Bar Code Equipment

Barcode equipment is an all encompassing term. It may include automation products such as Barcode Fonts, latest ActiveX Controls, .NET forms controls, class libraries, components, encoders and barcode hardware including barcode printers and scanners. We will briefly touch upon some of these categories, which add to up what we call Barcode equipment.

Modern barcode fonts are used with a variety of alternative operating systems like TrueType, BDF, FON, PCL LaserJet soft fonts, PostScript et al. Modern fonts also come in several font formats and font tools. Macros and source code in a barcode font helps in the integration of fonts with a given application. These fonts can range from data matrix to the True Type barcode font packs offered by various companies these days.

Some barcode components like ActiveX Control and DLL do not make use of fonts. These components create barcodes as graphic images. They also support several linear and two dimensional barcode symbologies. ActiveX control is basically a trouble-free drag-and-drop control used as a barcode add-in for Microsoft Access and Excel.

Likewise, with .NET barcode web component, we can create images that are then saved to a disk. These controls are simple and compatible with most of the development environments. They permit the creation of barcodes, which are then printed. These barcode controls do not make use of any fonts and function only as smart graphic images.

The Barcode Label Software is very simple to use. It can print barcodes, texts and graphics on a standard laser or inkjet printer. This is in addition to labels that are etched by thermal transfer barcode printers. This software employs the effortless WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) layout and options such as print preview make this labeling software very easy to use.

Barcode scanners and printers also fall in the category of barcode equipment. In the present times, we have thermal barcode label printers and new generation Barcode wands to print and read barcodes in addition to the conventional contraptions.

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