Bulk Email Advertising

Email advertising is one of the most commonly used forms of advertising today. Almost every company is using this very fast, cheap and effective way of reaching customers. With strict laws in place, many companies are reaping the benefits from email advertising: cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and the ability to reach the customers who have expressed an interest in the product. Email ads help to improve a company’s brand loyalty, as customers can be kept updated about the latest offerings. They save a lot of time as compared to traditional direct mail advertising. The results are also measurable, as nearly 80% of the responses arrive within the first three days after sending the mail. It is also very easy to track, as bounce-backs, click-through and other responses can be tracked immediately.

Bulk email advertising involves the process of sending emails containing advertisements to millions of customers at the same time. This is very fast, cheap and sure way of reaching the maximum number of people.

There are companies that provide millions of email addresses of customers who have opted to receive emails about the products. These addresses are given to companies that want to send email advertisements but do not have a database of email addresses of opt-in customers. These addresses are sourced from several email address service websites over the Internet. These addresses are priced between 10 cents to 30 cents each. These companies also offer other services, such as designing the advertisements, sending the emails and tracking the responses.

Some companies have special offers, such as sending emails to 50,000 addresses for just $40. All this can be done within just a few hours! There are also special software tools that enable bulk email advertising. Some of the features include contact list management, customization of email messages, validation of the email addresses, processing of incoming messages, embedding of HTML messages, and import of contacts from ADO/ODBC, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel files, CSV files and other formats. The prices of these packages start from around $30.

Best Neon Signs

Frenchman Georges Claude, an industrial chemist invented neon signs and advertised them at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. They made their way to America in 1923 when Earle C. Anthony paid an exorbitant amount for a pair of neon lights. ‘Neos’ is Greek terminology that means ‘the new gas’. The title is apt considering the fact that these lights made their appearance much later than traditional electric bulbs and other forms of industrial lighting. In its initial stages neon signs were available in hues of red. Gradually the use of other gases such as mercury, krypton, xenon, carbon dioxide, phosphor and helium helped create multi colored neon lights. There are more than 150 colors to choose from today.

For manufacturers who offer a range of high quality neon signs, it is difficult to quote the best price for a product without considering past performances and other market research. This allows them to juggle prices. When discussing best neon signs, the issue can be contentious. This is because, the concept of ‘best’ tends to differ depending upon individual needs. However a few factors remain the same when shopping for neon signs. This includes price factors and the reason they are needed.

Consumers should enquire about types, sizes and know what they want rather than get influenced by the complex offers. It is important to know the available warranty, extended warranties and purchase outlets. This can easily be determined by indulging in comparison-shopping. It allows buyers to compare products, prices and features. Buyers also need to be attentive to size and weight factors. Others may find the best deals through wholesale purchases. The perception of ‘best’ also varies depending upon the business type. This includes neon signs for bar lighting, advertising, displays, payday loan signs, ATM signs and custom neon signs.


Banners are a great way to get your message across to a lot of people in the cheapest way. Whether you design and print it yourself or have a professional do it for you, banners can add excitement and visual support to your events. This form of advertising has been around for years and years. Today, they are popularly seen at mall events, trade shows, conventions, and parties and on town streets.

It used to be that banners were made from cloth and printing was done through silkscreen. The process was meticulously done by hand. But over the last years, tarpaulin or vinyl has become a popular choice for banners.

Vinyl has allowed machine printing and flexibility for layout artists to add as many details to the design as the client wants. For example, photo quality images in full colors can be printed on the banner.

Have you ever been to a motor cross race and seen a stunt driver break through a banner? Have you wondered how they do it? Well, it used to be that events organizers would use paper for an easy rip. But ingenuous thinking allowed the use of vinyl for that purpose as well. The vinyl banner is made of two pieces, attached in the middle by Velcro. The stunt driver crashes into the banner, and it simply detaches into two. Organizers can re-use the banner for the next stunt t.

Banners come in various shapes and sizes, although practicality and artistic sense have made the square or rectangle the most appropriate shape for most occasions.

Check out various online sites and magazines to get ideas on how to design the layout of your own banners. Templates are also available to suit most of your needs.

Banner Stands

The main aim of advertising is to project your product before the potential customers in an effective manner, update information on the product easily and in a timely way. One cost effective and efficient way to advertise your product is to use banner stands.

Banner stands are portable, flexible structures carrying colorful graphic images used for advertising. The graphics and the message can be changed frequently as the need arises. Banner stands are versatile and can be used to light up exhibitions, trade shows, retail displays, showrooms and business gatherings.

Banner stands are useful in trade shows. The same set of stands used for one display can be used for a subsequent display in a matter of minutes because the new banner stands can change graphics in no time.

In retail shops, banner stands with promotional messages are often positioned at the entrance of the shop. For retailing, it is critical to attract impulsive shoppers. Research reveals that on premise business advertisements and signs increases the customer’s inclination to buy products.

