An Introduction To Time And Attendance Tracking Software

Attendance tracking system has greatly advanced through the years. What you started off as using either manual process of writing your time-in has changed to a time card machine that stamps the time of your arrival and departure from work. This technology is also slowly going obsolete as we are seeing the evolution of time and attendance tracking systems. The flaw of the manual system or the time-card system is that there various loop holes in the process that allows your employees to cheat their way from being recorded as a late comer.

With the help of advance technology, we have seen the integration of software and hardware systems that help monitor and keep track of the attendance records of your employees. With the hardware system, there are different machines and different process in keeping track of your employees. There are several processes wherein an identification card is used. A badge card that uses a bar code that is flashed over an infrared reader is used to identify you. The badge card as a whole can be a magnetic card flashed over a reader without the need of placing any specific area of the card on the reader. Another use of the card is with the magnetic strip, much like a credit card, wherein the card is swiped over a reader. More smart card identification cards are being used nowadays as a means to identify you. The method is the same. The card is placed inside a reader, and it verifies your identity. But similar to the time card, there is a tendency for the physical identification card to be used to represent the bearer, even if the bearer of the card is not the owner. A more secure and advanced method is the use of biometrics. With the use of biometrics, unique areas of the body like the palm, hand or the fingerprint are used as identification.

All these methods are connected to software that records the time-in and time-out of the employee. With the data recorded, automated reports can be generated in real-time and can be accessed over the web or the intranet and is readily available for you. Assessment of your employees becomes easier than ever.

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