3-Ring Binders

Three-ring Binders are the most frequently used binders. They became an immensely popular, very dependable workplace accessory used extensively for personal, sales, school, and business organizations since the first loose leaf patent was filed in 1854. However, the actual Three-ring Binders came about 20 years after the initial invention. Ever since they have been improving.

What makes Three-ring Binders so immensely popular is the fact that they are lightweight, provide safe portability and have easy review and remove/insert access for filing paperwork. Moreover, the paperwork can be organized according to alphabetical order, numerical order, or subject heading within each book, using simple dividers. Their organized manageability on shelves and desks add further to their high functionality and popularity.

Three-ring Binders are available in various sizes. This allows the user to select binders that fit their requirement the best. As the larger-sized ring binders allow you more depth, you can store records for an entire week, month, product-line, etc. They are also used for schoolwork and sales catalogs. However, the thinner-ring binders are widely used for holding material for individual projects, lists, particular class lists, experiment notation, journaling, and other similar projects.

In order to determine the size of a Three-ring Binder, you have to measure the inside diameter of the ring. Overall size of D-rings must also be measured from the inside, in this case, between the inside top and bottom. Three-ring Binders have O-shaped, D-shaped, and slanted D-shaped and squared-shaped rings.

Three-ring Binders are usually available in two sizes; 5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11. The latter size is more popular. The largest binder has a depth of 4.5 inches and can be used to hold over 400 pages. These binders can be easily tailor made for your specific requirement. They can also be personalized with full color printing and lamination. If you cannot find a standard binder for yourself, you can get one custom-made.

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