Boat Lift Canopy Covers

Boatlift canopies are a perfect alternative of covering your boats and protecting them against the elements of nature. Boats are a precious investment and giving them protection is essential to maintain their longevity. In fact proper upkeep can increase the life of a boat by up to 50%. While traditional boat covers, which include canvas covers or the ones made of polyester, do serve the purpose of protection but boatlift canopies have some added advantages associated with them.

The canopies are light in weight because they are generally constructed with aluminum. The unique features of the shape of boatlift canopies include the deep frames and rounded edges that give the boat a perfect fit. These factors ensure that the boat dries up after your tryst in the water—be it fishing or swimming. Also, these canopies are completely waterproof and the welded seams with the double-coated 16 oz fabric provides an effective barrier for this purpose. This very essential for the upkeep of the boat, because once water seeps in, it provides breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and mort.

Boatlift canopies have bungee and safety hooks attached to them. Also, provided are the safety vents that prevent the ballooning effect and in this way reduce the hazards caused by the winds. This is because these vents allow the air to escape under severe weather conditions.

The fabric attachment is such that the canopies can be put or removed easily as compared to the normal canopies. Another unique feature of the boatlift canopies is their ability to adjust both vertically and horizontally to give the exact fit. To get the best possible canopy for your boat, it is best you measure its overall length and then add at least one foot of extra length to get the ideal fit.

You can opt for canopies made of aluminum. This, along with 16oz double-coated fabric provides the perfect foil to the harsh climatic conditions as also protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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