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Treadmills are personalized equipment – a treadmill that works well for one may turn out to be a back breaker for another. While buying a treadmill, it is good to go through the manual and see whether it has the features you desire. It is even better if you try out the treadmill for a while before zeroing in on the purchase.

Among treadmills, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. It all depends on what exercises you are looking to do. If you want to walk, then a belt with a lesser width and length would do just fine. For exercises such as jogging and sprinting, wider and longer belts are required. While buying treadmills, the most important parts to be considered are the deck and the belt. The belt must be free to rotate without jagging or sagging, and must not tilt to one side as it runs along. The deck must be heavy enough to remain unmoved on the floor, without getting the leveling disturbed again and again.

Safety features must also be considered, especially if there are children. Certain treadmills require keys to operate. Also check that the handrails are within reach while working out. Gripping the handrail must not create undue pressure.

Consider how many people at home are going to use the treadmill before using it. If there is more than one person, then it is better to go for one which has customized controls for each person. In features such as heartbeat and blood pressure counter, identification with passwords at the computer console enables you to keep track of your personal information without confusing it with others’. Also, if multiple people are going to work out on the treadmill, it is better to purchase a sturdier one, even though it may be more expensive. Maintenance should also be undertaken more often.

Judging by the opinions of treadmill users, Landice and Smooth remain favorites. Landice is an old hand in the business, and has changed very little. Landish treadmills are still quite conservative when it comes to features, though now they are putting in several appealing modifications. Landice treadmills are also quite expensive. Smooth treadmills remain preferable for home users. They are sleek and can also work for a fairly good amount of time. Weslo is a good brand, and its treadmills are often priced at the lower end of the spectrum, making them economically viable buys.

It is important to check out what warranties are provided by treadmill manufacturers before purchasing. Treadmills contain moving parts, such as the motor, deck and belt, which makes them more susceptible to malfunction.

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