California Personal Injury Funding

The first question which comes to mind when one goes in for the services of a Personal injury lawyer is the kind of funds required to hire the services of a Personal injury lawyer. Most of the personal injury lawyers accept cases on a contingent fee or contingency fee basis. This put in simple terms means, that your lawyer will receive a percentage of the award as their fee. If they lose, they do not receive the attorney fee. It is also important to note here that fee for filing your lawsuit is made by you and this does not constitute the attorney’s fee. You are solely responsible for such fee. It is always better to clarify the issue of costs with your lawyer, before you decide to file a suit.

The contingent fee may vary from state to state. It could vary even between Northern California and Southern California. Generally, the contingent fee is between one third and 40% of a Personal injury award. Attorney fees for workers compensation cases are a totally different story altogether. They are typically lower than what is charged for a regular personal injury lawsuit. In case you are filing a case, which is potentially worth a lot of money, you can always sit and negotiate a reduction of the attorney’s contingent fee. The choice is ultimately yours. If you want to hire the services of an experienced attorney, you better be able to afford them. In a way it makes a lot of sense too. Experienced attorneys are any day a better bet than attorneys with lesser skills. Their rich experience may even get you better compensation, than what you had anticipated for in the first place, whatever may be the attorney’s percentage.

You can find out more about the complexities of California personal injury funding from a variety of sources. You can always seek advice from friends, another victim maybe, or even your doctor. Now your doctor must have seen scores of injury cases. Such people are best placed to give you more information on the kind of funding you will need to fight a personal injury case. You can also check out with leading online personal injury firms for further details.

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