Best Weight Loss Programs

The following are the various weight loss programs available today to a person interested in losing weight – low fat diets, high protein diets, fixed menus, pre-packaged meals and formula diets. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and E-diets also offer these programs online. These weight loss programs also might involve meeting with the counselors either once a week or once a month as per the schedule advised. The pros and cons of each of these are discussed below.

Low fat diets are the most effective in dealing with weight loss. They provide long-term respite from excess weight but need to be administered well for them to be effective and healthy. However, if the menus arenx92t optimized for health, they may reduce the rate of fat loss.

High protein diets cause rapid weight loss but are not effective in the long run. They maintain blood sugar levels but can increase heart risk due to encouragement of intake of saturated fats .The low carbohydrate intake involved in the same can also cause kidney damage in some people.

Fixed menus are initially successful but can’t be followed for a long time due to lack of flexibility. Pre-packaged meals cause rapid loss of 10 to15 pounds but work along the same lines as fad diets, in terms of success. They are also very expensive. Formula diets (liquid balanced meals) are initially successful, but fail in the long run. Weight is regained again if the diet is stopped. From the above-mentioned programs the low fat one is the most effective if administered properly. When choosing a diet plan, the most important thing to keep in mind is the long-term results.

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