Beach Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have become a necessary part of wedding planning. Wedding favors are small gifts from the bride and the groom to their guests during a wedding ceremony. Wedding favors express the gratitude of the couple. They are memorable mementos to be kept by the guests. Wedding ceremonies are based on different themes depending on culture, interest, budget, imagination or seasons. Weddings with a beach theme have natural beauty, mystique and elegance and the guests who attend them will have an exhilarating experience. This in itself is a favor.

Beach wedding favors can express the vastness and beauty of the beach. There are different categories of beach wedding favors. Sliver beach wedding favors are elegant and classic with silver coasters, wine stoppers, wine-bottle openers as unique beach wedding favors. Edible beach wedding favors include personalized candy bars and cookies. Cinderella beach wedding favors including glass slipper key chains, pumpkin -shaped candles, decorative soaps and pumpkin paperweights are added to beach weddings.

Home made beach wedding favors allow the couple to give unique personalized favors to their guests which can be easy to make and inexpensive. They can add a personal touch to the entire wedding ceremony. Most common personalized beach wedding favors are playing cards. Champagne glasses, soaps, paperweights, picture frames based on the beach themes can be used as personalized wedding favors also.

One of the common beach wedding favors is seashell wedding favor which covers seashell coffee scoops, sea shell toothpicks, shell mint packs, etc. Other favors are beach themed coffee favors, beach sand pails, sand castles, flip flop candle favors, dolphin shaped wine stoppers, dolphin-shaped bottle openers, shell candle favors, beach chocolates and cookies. Miniature models of lighthouses, beach chairs, yachts and sailboats can be given as beach wedding favors. Prices of these beach wedding favors are from 1$ to 5$ and they vary with the materials used. Beach wedding favors can be considered as blessings from the sea to the guests as well as the couple.

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