An Introduction To Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium wedding rings are one of the most popular types of rings. Titanium, bearing the name of the Greek God Titan, was discovered some 200 years ago. Titanium is used for building aircraft body, watches, and rings. Titanium rings are durable, lightweight, strong, and more importantly affordable. Titanium is stronger than steel and its malleability makes it suitable for manufacturing rings. The titanium wedding rings are abrasion resistant.

Titanium wedding rings are popular among people who prefer light weight jewelry, because titanium is about one third times lighter than gold. Titanium is a neutral metal and possesses hypoallergenic properties, so it does not cause any harm like allergies or discoloration of the skin.

The important aspect of these wedding rings is that they have a very reasonable price range when compared to the wedding rings made of other metals. The various types of the titanium wedding rings are titanium with gold inlay, titanium with platinum inlay, titanium with gold inlay 2, titanium with black inlay, titanium with forest inlay, unique wedding bands, and natural titanium rings.

Titanium is incredibly strong, so it is difficult to cut and work with this metal. So, while selecting a titanium wedding ring, one should be sure that the wedding ring fits him perfectly. Titanium wedding rings can only be increased slightly in size, but it is almost impossible to make them smaller without hampering the design, so titanium wedding rings are to be selected carefully because they are not easily resizable.

The titanium wedding rings could be engraved inside the band, the embossing on titanium rings make them remarkable on the memorable occasion of wedding. The titanium wedding rings come in a reasonable range of price. The price range starts from $70 and the rings come with great styles for both men and women. The other advantages of titanium are that it does not rust, corrode, or lose its color.

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