In addition to being flexible and portable, the banner stands of today come with high color graphics and photographic quality images thanks to changes in sign making technology. Therefore, even small companies are able to use banner stands with high quality visuals.

Basic types of banner stands are roll-up, pole, and counter top and outdoor. Rollup, also called retractable banners are similar to a portable movie screen. The displays have a recoil mechanism that allows the banner to be rewound into the base of the banner stand. These banner stands are easy to set up and the graphics are protected while transporting as they are rewound into the base. They are heavier and more expensive.

The Pole banner stand does not have a recoil mechanism, and the banner is not rewound into the base. They come with adjustable height poles. Countertop or tabletop banner stands are smaller units placed on tables or flat surfaces. Outdoor banner stands have maximum visibility. They are portable and are the easiest to set up.

Banner Stand Manufacturers

Banner stands are the best way to show case products and attract attention of potential customers. It is a recent phenomenon that has become quite a rage. Now every shop, restaurant, trade show and exhibition is teeming with these attractive, eye-catching decorations called banner stands. Manufacturing banner stands is also a sunrise industry because of the popularity and potential growth of the product. Technology and creativity are evolving newer products and better quality in less time.

Some of the leading brand names and makers of banners stands world wide are Nomadic Displays, Nimlok, Octanorm, Discount Displays.com, Apple rock, Accura imaging, IMEX display, Alco Cutaways, Art-tech productions, Exhibit works, Display wizard, Redcliffe imaging and Magicpak.

Some overseas manufactures include Ask4plastic made by Ym-Display from China. Also Alibaba.com lists a number of overseas manufactures from the Far East like Admax Exhibition system from Shanghai, Dingyi display equipment limited (China) and Infotech.M.ltd from Korea.

A typical range of products from these manufacturers shows great versatility and style. At Display Wizard, there are a range of vinyl banner stands to suit every budget and taste. Their banner stands include scrolling banners, rollup banners, traditional banners, Cigogne tensioned cable fabric banners and flexible fabric banners.

Redcliffe Imaging has a wide range of beautiful and useful banner stand models. Starting with the cartridge banner graphic replace system (that allows quick changes of graphics), to the advanced double sided roller banner stand, called The Banner Up stand, which is a retractable banner stand model, of which there are all kinds. There is even an Omega Velcro fabric stand. There is a sophisticated range of roll up stands named Quick Screen-3 Banner Stand. Roll up banner stands come in a model called Excalibur (single or double sided with tension rolling system) and sidewinder (single or double sided roller with sleek satin anodized casing and pole set).

Another model is by Magical. It consists of position extruded aluminum housing. Smartstand is another rollup brand that has a variety of models.

Banner Stand Industry

The worldwide banner stand industry is booming. Both indoors and out door banners are in great demand especially in the advertising world. A well-executed banner arranged in an attractive and interesting way, whether in a trade show exhibit, museum display, stage setting or retail store, is a sure way to drive the message home to the target audience.

Exhibit builders look for two criteria while sourcing banner displays- creativity and value addition. For example, a pole banner stand is sturdy, simple and easy to install. Installation can take about 5 minutes. Other than set up time, another valuable addition is flexibility to hide exhibition space such as graphics and literature that has to be stored. Some banner stands come with telescopic components allowing for compact packing and shipping. A variety of mount options include heavy duty, tripod and tubular are available according to the creativity of the user.

Graphics are another element of banner stands. Some companies have five colors; high-resolution printing that produces 1100 dots per inch on fabric. By using dye sublimation printing, this process provides a wider color spectrum for reproducing graphics. The adjunct industry of outdoor graphic printers is also booming thanks to the spiraling demand for outdoor banner stands.

The banner stand industry is faced with the realities of today’s market conditions. For one, technology is changing fast. There is cut throat competition in the banner stand industry, so minor details and advanced innovations is key to leading the way the market regarding minor details and innovations. Innovation is key to big bucks in this effervescent market.

Banner Stand Exhibits

Banner Stands are a high impact, inexpensive and attractive medium of advertisement. They are usually found at exhibitions, trade shows, retail stores – just about anywhere the potential customer can be attracted by high wattage graphics.

The attractive thing about banner stands is that they are portable, flexible and easy to set up. There are different kinds of banner stands like retractable or rollup, pole, telescopic and others. The technology that enables the high quality of graphics and photos has added to the beauty of banners.

While organizing banner stands for exhibitions, there are many choices to deliberate on. For a portable trade show, the choice is between a fully customized exhibition and a portable exhibit.

The general opinion is that a portable is much better than a customized banner stand. For one, portable systems cost a fraction of a custom built one. The exhibition center built by portable is ready in a jiffy compared to the custom built systems.

Another advantage is that you can handle and test the system before using. It is flexible and can be used again and again. Also, portable systems are ready to pack and easy to transport.

