Bridal Corset

Gone are the days when most brides were happy to walk down the aisle in a crisp white gown. These days they not only want their dress to be elegant but also sensual. Many are turning to a custom made wedding corset in exotic fabrics like velvet, satin and silk, that accentuates and flatters their curves giving them an ideal hourglass figure. Many bridal corsets are custom made and have to be ordered a few months before the wedding. But you can pick one from a wide variety of bridal corsets that are available online or in any lingerie shop.

The bride is not the only one who is wearing a corset in today’s wedding. There are Victorian-theme weddings where the entire bridal party wears corsets. The look is stunning on bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. For the modest, a shapely corset may be worn under a jacket. It will add a beautiful shape without showing how!

Some popular bridal corsets are the over busts that suit all kinds of figures. They support the bust and elevate it. You may choose one that has under wired cups. For those who wish to display a flattering slim waistline (corsets can reduce the waist size by 2-7 inches). The under bust flattens the tummy and compliment the feminine form. The corset can usually be detached from the wedding skirt used for other special occasions. There’s nothing like a beautiful and sensuous corset to make you feel ‘special’ on all special occasions.

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