Business Process Management (BPM) is an e-business system software designed to integrate information technology in business operations through a simplified merger of both systems. The end goal is to maximize resources and streamline the procedures.

In companies when a system change has to be done, or a new procedure is introduced, both the IT personnel and the business process analyst get involved in the project. The roles of both are clearly delineated and are quite separate from each other, although the goal is the same. The business process analyst configures and reconfigures the workflow, while the IT person executes the physical adjustments that need to be done (i.e., reconnect the module or put up a user interface). The problem happens when the two solutions do not match. The hard fact is, it is not enough that both agree on a goal. They need to align their individual solutions for the whole project to be successful. The integrative element between the two procedures is the business process management system that allows communication and consolidation.

The business process management system allows an international company to manage its information and facilitate sharing and exchange among its plants all over the world through a java-built web-based data source. This allows people to extract information as needed. The business process management system also allows the creation of users and groups, therefore enhancing the sharing experience.

In a highly-competitive environment, businesses depend on information and seamless business processes. Any downtime due to failure of the systems will cost the company a lot in terms of opportunity and costs. With business process management, companies have an edge over others that are stumped by compatibility problems between their business processes and IT support systems. A business process management system bridges the gap between IT and business processes and ensures the success of the enterprise.

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