Bridal Flip Flops

Flip-flops have become one of the most sought after footwear today. In fact, these are not only popular on teenagers and younger adults but have also found a niche in the as the footwear of choice in some formal occasions. Proof of the versatility of flip-flops is their increasing popularity in weddings. In our contemporary age, wedding shoes does not necessarily mean white high-heeled stilettos, sling-backs sandals, or pump shoes anymore. Bridal flip-flops are the newest and ‘in’ footwear that is now preferred by wedding planners and to-be-married couples as well, especially those who are planning a different, more casual and relaxed wedding.

Typically, flip-flops would grace the feet of the bride in beach or garden weddings. The casual feel of flip-flops surprisingly brings a fresher, more spontaneous feel to a wedding ceremony unlike a strict gown and tuxedo affair. Bridal flip-flops now offer trendier, classier, and fancier pairs. These flip-flops are not only for beach or garden weddings, but can now also be used in more traditional settings such as churches.

If you are going to visit wedding boutiques or any wedding specialty stores, you will find racks of stylish and trendy bridal flip-flops. You can find bridal flip-flops that are simple in design yet elegant. Some are festooned with different accessories. Pearls- and rhinestones-studded bridal flip-flops are usually more preferred by brides, as these are perfect for white wedding gowns. There are also those that are adorned with sequins, beads, and other trimmings. Dyed bridal flip-flops are also another popular choice and sometimes also available for the bridesmaids in complementary designs.

Depending on your choice, bridal flip-flops can cost at around $5. If you will get lucky enough, you can find a local store that sells bridal flip-flops for as low as $3. Other wedding specialty boutiques may sell the item with beautiful designs and trimmings with prices typically starting from $30 upwards.