Bootleg Movie Downloads

Bootleg movie downloads are a major scourge in the world of entertainment and are an offshoot of the digital makeover associated with the movie industry. One of the disturbing facts is that it has generated lucrative, novel businesses including movie DVDs and downloadable music. In other words, digital technology has opened up an unknown scope for bootlegging by unscrupulous players in the field.

The harm that has been done by bootleg movie downloads is unprecedented. Records indicate that disc and tape forgery accounts for a sizeable loss in revenue. An area of grave concern is that illegal copies of movies are flooding the internet. Bootleg downloads have hit the entertainment industry hard. It has encouraged commercial piracy to a great extent, and it has come as a great blow to creative ideas and views.

The United States entertainment industry is worried that there has been a steady growth of disc bootlegging. The ambiguous system that facilitates entry of bootleg movies to the market is complex. It is lucrative as well. Commercial pirates earn huge amounts through this nepharious process. In the absence of strict laws, the risk involved is minimal allowing bootleggers to pocket thousands of dollars a week.

Bootlegged movies move globally with the aid of an intricate and surreptitious channe1. First, a movie is clandestinely recorded with a camcorder while up for public viewing in a theater. The recording is then transferred to a computer and placed online, The master copy is handed over to a manufacturer either in the form of a DVD or electronically. The manufacturer makes copies from the discs that are made available for a fee to a network of distributors. These distributors sell them to teams of peddlers.

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