Bow Hunting

Bow hunting refers to the act of hunting with a bow and arrow. The bow is made of a strip of flexible material like wood. A cord links the two ends of the strip to form a tension. An arrow is a straight shaft with a very sharp point on one end and usually feathers are attached to the other end. The arrow is propelled from the cord of the bow.

The bow and arrow is the most common hunting weapon. Arrowheads were initially made of burnt wood. Later, arrowheads were made of bone or stone, as well as metals. The bow was made of wood or bone. The bow and arrow became a very powerful weapon for hunting with the invention of the compound or composite bow. A composite bow is made of various materials, which are stuck together to increase strength, as well as, elasticity. The traditional bow and arrow underwent a lot of evolutionary changes. Bow hunters usually prefer compound bows. Bow hunters who like to hunt in a traditional way use long bows, which require more skill. Disabled hunters are generally permitted to use crossbows.

Bow hunting is usually regulated at state level. Regulations address issues such as the location of hunting, the season or of hunting and the type of target animal. Sometimes, a special season is set aside to reduce interference from rifle hunters. A bow hunter needs to be much closer to the target animal than a rifle hunter. Bow hunters often derive immense thrill and pleasure from hunting.

Training and practice enables a bow hunter to aim and shoot effectively. Some European countries prohibit bow hunting and exclude bows and crossbows from the list of permitted hunting weapons. These countries consider bow hunting as unnecessary cruelty to animals. However, a few countries have reintroduced bow hunting and several others are considering reintroducing it, as well.

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