30th Anniversary

Traditionally a thirtieth anniversary gift is associated with a pearl. Rare and pristine in its beauty, a pearl is the symbol of your unwavering love and affection for your spouse. Pearls are mysterious and seductive. The sheer elegance of pearls will speak volumes of your feelings for your spouse.

Pearl jewelry is guaranteed to dazzle your spouse and bring great joy. A celebration of thirty years of togetherness deserves this special touch. The specialty of pearls is they are a special gift that makes any woman proud to wear them. Pearl jewelry is an obvious choice for the thirtieth anniversary.

There is a range of jewelry ideas from clasps to hairpins, earrings to bracelets, rings to pendants. They are all sure shot anniversary showstoppers! Take your time and pick out something unique, keeping in mind her taste and style.

If you are looking for something different, here is a refreshing and new idea. How about oysters? Oysters are well in tune with a thirtieth anniversary. You can plan an exotic oyster dinner at your favorite restaurant — complete with candlelight and soft music. You know, is believed that oysters are aphrodisiacs and makes a great anniversary meal!

If you happen to be a conservative woman, looking for a gift for your spouse, look for shaving brushes, coat handles etc. You could also present your husband with a mother-of-pearl photo frame complete with an old photograph that you both cherish.

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