Boxers are very popular today, considering they have only been used during the last century. There is an unofficial debate over which is better, boxers and briefs, and so far, boxers seem to be winning. Read on to see why many men are switching to this comfortable underwear.

Boxers are said to present a more adventurous choice of design in today’s market, where personalization of items is a good marketing tool. It pervades even the world of art – the artist/ photographer Storm Thorgerson once featured a Boxer dog in designer boxers on a beach as part of his exhibit (which featured many other parodies of men and animals).

Many people regarded wearing boxers as taboo for a long time before they were finally accepted as definite alternative to briefs in the latter part of the twentieth century.

The popularity of boxer shorts has transcended more than the local tailor shop. As we have seen over the past few years, sports apparel companies that release underwear lines are already featuring boxer shorts, as it said to aid in the rigors of many sports ordeals. It seems that the era of jockstraps and supporters, which were prevalent only years ago, is gone. (Back then, men were advised to wear supporters that hug the genitals to provide protection.)

Results medical experiments also recommended boxer shorts, since they aid in airflow, avoiding the arrest of spermatogenesis. Brief-style underwear allegedly causes scrotal hyperthermia and can lead to clinical sub-fertility. How practical can wearing boxers get? Strong brief fans may argue otherwise, as these boxers may not be very helpful in hiding an erection or may cause uneasiness due to too much movement of the penis.

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