Blackjack Odds

A player can get good odds in a blackjack game depending on the rules of the game and the skill of the player. Assuming that a player used the correct basic strategy, a single deck game with Las Vegas Strip rules and double after splitting can actually give the player a 0.1% advantage.

In theory, blackjack can offer the player the best odds in the house. Players usually do not have to look hard to find a blackjack game with a high casino edge. The basic thing a player should know about blackjack odds is that you should never take a hit on 20 or 21, since 21 means blackjack and a guaranteed win. On the other hand, the worst blackjack game that a player might run into would be an 8-deck game with double on 10 and 11 only, dealer hits soft-17 and no re-splits. However, as long as naturals are paid at 3 to 2, this game is probably better than any other in the casino.

However, unlike craps, which requires only knowledge of where to place your bet, blackjack requires skill. You must know your basic strategy well, and should be willing to place more money on the table when called for in double-down and split situations. The continuous flow of inexperienced new players and players who refuse to follow basic strategy increases the casino’s advantage by 5% or so.

Blackjack odds are based on the percentage of times you would lose if you took a hit while holding that hand value. Although the effectiveness of blackjack odds is not proven, knowledge of blackjack odds can aid you in being a more educated player. However, if luck is on your side, you can hit that lucky twenty-one and would not have to consider any odds.

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