Bermuda Weather

Bermuda is a very popular island for tourists – mostly from the US, Canada, and many European countries. It is important for you to know the weather patterns of Bermuda if you are planning to visit the island.

Generally speaking, the climate of Bermuda remains mild throughout the year and it seldom experiences extreme weather conditions. The temperature during the winter months, which start in December and end in March, remains at an average of 70 degrees. The highest temperature during the hot weather between May to mid-October ranges from 75 degree to 85 degree F. Rain falls regularly throughout the year. The climate of Bermuda is sub-tropical, mild, and humid because of its being surrounded by ocean. Gales and strong winds are common during the winter season.

The warmth of the Gulf Stream passes near Bermuda. As such, there is no frost or snow even in winter. But the period between May to October can be very hot and humid. Due to proximity to the Gulf Stream, the humidity rises and thunderstorms occur. There is highest humidity during the months of July and August. The temperature rarely falls below 55 degrees F or rises above 90 degrees F.

Due to sufficient rainfall, Bermuda enjoys lush green vegetation. There is no monsoon or rainy season because Bermuda is outside the Caribbean. As said, the humidity levels some times rise to unbearable levels during June, July and August.

The Bermudans do not have any central heating systems in their homes to cope with the chill of the winter months. They use open fires or electric heaters. During the winter months severe hurricane storms blow with heavy rains. So you must carry some woolens with you if you plan to visit Bermuda during winters.

All buildings in Bermuda are built with Bermuda lime stone which is strong enough to resist the severe onslaught of hurricanes, rains and winds but the electricity and telephone lines easily give in to the forces of nature and you have to bear the inconvenience for longer spells.

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