Breast Augmentation Doctors

If you are considering breast augmentation, it is important to find an experienced, board certified doctor. Breast augmentation surgery involves certain risks and uncertainties that only a board certified plastic surgeon that is adequately trained and has proven knowledge can handle. Those preferring to undergo breast augmentation should ideally consult a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) or American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

A good breast augmentation doctor will assess your health and ascertain which surgical techniques are the best for you. Most breast augmentation surgeons will also discuss possible options regarding plastic surgery, as well as the risks and limitations of the procedure. If the breasts are sagging, the doctor may recommend a breast lift. During the consultation, reputed breast augmentation doctors provide before and after pictures of previous patients. You can always consult other patients of the doctor to ascertain his or her expertise.

The issues discussed during the initial consultation should include guidelines on eating and drinking before surgery, the cost of the surgery, the kind of facility the surgery will be performed in, the type of anesthesia that will be used during surgery, recovery procedures and possible side effects and complications. Prior to the surgery, the doctors should be aware of the medications, vitamins and drugs a patient is taking. It is very important that women who smoke tell their doctors, since smoking could possibly delay the healing process and cause added complications. Most breast augmentation doctors will also recommend a baseline mammogram before undergoing surgery.

Breast augmentation physicians will help a patient decide what the best method of inserting and positioning the implants will be. Once the surgery is over, the physician should provide e advice regarding when to start exercises and normal activities.

Breast Augmentation Before And After

Before deciding upon breast augmentation surgery one must choose a qualified surgeon for better odds of successful surgery. Prior to consultation, one should find a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Tests performed by the surgeon should include ones that assess the existing tissue to conclude if there is an adequate amount to cover the breast implant.

After surgery, incisions are stitched, taped and the breasts are covered and supported by a gauze dressing. Patients are fitted with a surgical bra that provides support for a number of weeks. After surgery, the common symptoms are exhaustion, pain, and discomfort. However these after effects can be reduced considerably though administration of oral medicines. Inflammation slowly subsides and becomes un-noticeable in about a month’s time. Stitches are removed within seven to ten days.

For weeks after the surgery, the breasts will be exceptionally sensitive. Physical contact should be avoided until sensitivity subsides. The rehabilitation process takes about three to four weeks. Breasts will continue to be swollen for approximately four to five weeks. Post surgery, activities such as a working out, lifting heavy items and anything strenuous should be avoided for about a month. Breast augmentation scars will be rigid and pink in color for roughly six weeks. Subsequently, scars may appear to widen but will start to fade within a few months, though they will never completely disappear.

There are risks that could come from breast implants. For one, an implant may make it difficult to perform a mammography, or even get in the way of detecting breast cancer during a mammogram. Post-surgery, one may develop Capsular contracture, better known as build-up of scar tissue around the implant. This causes excessive and unnatural breast firmness. If it is of an extreme nature, one may require corrective surgery. An excessively large breast implant may cause problems after surgery as well: it may be more affected by gravity and consequently trigger an earlier droop.

Deflation of an implant is mostly harmless. However, it may carry the danger of additional surgical treatment for a substitution. Breast augmentation infection is rare and can be easily treated with antibiotics. Despite it once being thought of as a risk, multiple studies have consistently failed to demonstrate that women with breast implants have a higher rate of breast cancer. In fact, two major studies have shown a lower than expected rate of disease in women with implants.

Breast Augmentation 101

Breast augmentation, technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast through breast implants. Women choose breast augmentation for various reasons: when the breast size is too small, to balance a variation in breast size, to restructure breasts that have lost their shape from breast-feeding or aging and as a reconstructive procedure following breast surgery. Breast augmentation will increase the size of a woman’s breasts, but it will not perfect them.

Most procedures are performed in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia. By inserting an implant behind each breast, surgeons are able to enhance a woman’s bust line by one or more bra cup sizes. Earlier, silicone gel-filled implants were used for breast augmentation. Because of the complications using silicone, surgeons today usually make use of saline, a saltwater solution. In 1992, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposed a ban on the general use of silicone gel-filled breast implants. The new saline implants are a safe substitute.

The surgical incisions are made in the crease of the breast where the breast meets the chest, beneath the areola, or in the armpit. An implant insertion behind the breast tissue or under the chest wall muscle will push the breast tissue forward, making the breast appear larger and fuller. Most physicians prefer placing the implants under the chest muscle. This is because the muscle provides an additional layer of padding to provide a more natural look, and minimizes the probability of scar tissue formation around the implant. A small scar will be present after the surgery, even though most plastic surgeons try to make the incision in an area that will lessen the visibility of the scar.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of women undergoing breast augmentation is increasing at a rapid pace. Over the last couple of years, breast augmentation surgery has advanced in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Brain Injury

Brain injury or brain damage is the pathological condition wherein brain cells are destroyed. This degeneration of brain cells may result from a variety of situations or conditions, diseases and injuriesx97usually to the head. These damages to the brain could be caused by a prolonged shortage of oxygen supplied to the brain, certain infections, trauma and neurological disorders.

