to hire a web site design company to do the job. This does not mean, however, that the whole process is going to be expensive. There are options that companies can choose to get affordable web site design services.

Searching the Internet

One of the best sources of good deals on web design services is the Internet, simply because there is large number of web design companies that advertise online. Companies may want to consider hiring an organization that is just starting out because these are willing to do work at very competitive rates as they go about establishing themselves in the market. A very good source of these companies is via online marketplaces or on search engines.

Hiring a web design company does not necessarily mean more expenses. This is because there are a number of start-up companies that offer quality services at very affordable prices. In addition to this, a large number of companies that offer the same services have also lowered their rates significantly because of competition.

Affordable Web Design

To be able to come up with an effective web site for personal or business use, you need to have the tools that can make your site not only attractive but user-friendly as well. Given the stiff competition that you would have to deal with in promoting your business, you need a site that stands out. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to use flash web design on your web site. Doing so allows you to present information on your web site that is not only appealing visually, but also helps users navigate your site better.

Best deals on flash web design

There are a number of service providers to choose from if you want affordable flash web design for your web site. You can get a professional flash web designer to do the job. And given the amount of competition on the Internet with regard to these services, you can expect to get some good deals from freelance designers and web design companies as well. As the Internet can provide you with a wealth of information on flash web design services, searching for the best deals will only require a small amount of research and canvassing.

Another practical option is to look at online marketplaces, where you can get the best deals on both software and web design services. There are also a number of web sites that offer free software on web design. You can find these by simply typing in a query on your search engine. On the other hand, there is also another option you can take if you wish to recoup the investment that you made in building your web site: allowing companies to place their ads on your web site. Ads not only allow you to save money on your web site but also give you the opportunity to earn money.

Building an effective web site need not be expensive. There are a number of options you can choose from to make the process of building your site more affordable. Doing so involves searching for the best deals not only on software but also on web design services, which are readily available from a number of sources.

Address Labels

If you like sending letters, invitations, and cards, you definitely need address labels. Say goodbye to writing your address manually on every envelope you send for hours and hours – with address labels , you just stick and send!

Address labels are so easy to use – with them in hand, you can afford to spend more time actually writing the letter than labeling the envelope. Address labels also look more professional than handwriting, and best of all, leave no room for human error.

And because they can be personalized anyway you want, so you can be sure you’ll find something tailor fit to your requirements. You can either order online, go personally to a print shop or make your own, but before you do so, keep in mind some of these reminders.

Plan and design your address label well. Clearly write down the information you want to appear on it and double check spelling and accuracy. Make sure your information fits in a certain number of lines, and that the text size is clear and readable but proportionate to the size of the address label you want. Remember that your recipients will be seeing (and scrutinizing) your address label, so it is best to choose s design that reflects your personality. Some people order two kinds of labels – one kind for formal letters, one kind for more laid back letters (such as cards sent to family and friends).

Size does matter. There are literary dozens upon dozens of mailing label sizes, and even if you can’t find one that’s suitable to your taste and requirements, you can easily have special sizing done.

Small return address labels are typically 1.5” x 1.75”. Since return address labels are not processed by a mail sorting machine, you can go creative and add fancy font, color, and illustrations. If you need addressing labels, on the other hand, consider the standard 1”x4” to 2”x4” size. De sure to choose a large and easy-to-read font that is machine-readable. And be careful about putting fancy illustrations or logos on your addressing labels – if you don’t place them properly, they confuse the sorting equipment.

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic paintings are relatively new as acrylic paint for painting was first introduced around 1950. Acrylic paint has now become an essential element of the arts and craft market. Many artists consider acrylic paint as a viable option for oil paints. Acrylic paints differ from the conventional oil paints in terms of their physical and chemical properties and thus necessitates special care of acrylic paintings.

Typically, acrylic paints are of two types, namely water-based and solvent-based. However, water-based acrylics are more popular among painters. Acrylic paints dry quickly as compared to oil paints and may hardly require half an hour for the entire painting to dry. Acrylic films are not very hard and may easily gather dust and grime.

Various types of additives, such as stabilizers, defoamers, coalescing solvents, thickeners, and preservatives, are added to the acrylic paint to produce the desired results.

