Box Type Corporate Kits

Corporations and limited liability companies use corporate kits to preserve a record of their corporate details, as part of the mandatory compliance with the corporate formalities set by the Federal government. The Federal government requires corporations and limited liability companies to maintain important corporate records including records of annual meetings of directors and shareholders, stock transactions and current shareholder information.

A corporate kit usually comes in the form of a folder or binder that holds important papers needed for the routine maintenance and smooth running of the corporation’s administration activities. A corporate kit generally contains printed minutes, bylaws, stock certificates, company seal, slipcase, stock ledger and other essential documents. A corporate kit helps the corporation to meet the requirements of corporate formalities in an organized and professional manner. Corporate kits are an important corporate component as they are essential for the safety and proper storage of corporate documents.

There are so many types of corporate kits available today in the market to suit the requirements of different corporations having different budgets and preferences. One can find basic economy corporate kits; standard corporate kits, gold stamped corporate kits, zippered corporate kits, Velcro type corporate kits, box type corporate kits and many more.

Box type or boxed corporate kits usually come in legal sized boxes. It is a self-contained part that provides protection without the need for separate slipcases, making box type corporate kits ideal for travel or storage. They come in different colors like black, brown, burgundy etc and contain all the individual kit components including seal, corporate record book, certificates etc. Box type corporate kits utilize a box construction and are normally made of heavy duty pasted chipboard for extra protection. One can get box type corporate kits embossed with gold stamping too to give it extra elegance and a professional look.

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