3D Desktop Wallpaper

In computers, 3D (three-dimensional) means an image that provides the perception of depth. If such images are made interactive and the users become involved with the scene, the experience is described as virtual reality. For viewing and interacting with 3D images, you normally require a special plug-in viewer for your web browser. To gain the experience of virtual reality, more equipment may also be necessary. The process of creating 3D images can be divided into three phases: tessellation, geometry, and rendering. In the first phase of tessellation, models are made of individual objects using linked points that are made into a number of individual polygons or tiles. In the second phase, the polygons are transformed in various ways and subjected to lighting effects. In the third and final stage, the transformed images are rendered into objects with intricate detail.

Digital Blasphemy is one of the most popular websites for 3D computer wallpapers, created by Ryan Bliss and contributors. Images are available free in versions typically up to 1024×768 resolution, while access to a dedicated server containing higher -resolution images is available to members for an annual fee.

Among its various artistic styles are computer-generated planetscapes, fractal terrain, space scenes, abstract patterns, and Poser-generated humanoid characters. The image of particle systems created with the help of complex computer-generated lighting effects is one of its most famous offerings.

Its free gallery is updated with new wallpaper each month. Subscribers can download new wallpapers more frequently, and have free access to its complete collection of 3D wallpapers created over the last eight years, which comprise more than 600 images, including Widescreen, Dual-Monitor, and Triple-Monitor versions of some wallpapers. If you like, you can be a member of other sites like MikeBonnell.com. They will also offer you attractive 3D desktop wallpapers, some for free.

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