Choosing the right banner stand may be considered care fully. Banner Stands can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor exhibition banner stands are used for retail exhibitions and trade show conferences, indoor events and sales promotion. This category can be further divided into retractable and pole banner stands. Pole stands are cheap and strong. Roll up or retractable are easy to set up, with safe casing for graphics, and are easily portable.

Outdoor exhibition banner stands are suitable for outside use. They are weather proof, wind resistant and need outdoor resistant graphics.

Exhibition selling and advertising can energize the dullest of products with colorful and attractive banner stands. Banner stands exhibits are crucial for attracting potential customers.

An Introduction to Store Fixtures

Everybody is familiar with the old retail chant, “Location, location, location!” It speaks volumes about making the right decisions from the start to make your retail establishment a success. Once you’ve decided what it is your store is offering to the general public, the next step you’ll take is finding the right location. Once you’ve found it, the next step is to decide how to dress up your establishment; you’ll need to decide what retail store fixtures will properly display your product. At this stage another invaluable cliché applies, “Presentation is everything!”

It’s true that how you present your products for sale is as important as the location, the timing of your venture and the pricing of your merchandise. On one hand, you wouldn’t display expensive wares in cheap, shoddy or dirty store display fixtures. An appearance that turns people off the minute they walk into your store isn’t going to help sales and, in fact, it will probably hurt them. On the other hand, you don’t want your display choices to completely overwhelm the merchandise. Dazzling displays that distract from the sales appeal of your merchandise won’t help business either.

In order to maximize your sales potential you need to decide what look and feel of the store will appeal to your target customer. Remember, no sale is complete until the customer leaves the store satisfied with his purchase, and a crucial part of that process is the way in which your products are displayed. There are many choices to make. It can be helpful to visit other stores selling similar merchandise even if your product is so unique that you have to travel to another city to find them. Even if you are selling an invention of your own that doesn’t exist anywhere else, it will still fall into a category of stores that you should investigate before setting up shop. Art stores have one look, plumbing supply stores another and clothing boutiques still another. Even if your investigation helps you decide which display perspectives don’t work for you, that knowledge can save you time and money in the long run.

An Introduction To Post Card Printing

A postcard may look deceptively simple and rather low on the ladder of publicity media. Nevertheless, for those who have realized the power it carries, a postcard is one of the most effective and direct means of getting your message across x96 whether it is to announce a new grand sale of the season, information about your internet presence, details about a particular issue that needs to drum up public awareness or just a message of any kind.

A postcard, as defined in postal terminology, is a typically rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without the need for an envelope and at a lower rate than a regular letter. While postcards are generally issued by post offices, they can also be printed by private companies, individuals or even large organizations provided they adhere to the physical specifications and other guidelines laid down by the postal department. The collecting and study of postcards is termed deltiology.

Custom postcards can be printed using a traditional offset press, using film. To make its presence felt a postcard must necessarily have a striking and colorful image. Compared to most other media of advertising, postcards are easily produced and the biggest advantage they have in their favor is that they cannot be thrown away or discarded without a glance as is the case with messages sent in envelopes. A postcard offers maximum visibility and this value is enhanced by the kind of artistic approach you adopt to make it as aesthetically appealing as possible. The combination of art and postcards is called

mail art.

A marketing study indicates that the use of postcards to spread information and advertise products is most useful for self-employed individuals, small and mid-size business entrepreneurs, traditional corporations and institutions that need to reach out on a large scale as for example, a group promoting vegetarianism or an organization fighting to save whale.

American Demographics

Considering the vastness of the topic of American demographics, it is convenient to limit discussions on the subject to the demographic field of American population. American demographics give in-depth estimates of all the major trends of the nation, as well as the regions of the country.

These demographic reports, as already mentioned, cover all the statistical data of the nation’s economy, social customs, religion, ethnicity, race, market, consumption modes, food habits, clothing, homes, population, mortality and fertility rates, and other such records. These reports are based on a given time period. According to the recent demographic report, the population of the United States is 288,368,698, and this report is based on the estimation of the Census Bureau.

This report covers the period through July 2002. American demographics, when it provides such data, also help us to acquire other key information and the status of various developments. One can extract other data by simply implementing various statistical tools. For example, from the above population report of the United States, one can draw the general rate of increase until July 2002 from a particular point of time.

In this case, one can conclude that there is a sharp rise in population by 2.47% simply by getting back to the data of July 2000 which showed the population to be 281,421,906.

The ten most populous cities in America, according to the 2000 census, are:

1. New York City, New York 8,017,078

2. Los Angeles, California 3,703,930

3. Chicago, Illinois 2,895,444

4. Houston, Texas 1,958,258

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1,513,684

6. Phoenix, Arizona 1,325,715

7. San Diego, California 1,228,196

8. Dallas, Texas 1,190,334

9. San Antonio, Texas 1,154,897

10. San Jose, California 945,000