Although it is difficult to assess or gauge the actual damage done to a person’s life, assessing the extent of the brain damage could be done by letting the patient undergo a neurological examination. Neuroimaging and neuropsychological assessments are also done in order to further assess the extent of brain cell degeneration. However, in the cases of children or infants who are suffering from brain damage, it is more difficult for specialists to gauge the extent and effects of the damage. This is because different areas of the brain mature at different stages. For example, it would be impossible to know if the area responsible for speech has been damaged until the infant reaches the speaking age.

The extent of the brain injury and the location of the damaged tissues play an important role in knowing what effects and problems the patient may have. For example, damage to the brain stem can very much likely lead to paralysis or a permanent vegetative state. Other effects of brain injury are delusions or hallucinations, speech problems such as slurring, decreased mobility, neurocognitive deficits, amnesia, coma and even death.

Impairment or disability that is caused by brain injury may be treated differently depending on the severity of brain cell degeneration. These treatments include medication, surgery, neuropsychological rehabilitation and physical implants. In severe cases, there are also methods such as deep brain stimulation. Rehabilitation of brain-damaged patients is spearheaded by specialists in this area such as neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuropsychologists. These experts are capable of understanding the effects of brain injury, assessing brain damage and creating the appropriate rehabilitation program for each patient. In such programs, professionals help patients regain complete body functions and relearn essential skills.

Brain Injury Associations

Millions of people all over the world receive a brain injury each year. In the United States alone, more than 1.5 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. With such a large number of people suffering from TBI, it is vital that there are support groups to help patients cope with their disabilities and provide encouragement for rehabilitation. Today, there are hundreds of such places that research and help patients suffering from all types of brain injury each year.

Brain injury associations cover just about every aspect of brain injury. They include people from several fields of activity that keep each other informed, help each other, and, most importantly, help the individuals suffering from brain injury.

A main function of many of these groups is to conduct brain injury prevention research. Of course, the most successful brain injury prevention is researching new protection for car accident victims. Security and protection for people have evolved over the years, leading to fewer cases of severe brain injury each year. This combined with an increase in recovery for several patients proves that such organizations are needed and work.

The second goal of Brain Injury Associations refers to people that suffered injuries. These associations aim to secure a better life for them by providing the best health care possible. Usually treatment for patients consists of medicine and, in most cases, rehabilitation, both physical and psychological. To sum up, brain injury associations work to help people recover as best as it is possible.

The third goal of these organizations refers to the legal aspect of brain injuries. In most cases, brain injury occurs because of an accident, most of the time a motor vehicle accident, and the one injured may not be at fault. Lawyers specializing in brain injury cases represent these victims and help them receive compensation for their injuries.

Brain injury associations conduct useful research, provide support and rehabilitation, and provide legal help for victims of traumatic brain injuries.

Braided Rugs

Every little object is important in its own way. It is the same with braided rugs too. Though they may not have the same status as Oriental rugs, a braided rug too is valuable and worthy because of its utility.

Manufacturing Process

Among the many types of rugs available in the market, area rugs, braided rugs, and Oriental rugs are quite popular. As their name suggests, “braided rugs” are primarily made up of a few strips of cloth braided together to form a circle or ellipse. All the loose ends are sewn to strengthen the rug on the whole. This is just a preliminary idea as to how a braided rug is neatly designed. Based on this, several features can be added to make the rug appealing and user-friendly too.


Like other rugs, braided rugs are available in different colors and designs. The range is simply stunning. The most common among them is Chandler 4 Corners. Braided rugs can be used to complement other types of rugs too. They go well with carpets. They can also be hung as wall decorations.

It is not just the color and shape; you need to be careful in choosing the appropriate texture and finishing, too. Look at the edges and sides, and decide whether you are going to add another padding of cotton or other materials to the standard product. This will further strengthen the rug and prolong its life.

Themes like beauty and elegance are the propelling factors behind most interior-decorating ideas. Choosing a rug is one such step. Braided area rugs offer the convenience of ‘mix-n-match’ options. You can order a mixed braided rug or a multi-layered one reflecting many colors.

You can choose from a small rug to an extra-large rug. There are rectilinear rugs available for your dining room, guest room, etc.

The best way to choose a braided rug is to match it with your room décor. You need to remember the fact that the easiest way to remodel your home or office is to perhaps choose classic braided rugs and place them in the appropriate and exclusive place.

Bra Sizes

A bra remains next to your skin the entire day. If you are not wearing the correct size, imagine the discomfort you’ll experience throughout the whole day. It is important to note that your bra size does not remain the same for any great length of time because change is a law of nature and your breasts are no exception. The only difference is that change is more noticeable at some times and less at others. The change becomes most evident in cases of weight loss, weight gain or during pregnancy.

