Adjustable Computer Desks

With seating ergonomics gaining popularity and computer users more concerned about their seating and working positions, adjustable computer desks have become more of a necessity than a luxury. There are a wide variety of adjustable computer desks available — some specifically designed to meet certain needs, like lumbar or spinal chord problems for instance.

Adjustable computer desks use a variety of means for adjusting heights, with a common method using pneumatic levers. There are usually separate pneumatic levers for different platforms on the desk. Using these levers, the height of the desk can be adjusted to obtain the optimum viewing and seating height.

Most adjustable computer desks also come with added features such as wire management trays, lots of legroom space, CPU pedestals, etc. There are adjustable computer tables that feature multiple independent pieces and equipment surfaces, thus making it easier for people of various heights to use them. This allows different users to adjust the height, distance and angle of the monitor, keyboard and printer or scanner to the most comfortable positions, depending on each person’s unique desire. Some higher-end models also allow the user to adjust the position of each of the computer’s components independently, providing a variety of adjustable surfaces for each of the computer’s peripherals and components.

The adjustment heights for these desks vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, though most models commonly adjust heights ranging from below 20′ to 32′ and above. A majority of these desks also offer tilting and rotating arrangements. These desks are made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, wood, steel, etc. They are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes, ranging from the hard wood finish to melamine tops.

Adjustable computer desks are ideal for classrooms, labs, or homes where multiple users use the computer. This ensures that the table that seats a grown man comfortably can be adjusted to seat a small child just as comfortably.

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