Best Love Songs

A love song is a work of art, a talent for which not many people have the patience or skill. It is often said that to write a love song, an individual has to be in love; only then are the emotions acute enough to pick up on the appropriate sentiments.

Words are not the only components of a song. The music, voice, and tempo make just as much of a difference. That is why there are very few love songs that deserve the title ‘best’. Of course, there are good love songs, but only once in a while does a song come along that speaks of love so beautifully, in a voice so strong and true, that people just cannot help but succumb to the melody. These songs include classics from the likes of Nat King Cole, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and of course the King himself – Elvis Presley. Dylan did not record many love songs, but when he did, it always turned out to be a poetic masterpiece like ‘To Make You Feel My Love’. His words are so sensible, affectionate, and unaffected that they can make the staunchest go weak in the knees. Elvis Presley was and perhaps will always remain the most romantic man on the music scene. Songs such as ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, ‘Are you lonesome tonight’ and ‘Love me Tender’ are still being crooned out by men in the hope of getting lucky. The Beatles’ super hits, such as ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, and ‘In My Life’, defined a generation’s lovemaking skills and have the ladies swooning even today.

Maybe some men are experts, but the ladies are not left far behind. Especially in recent years, female artists have come up with some of the most sentimentally sober songs in the history of love. Women such as Alicia Keys with ‘Fallin”, Kelly Clarkson and her ‘A Moment Like This’, and Shakira with ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ have made a mark on the lives of lovers with lyrics that depict reality, and not the flimsy expectations that some have from their relationships. However, the best love sings are definitely the ones belted out by the evergreen divas x96 Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Cher. Their songs not only have the beauty of tunes and words, but also are all the more fantastic because of the sheer passion of their voices.

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