Bulk Email Marketing

To save on cost, companies are choosing below the line marketing of their products and services and the promotion of their corporate image. They are reaching out to their target audience and market with regular e-magazines and e-newsletters through the aid of the Internet and bulk email marketing.

Email marketing is effective and practical especially for start up companies. Virtually unknown brands can draw an audience of millions around the world through bulk email marketing. There is a downside to using bulk email marketing. It has close associations with spamming x96 sending unsolicited advertising and marketing campaigns to an indiscriminate addressee list. Nobody wants to receive spam mail.

This however does not mean that companies should shy away from bulk email marketing. A sound alternative would be to create an opt-in list. This lists addresses only those that opt to receive email from a certain party. Those who decline are automatically taken off the list. Opt-in lists can be bought from suppliers. They usually come from surveys Internet users fill out. Bulk email marketing is a good investment for businesses. Companies can communicate with their clients as often as they want with the least amount of expense.

However, since spammers do exist, there must be a market in spamming. If you believe this method will work for you, and that there are enough people out there not using spam blockers, then go ahead and try the unsolicited bulk email route. The response rate will be very, very slim, but it might be enough.