An Introduction To Earrings

Fashions come and go, but earrings have always been and will always be part of the ever-changing trends and fads. Earrings are just one of the accessories that have withstood the arduous tests of time. They are worn by both men and women of all ages. They are a stand-out among the other types of accessories that can be worn everyday for all types of occasions. It may seem too simple a claim, but a single piece or pair of earrings dramatically affects one’s look, mood, and over-all personality.

History of earrings

From research and studies, the use of earrings is said to have originated among western Asians in the form of ordinary hoops and pendants. With their belief in the afterlife, burying the dead together with jewelry, which they believed would be taken to the other world, became a part of their customs and traditions. The oldest earrings were discovered in Middle Eastern countries, particularly in Iraq and Egypt.

Earring types and designs

Earrings have varied designs, styles, shapes, and sizes but they can be generally classified into pierced and clip-on types. Pierced earrings are commonly used since piercing can be easily done and can secure the earrings in place unlike the clipped-on types. Studs, dangling, and hoop earrings are forms of pierced earrings.

Gems and metals of great value like pearls, diamonds, silver, and gold are also used as pendants or as earrings. Pearl and diamond earrings are great accessories for special occasions.

Effects on Looks and Facial Features

The right type, shape, and size of earrings can accentuate one’s stand-out features, may it be the hairstyle, perfectly structured cheekbones, deep set eyes, or simply a smile.

Round button earrings are very pleasing to the thin face, but unduly emphasize round faces.

Large round hoops add length and width that can emphasize perfect cheekbones and nose

Oval or rectangular shapes are good choices for face types that are too full or too round.

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