Buddhist Pet Memorials

In the lives of some people, animals represent a source of unique joy. As pets, animals selflessly love their masters, no matter what. Many pet owners just can’t help reciprocating this unconditional love. The pain of loosing a beloved pet is immense and most pet owners have felt this grief. Some prefer running away from the pain of burying their dead pets by asking vets to take care of the disposal, only to regret it later. However, all the good and bad times with a pet can be enshrined eternally in a memorial in its honor. Pet memorials help owners immortalize their pet’s memory by preserving the remains or by setting up a symbol to remember it.

According to Buddhist philosophy, animals have many lives and after death, they are reborn. It is believed that by honoring a pet after it’s demise, the owners can ease the pet’s afterlife journey and perhaps, also ensure that it find its way into a caring home, once again. Buddhist pet memorials employ Buddhist rituals in cremating dead pets and their ashes are stored in urns. There are many urn-makers that sell beautifully carved, decorative urns in wood, marble and gold. They can engrave a likeness of the animal on to the urn, some even use lasers to burn in a photograph of the pet. Pet owners can also obtain miniature, ceramic figurines of their pets to attach to the urns.

At times, each member of the family to which the dead pet belonged would yearn for a memorabilia of the pet to hold on to. Organizers of Buddhist memorials can arrange for smaller urns to carry small amounts of the ashes, which can be distributed to many people.

For the owner of a dead pet, the memories of their loved creature are important sentiments. Buddhist pet memorial are an outlet for them to express their feelings.

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