A Promise Should Be Forever: Titanium Promise Rings

While a promise ring can be given for a variety of reasons, they are typically given as a sign that the giver and the wearer will date each other exclusively and that an engagement may come soon. Promise rings are usually less expensive than engagement or wedding rings. Titanium promise rings are a good idea for several reasons. They are less expensive than silver or gold rings, are strong and durable, and can be engraved with special messages.

Since promise rings are less formal than wedding and engagement rings, they are usually less expensive. Titanium promise rings are more reasonably priced than promise rings made of a precious metal like gold or silver. Some people do choose to buy more expensive promise rings that include gem settings. Titanium rings are known for being a good choice for setting a stone.

The strength and durability of titanium promise rings serves several purposes. Obviously, it is a wise idea to buy a ring that will retain its shape and not be scratched or broken. Aside from that, the strength of titanium promise rings signifies the commitment to keeping the promise. A strong promise ring drives home the point that the giver and the wearer are committed to each other. What better way to show devotion and long-term intent than to give a ring that will last a lifetime?

Most sellers will engrave titanium engagement rings with messages of the buyer’s choosing. A customer can have his and his girlfriend’s names etched onto the ring to add sentimental value. The ring could also be engraved with a brief description of the promise being made, or a pattern such interlocking hearts that can drive the point home.

Titanium promise rings are a good value and can have symbolic and sentimental meaning. Their strength and durability makes the promise being made that much more meaningful.

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