Bowling Balls

Bowling balls are of different kinds and different materials. They are of different sizes as well. However, all balls have one essential feature: they have holes in them in which a player can stick the fingers and thumb for a grip.

The bowling ball is a piece of scientifically constructed equipment. While making the ball, care is taken to anchor the core of the ball by a small rod that is suspended in a mold. After that, the cover stock is poured over the mold. When material hardens and the ball is removed from the mold, the rod is also removed. The holes of the ball are filled with removable material. When the ball is ready, the plugs are removed and the ball is then set to roll.

The most important part of the ball is the core, as it is this portion that influences the motion of the ball. Today’s high-performance bowling balls clearly identify the core, indicating how far it is from the center of gravity.

As far as the material is concerned, different kinds of materials have been popular over the years. Back in the 1960s, the most popular bowling balls were made of hard rubber. In the subsequent decade, that is, in the 1970s, polyester balls arrived on the scene. The polyester variety became so popular that a good number of bowling alleys still use them. In the 1980s, the urethane balls stole the limelight. Even today, most of the bowling balls are made of resin urethane. This variety matured in the early 1990s, when reactive urethane started being used. The most recent kind of bowling ball is made of proactive urethane, which gives the ball a different kind of a feel and improves the traction. It may be compared to an all-weather tire. An even newer variety is the particle technology for bowling balls.

Additionally, today’s bowling balls come in various colors, and some have a coat of high-gloss polish. With innovations continuing in this field, more improvements are expected.

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