The chances of acrylic paintings cracking are relatively low as the paint is flexible and can withstand pressure. However, acrylic paintings may become very brittle and crack in freezing temperatures. Sometimes acrylic paintings may develop a gray veil on the surface or form a yellow discoloration over a long period of time.

Since acrylic films are soft at room temperature, dust particles can settle on the surface and become mixed with the paint, resulting in stained paintings. Protective framing can combat this problem up to a certain extent. Varnishes can protect the paintings considerably from scratches and dust. Many artists do not like to varnish their paintings. Another major problem faced by acrylic painters is that of mold growth and as of now, no perfect solution has been devised for this problem.

There is a wide range of acrylic paints available in the market. It is imperative for acrylic painters to purchased superior quality products as poor quality paints fade easily when exposed to ultra violet light.

Regardless of high standards of care and maintenance, many artists continue to use acrylic paints because of their fast-drying quality and versatility.

Abstract Paintings

If you think abstract paintings are a phenomenon of the 20th century, you can’t be further from the truth. Islamic and Jewish religions have from their very beginnings prohibited the depiction of human forms. As a result, these religions developed a high skill in decorative art. And artists as early as James McNeill Whistler had begun talking of art as a depiction of visually appealing colors, just as music was a presentation of appealing sound. Perhaps, Pablo Picasso and his style of painting, known as cubism (which used geometric figures to simplify or exaggerate complex structures such as the human form), firmly established and set in motion a trend of what came to be known as abstract painting.

Synonymous with abstract painting, cubism developed as a backlash to the impressionist era, which emphasized light and color. Painters of abstract art believed they could show, through the use of geometric figures, views of an image that cannot actually be seen in real life. Famous among the many abstract paintings, are Pablo Picasso’s Guernica and The Guitar Player.

Georges Braque was another cubist. He used to shade his cubes in a way that made them look both flat and three-dimensional at the same time. His famous paintings include The Fruit Dish and Violin and Pitcher.

Abstract paintings thrived with artists such as Piet Mondrain, who took cubism a step further and established what came to be called neoplasticism. The underlying belief of this art form was that art should not reproduce real forms, but express the absolutes of life, which, according to them, were only vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors.

After neoplasticism came abstract expressionism, an art form that celebrated not forms, objects or images, but colors and brush strokes. Mark Rothko’s painting Red, Orange, Tan and Purple is one of the best abstract paintings in this from.

Abstract paintings, in essence, moved away from depicting life forms as they appeared, toward depicting them as interpretations, and showing emotions through colors.

A Guide To Free Screensavers

There are millions of Screensavers available on the Internet. Almost all of these can be downloaded and installed easily. These are usually categorized according to themes. Nature lovers can choose picturesque locations. Fish lovers can choose from different kinds of aquariums with multi-colored fish that are swishing through colored water. Those who really like adventure sports or aircraft can choose from a wide array of moving images and clips of death-defying stunts. Screensavers can also be slide shows that have various pictures of movie celebrities, sportspersons and politicians.

However, some precautions need to be taken before downloading Screensavers. The most important one is that Screensavers must be downloaded from trusted sites. It’s also always a good idea to scan Screensavers for viruses and other potentially dangerous elements, such as spyware and adware. If an anti-virus is already installed on the system, a right click enables a menu which provides for a ‘scan with…’ option. This option can be selected and left-clicked to check the selected download before double-clicking it and installing it.

Sometimes Screensavers are extremely graphic-intensive. This means that they contain so many graphics that they are huge files. Huge files take a lot of space on the computer when they run, and make the computer work so much harder and so much faster than normal that the computer freezes. Then the computer needs to be restarted and all the unsaved information on the computer — such as open files that were being worked on before the Screensaver was activated – is lost.

Some Screensavers also make the hard drive of the computer crash, causing irretrievable data loss. Therefore, it is important for users to download Screensavers that are compatible with the configuration of their computers. This means that the speed of the processor in the computer, and the free space on it, should be sufficient for the Screensaver to be downloaded, installed and run.

Many users like to create their own Screensavers, often with the visuals and audio of their choice. Some software applications facilitate this. Out of these, some can be freely downloaded from the Internet. However, these should be downloaded only from trusted sites, and should be supported by the configuration of the user’s computer. Once downloaded, these should also be scanned for viruses and other common infections. When installed, these programs enable the user to combine images, video clips and audio clips to create a personalized Screensaver, sometimes even for circulation amongst friends and family.