Body Jewelry

Are you still stuck to the traditional ideas of adorning yourself? Shun them before being labeled archaic and old fashioned. And, if your perception of body jewelry is that it is only worn by someone a little “different”, that perception is absolutely false. Body jewelry has slowly evolved as a fashion statement everyone wishes to flaunt.

Though your ears, fingers, wrists and neck are, undeniably, all parts of your body and the jewelry worn on them should also be considered as body jewelry, the term is usually applied to that jewelry which is worn in the nose, on the toe, lips, belly, navel, tongue and also nipples. Sounds painful? A pierced lip, eyebrow, navel and nipple may not be your idea of comfort, but who said fashion was about comfort? Fashion is about looking exotic, be it at the cost of comfort. This fashion accessory may give you some amount of pain, but the pleasure it provides later is worth the little pain that you have endured. So, this season, try the all-new exotic look for yourself by sporting a few body jewelry pieces.

With body jewelry gaining so much popularity, there are sellers specializing in all forms of body jewelry. If you are wondering where to get your nose pierced before you buy a stud, look no further because the sellers of body jewelry not only have varieties of body piercing jewelry, they also supply instructions as to how to insert your body jewelry and how to take care of your piercing after insertion. The body piercing jewelry is sterilized and sealed in pouches to keep them contamination free. You can choose from an extensive collection of belly-button rings, eyebrow rings, nose studs, ear jewelry, toe rings (they look especially great with open toed shoes), nipple rings and many other forms of body jewelry. You may choose designs in stainless steel, sterling silver, gold and titanium and even in natural materials such as Chinese bone, jade and ivory.

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