Address Labels

If you like sending letters, invitations, and cards, you definitely need address labels. Say goodbye to writing your address manually on every envelope you send for hours and hours – with address labels , you just stick and send!

Address labels are so easy to use – with them in hand, you can afford to spend more time actually writing the letter than labeling the envelope. Address labels also look more professional than handwriting, and best of all, leave no room for human error.

And because they can be personalized anyway you want, so you can be sure you’ll find something tailor fit to your requirements. You can either order online, go personally to a print shop or make your own, but before you do so, keep in mind some of these reminders.

Plan and design your address label well. Clearly write down the information you want to appear on it and double check spelling and accuracy. Make sure your information fits in a certain number of lines, and that the text size is clear and readable but proportionate to the size of the address label you want. Remember that your recipients will be seeing (and scrutinizing) your address label, so it is best to choose s design that reflects your personality. Some people order two kinds of labels – one kind for formal letters, one kind for more laid back letters (such as cards sent to family and friends).

Size does matter. There are literary dozens upon dozens of mailing label sizes, and even if you can’t find one that’s suitable to your taste and requirements, you can easily have special sizing done.

Small return address labels are typically 1.5” x 1.75”. Since return address labels are not processed by a mail sorting machine, you can go creative and add fancy font, color, and illustrations. If you need addressing labels, on the other hand, consider the standard 1”x4” to 2”x4” size. De sure to choose a large and easy-to-read font that is machine-readable. And be careful about putting fancy illustrations or logos on your addressing labels – if you don’t place them properly, they confuse the sorting equipment.

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