Even though a bra remains the most intimate item of a woman’s wardrobe, research has shown that about 75% of women do not get their bra size right. This results in problems such as sagging breasts, pain in the shoulders, or tightness in the chest. Therefore, it is important to get the size correct in order to avoid problems and feel elegant, feminine and confident.

It is not very difficult to determine your bra size. First of all, take a measuring tape and measure around the chest, directly under the breasts. If you get an even size number, then add four inches or else add five inches to get your chest size. For example if you measure 30 inches, then you need to add another four inches, which will make your size equal to 34 inches. If you measure an odd number such as 29, then you need to add 5 inches and your size will work out to 34 inches. Most bras come in standard sizes, but you will find that bras marked the same size but manufactured by different companies will give different results. So, you may have to try out several sizes and check for the ideal fit and the maximum comfort.


Business Process Management (BPM) is an e-business system software designed to integrate information technology in business operations through a simplified merger of both systems. The end goal is to maximize resources and streamline the procedures.

In companies when a system change has to be done, or a new procedure is introduced, both the IT personnel and the business process analyst get involved in the project. The roles of both are clearly delineated and are quite separate from each other, although the goal is the same. The business process analyst configures and reconfigures the workflow, while the IT person executes the physical adjustments that need to be done (i.e., reconnect the module or put up a user interface). The problem happens when the two solutions do not match. The hard fact is, it is not enough that both agree on a goal. They need to align their individual solutions for the whole project to be successful. The integrative element between the two procedures is the business process management system that allows communication and consolidation.

The business process management system allows an international company to manage its information and facilitate sharing and exchange among its plants all over the world through a java-built web-based data source. This allows people to extract information as needed. The business process management system also allows the creation of users and groups, therefore enhancing the sharing experience.

In a highly-competitive environment, businesses depend on information and seamless business processes. Any downtime due to failure of the systems will cost the company a lot in terms of opportunity and costs. With business process management, companies have an edge over others that are stumped by compatibility problems between their business processes and IT support systems. A business process management system bridges the gap between IT and business processes and ensures the success of the enterprise.

Boys’ Boarding Schools

Boys’ boarding schools are just like any other boarding school. They aim to make fine, confident men out of boys, no matter what their class, race or religion. More and more parents are sending their children to boarding schools because they believe that these schools will teach independence and self-motivation that will enable their child to make practical decision throughout life. There are many kinds of boys’ boarding schools: college-prep, military, pre-professional, art, religious, therapeutic and many more.

Boys’ boarding schools are primarily academic. They are generally college-prep schools for adolescents aged from 10 and up. The goal of these schools is to combine academics, with physical and mental activities, hard work, co-operation and discipline. Boys learn to make intelligent choices and take responsibility for them, try new things, have a wide range of friends and have fun at the same time.

When choosing a boarding school for your child consider what the focus is you are looking for. There are religious, military, private and co-ed schools. Check out the programs at the school, both academic and non-academic and figure out the costs (many have scholarships and financing options). Keep in mind that the further away the school is, the less opportunity your child will have to come home or for you to visit. Visit the school with your child to make sure you are both in agreement with the decision to attend a certain boarding school. If you are close to a decision, ask the school for references and names of former students so that you can make sure that the programs are highly recommended. Also, make sure that services like counseling; athletics, arts and other programs are available. And, find out what the day-to-day dietary menus are like.

There are also several boys’ boarding schools for troubled adolescents. These schools deal with children who have problems like depression, alcohol/, dug abuse, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), teen suicide, conduct disorders, behavioral problems, oppositional defiant disorders, learning disabilities, obesity, eating disorders, violence, bullying and other problems that adolescents may face. These schools not only provide therapy for these students but also make them academically stronger.

Boy Shorts

Lingerie may be personal and private, but it is also a fashion item. 2006 has seen the rise of the hottest lingerie item, the boy shorts, underwear that seems to be replacing the thong.

Boy shorts are basically tight short shorts or hot pants. Some are a little loose fitting, though most are figure hugging. Very flattering to the body, they shape the rear and make a woman look curvier and sexier. Some boy shorts completely cover the rear, while others are a little shorter. For girls who like to feel naughty, the shorter ones may be just the thing!

Comfort is also one of the reasons that boy shorts are getting so popular! They have a full seat as they are cut more like shorts. Usually they have a low rise and therefore fit well under jeans. They eliminate panty lines when worn under tight pants or skirts

Boy shorts come in many styles, colors and fabrics. You can get them in 100% cotton or in polyester blends. Microfiber would also be a good choice as it is also slightly more durable, though it could be more expensive.

If you want to feel truly feminine, go for silk, satin or even lace. For extra comfort, double-layered lace boy shorts are a good choice. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Paris Hilton are reputed to be great fans of boy shorts. From whalebone corsets, crinolines and long, full skirt petticoats to thongs and boy shorts, women’s lingerie has come through a long and liberating journey. Today, the accent is on something that is comfortable as well as sexy.