Banner Stand Industry

The worldwide banner stand industry is booming. Both indoors and out door banners are in great demand especially in the advertising world. A well-executed banner arranged in an attractive and interesting way, whether in a trade show exhibit, museum display, stage setting or retail store, is a sure way to drive the message home to the target audience.

Exhibit builders look for two criteria while sourcing banner displays- creativity and value addition. For example, a pole banner stand is sturdy, simple and easy to install. Installation can take about 5 minutes. Other than set up time, another valuable addition is flexibility to hide exhibition space such as graphics and literature that has to be stored. Some banner stands come with telescopic components allowing for compact packing and shipping. A variety of mount options include heavy duty, tripod and tubular are available according to the creativity of the user.

Graphics are another element of banner stands. Some companies have five colors; high-resolution printing that produces 1100 dots per inch on fabric. By using dye sublimation printing, this process provides a wider color spectrum for reproducing graphics. The adjunct industry of outdoor graphic printers is also booming thanks to the spiraling demand for outdoor banner stands.

The banner stand industry is faced with the realities of today’s market conditions. For one, technology is changing fast. There is cut throat competition in the banner stand industry, so minor details and advanced innovations is key to leading the way the market regarding minor details and innovations. Innovation is key to big bucks in this effervescent market.

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