A Brief Online Guide to Teaching

A good teacher can open the windows of the mind. Some of the greatest people in the word attribute their success to their teachers. In China, Confucius is revered as the ideal teacher.

A teacher is someone who imparts education to students or pupils. As they teach a subject according to a lesson plan, they also improve the student’s learning and thinking skills. Teachers are trained in pedagogy, or the science and art of teaching. This system stresses systematized learning or instruction, giving the aims, principles, and methods of teaching.

University instructors are usually educated in universities or colleges. They have a university degree, which allows them to teach. A school teacher must to be certified by a government body before he can teach.

In the United States, you need a bachelor’s degree with educational coursework in order to get a license to teach school. You would need to take the relevant licensing exams. A person’s background would be checked out to see if he has any criminal record.

Earlier, a trainee teacher would need to teach in a school for two years. Today the ‘Alternate Route’ program in most states has made it easier for a person to teach, even if they have not completed a year or more of specialized teacher training in normal schools.

In New York State, teachers also need to complete a master’s degree within five years of joining a school. To be permanently certified, a teacher needs to pass three state exams of pedagogy, general knowledge and the subject being taught. Fingerprinting is done of all teachers who work in a public school.

There are many ways to become an effective teacher. First of all, understand the emotional needs of the age of the students that you are teaching. A young child would have different concerns than a sixteen-year-old. You are like a team leader and have to engage the students, be interesting and give the right amount of knowledge. As a teacher you must listen, question, and be open because every student and class is different.

Begin with something that the student can relate to, but be ready to offer more knowledge and extend beyond your lesson plan. You will have to answer questions or even give counter arguments.

Relate the matter to students’ everyday concerns. Be ready to be innovative and even offer practical learning opportunities. Keep learning yourself, use libraries to upgrade your knowledge, and you will be able to offer more to the students.

Set goals so that the lessons are completed on time and set time aside for self-evaluation. This will help you revise the work as needed. But keep in mind that you must be flexible to respond the different needs within your class.

A certain amount of humor and a relaxed class atmosphere helps you get your teaching across. If the children trust you, they will learn better. As a teacher you need to understand your students, develop and guide them to do better. Above all, you must enjoy teaching. It’s only then that you become truly successful.

World Teachers’ Day was inaugurated by UNESCO on 5 October 1994. This celebrates and remembers the signing of the Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers on the same date in 1966. Taiwan celebrates Teacher’s Day as a national holiday. Good teachers shape our vision and lives, and we must make it a point to show them our gratitude for all that they have done for us.

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