Arabic Translations

Arabic is ranked as sixth in the league table of languages of the world with an estimated 186 million people speaking the language. Thus, importance of Arabic can hardly be understated. It is used by the entire Muslim world, being the language of the holy book of Quran. This makes it pertinent to have more of Arabic translations, a fact well recognized by companies undertaking translation services.

Arabic has only two written forms x96classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Translations need to be in accordance with its purpose. For instance, a marketing document needs to be translated in the modern Standard version of Arabic.

Arabic translation entails recognition of certain basic factors while translating documents. Firstly, Arabic is generally written from right side to left side. Further letters in Arabic are aligned to each other in a way that they cannot be split across lines. There is a basic difference in the way of writing Arabic and normal European way of writing, so each and every detail has to be well attended to. Images need to be positioned in a different way and numbering of pages has to be changed. Translated version might need additional pages.

Arabic translations are carried out by experts who have sound knowledge of both languages and the necessary skill to translate relevant documents on short notice and with accuracy. Arabic translators also need to keep abreast of the latest changes and developments in the language. This may ensure accuracy of translations and avoid being rendered redundant for the intended purpose. Translation companies may set up a particular translation project under a manager who is proficient in both languages.

Arabic translations are widely used for websites, as well as for legal, technical, medical, financial, and marketing purposes.

Arabic translations are significant from both a personal and professional perspective and are gaining popularity.

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