Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a popular city in the state of California. The city originally was a land grant. As years went by the city was developed to what it looks like today. Now, Beverly Hills is a must visit city for the tourists. It is a city that is occupied largely by film stars. The city offers shopping, tours, restaurants, famous hotels and so on. Many prospective tourists confuse Beverly Hills with Hollywood. People come to Hollywood expecting to see their favorite stars, experience luxurious hotels, restaurants and shopping but are disappointed instead because the city of Hollywood is far from glamorous. It is in Beverly Hills where the stars actually stay, dine and shop. Beverly Hills is just a few minutes’ drive from Hollywood.

Beverly Hills offers all the charm and wealth that one would wish for. One could go shopping on the famous Rodeo Drive. Most of the rich and famous do their shopping here. The tourists visit here hoping to spot their favorite celebrities on the street. Almost all the famous designers have a boutique on Rodeo Drive. If one is not into shopping or stargazing, one can go for peaceful walks in the gardens. The lovely paths, fountains and blooming flowers definitely make one want to take a stroll in the gardens.

Beverly Hills also offers large and expensive hotels, for which Beverly Hotel is famous worldwide. It is believed that there would be no Beverly Hills if there wasn’t a Beverly Hills Hotel. The city grew up around the Hotel.

Another noteworthy factor is Crescent Drive and the Santa Monica Boulevard, where four famous buildings intersect. The city also offers restaurants that offer food to satisfy any palate.

Another major attraction in the city is the Beverly Hills Public Library, which is considered to be a treasure trove of exquisite books and renowned paintings, sculpture, prints and photographs.

With Rodeo Drive offering world-class shopping, family activities at the Farmers’ Market, concerts at the Plaza and the lovely gardens, the city offers a range of activities that any visitor would want to experience.

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