An Introduction To Embroidery

Art is the product of man’s natural admiration for beauty awakened by what he sees, feels, and experiences. There are various forms of art that involve utilization of imagination and creativity. These forms require certain skills to create a so-called work of art. Music, literature, sculpture, architecture, and painting are just a few of the forms of art that serve as an outlet for man to freely express his thoughts and emotions.

Art can be seen in everything that man does, ranging from his everyday duties and tasks to complex art forms and fields. The clothing that man uses to protect himself from the effects of his environment can also be transformed into a work of art. Embroidery is the fascinating cloth art that involves the use of needles and thread. The earliest forms of embroidery that survived the tests of time were found in ancient Egypt, probably because of the kind of climate there preserved these works.

Embroidery was originally done manually, or by hand. It is basically done for decorative purposes by sewing various types of materials into a layer of cloth or fabric to create patterns and designs that are usually a reflection of the beauty of nature. It is a laborious threadwork, especially for starters since it requires not only the use of fingers but creativity and imagination as well. There is a need to critically choose the type of fabric or cloth, needles and threads to come up with a successfully embroidered product.

Together with the surge of advances in the field of technology is the invention of embroidery machines to make the laborious process easier and faster. Machine embroidery can be done either by a sewing machine or through a computer-operated sewing embroidery machine aided by readymade patterns and designs, usually in the form of software.

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