Black Jack Gambling

The Internet is full of very amusing stories about Blackjack gambling. There’s one person called Martha, from the Society for the Protection of Animals, who decided to take advantage of the blackjack gambling frenzy in her town to raise money for animal welfare. She actually made a huge packet just organizing the game for this cause.

Then there’s Ned, who was hospitalized with back problems because he sat hours on end, everyday, in one position, playing blackjack online. Under a heavy dose of medication, when he could barely talk, his friend heard him mumbling something about blackjack! Such is the following this game commands.

But did you know that blackjack is the only gambling game that is not determined by luck alone? It is more about mathematics and calculations than the thrill of sitting at a table in a casino waiting for lady luck to smile. It’s not a game for those who want to take chances. You do that and you just up the chances of the guy sitting there well prepared and set to win.

While the basic of blackjack gambling is counting, picking your seat at the table is equally important. For example, for basic strategy players, it doesn’t really matter where they sit. For counters, who use strategy variations, is makes sense to sit at third base so that they can see as many cards as possible before their turn. Of course, as they say, if you are playing blackjack in Rio, then the best place to sit is the one that gives you a good view of the waitresses at the bar.

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