Canadian Drugs Online

Online Canadian pharmacies supply safe and reliable prescription drugs to customers worldwide. These are fully licensed online pharmacies. They are able to provide up to an 85% discount on more than 3000 brand names of medicines and generic drugs.

Through an online ordering system, prescription and non-prescription quality drugs are safely delivered to customers. Canadian pharmacists are qualified, licensed professionals. The order is processed only for a valid original prescription from a qualified and licensed physician. Some pharmacists arrange for a Canadian physician to review and sign the prescriptions to ensure the safety and authenticity of the prescription. They acquire the drugs on the prescriptions and also take care of shipping them to the customer.

Canadian drugs are not cheaper because they are inferior in quality. These drugs are offered cheaper because Canada has a policy of controlling drug prices. These drugs are similar to, or the same as, the ones manufactured in US. Very often, Canadian pharmacies offer a generic version of the same drug. The only difference between the branded drugs and the generic drugs is the cost. Online pharmacies offer generic drugs at about 45% less than the cost of brand-name drugs. They ensure that the active ingredients in both the generic and the brand-name drugs meet the same scientific standards.

Canadian online drugstores have earned accreditations and in recent times, have become very trusted sources for providing cheap and quality drugs. These online pharmacies also offer over the counter drugs and essential drugs that are sometimes not easily available in the US. It is mandatory for these online drugstores to be members of the Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association.

Patients can order their drugs online or through fax or phone. The service is usually friendly and prompt. The customer service agents have a pharmacy background, and are knowledgeable and able to assist the patients when they call the toll-free numbers. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are available 7 days a week to help with a customer’s orders. The safety of drugs is guaranteed, and they are approved and checked by regulatory bodies in Canada. It often takes about 3 to 4 weeks to deliver the medicines to a US customer.

Canadian online pharmacies truly make the experience of buying drugs over the Internet a good experience. By offering drugs at affordable costs, online pharmacies based in Canada have eased the worries about high medication costs for many Americans.

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