A Guide to Book Publishing

Only a small percentage of vanity published books turn out to be bestsellers. The decision to work with these publishers is risky. It is very important to make inquiries about the dependability of the press before turning over the manuscript. Moreover, it is advised to solicit opinions from competent individuals in the industry like professors, librarians or other writers.

Making agreements with vanity publishing companies can be complicated. It is better to be careful and closely read the stipulations. Be sure that you understand the terms and conditions. Seek the advice of a lawyer if there are any questionable provisions in the contract. It is highly recommended to seek an attorney that specializes in intellectual properties.

Most of these publishers can and do take advantage of writers. Have some reservation when the company guarantees to take care of everything regarding the sales of the book. Remember that it is expensive, and it requires more effort than publishing conventionally. Take time to look into directories and compare costs as well as services. Basically, the publishing company will file the copyright documents and provide ISBN, LOC and CIP. The rest of the responsibilities mainly fall into the author’s hands. It includes the distribution, promotion and sale of the book.

Again, publishing with a vanity publisher is very costly. If an author really wants to be published, but conventional publisher have not accepted the manuscript, than vanity publishing should be a consideration. A writer may not have all the skills to completely the book through all the publication steps. However, there are many decent firms and professionals like graphic artists, consultants or advertising firms that can help in the publication. In addition, an author can directly hire a printer.

Aside from charging high premiums, working with vanity book publishers can endanger future relationship with respectable conventional publishers.

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