Best Home Equity Loan Rates

With hundreds of companies, banks, and other financial institutions flooding our country, it has become extremely difficult to find the best home equity loan rates. Hence, research and knowledge-gathering are required before taking out a home equity loan.

Research shows that the best home equity loan rates are fixed, stable, and low, possessing tax-deductible features. Although such fixed interest rates seem more expensive at first, analysis shows that they prove to be cheaper and more affordable in the long run.

Predictability is another feature of good home equity loan rates. With payment of constant or same credit every month, one does not worry about fluctuations in the interest rates of a loan. Home equity loans provide credit in bulk and maintain a constant interest rate for the whole loan and repayment period, be it 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years.

Rates differ from one company to the other. Some financial institutions providing good home equity loan rates include Quicken Loans, Country Wide Home Loans, E-loan, Loan Web, Ditech, Lenders Exchange, Lower Your Bills, Home Loan Center, Net Bank, Chevy Chase Bank, and many others.

The aforementioned companies let you borrow up to 100% or sometimes 125% of your home’s value, at reasonable and stable rates. For example, Liberty Bank provides loan amounts from $25,000 to $250,000 when loan-to-value percentage is 80% at 5.49% APR.

Furthermore, Chevy Chase Bank provides low interest rates and discounts with automatic payments. Flexible payment schedules, low interest rates, fixed interest rates, free quotes, and much more make up the home equity loan advantages offered. Home equity loans of up to 125% of equity are available at companies like Lending Tree, Lower my Bills, Home Loan Center, and many others.

The best home equity loan rates are those that are stable, low and tax-deductible. With many companies offering great loan rates, you are sure to find the best one with just a little bit of research, knowledge, and effort.

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