Black Jack Strategy

Roulette is considered to be the queen of casino games, and blackjack is considered king. Blackjack is the most extensively researched casino game in the world, and it is also the only casino game with fluctuating odds, where the chances of winning change with the composition of the deck. It is a game where the house’s chances can actually be dimmed to less than 1% if the player follows a certain strategy.

This strategy is known in blackjack as basic strategy, which determines whether a player should hit, or stand, or double, or split. It is based on the player’s total points and the dealer’s visible card. To be a successful player, one needs to refer to the strategy chart, which shows how to play the cards depending on the dealer’s visible card.

A couple games, and one understands that the house begins with an advantage because of the simple fact that the player has to make the first call. Since the basic strategy chart deals only with the first two cards, a player will need to know what to do when he takes a hit. The experts say the best way to do this is translate the chart into simple text. So, the basic strategy to play a hard hand (when the two starting cards do not contain an Ace) would be, if you have eight or less, always hit; if you have 17-21, always stand. Similarly, the basic strategy to play a soft hand (when one of the two starting cards is an Ace) would be, if you have an Ace and an 8 or an Ace and a 9, always stand.

Translating the blackjack strategy chart into text only makes memorizing easier.

Black Jack Rule

Unlike most casino games that are dependent more on chance than skill, blackjack is quite mathematical. Hence, the game has some basic rules that need to be followed, if one is to do more than experience the thrill of sitting at the table losing his money.

The basic is to know that the hand with the highest total wins, as long as it is not over 21. Over 21, a hand goes bust. Cards 2 to 10 as worth their number, the kings, queens and jacks as worth 10 points each, and the Ace is 11 points, unless this would cause the player to go bust, in which case it takes the value 1.

Each player gets two cards, and one of the dealer’s two cards is face up for all the players to see. A two-card hand of 21 is a blackjack, or an automatic winner. If it’s the dealer, then all the others lose. If it’s a player’s, all the other players, including the dealer, lose.

There are, however, some other rules you need to keep in mind while playing this game, especially if you are a beginner. The first thing to do is keep an eye out for the betting limits of each table. It’s also important to note the kind of game being played. Beginners are safer playing shoe games, where all the cards are dealt face up. The rule about buying chips is simple. The dealer is not allowed to take anything from a player’s hand. So if you need to buy chips, you have to place your money on the felt. The dealer will pick it up and put the chips in the same place. While making a bet, you have to put your chips in the circle on the felt, in front of your seat.

Simple rules these are, but they will help get to the blackjack table feeling more confident.

Black Jack Games

If you are the sort of person who thinks blackjack is one of those card games played in casinos, with very high stakes, you will be surprised to read this. It turns out that there are numerous types of blackjack games available at the casinos and some apparently friendly to beginners. The rules are more or less the same; the nuances are slightly different, the biggest one being the number of decks used in the game.

Blackjack can be played both as a single deck and a multiple-deck game. However, both these types are relevant only when the game is played in the casino. In the online version, the cards are shuffled after every hand.

Several other types of this game, which can be found both in casinos and online, are called European Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack, in which the rules are tweaked to attract new players. Of all the blackjack games, Spanish 21 is particularly exciting for beginners. Besides the fact that this game is dealt with a Spanish shoe, the rules are very liberal and the house advantage is apparently low.

There are several variants of this version which are used to attract beginners. While they seem to be more player-friendly, they actually have a higher house advantage. For example, Double Exposure Blackjack, where the dealer’s cards are both face up. The player has the option of increasing his bet on seeing the dealer’s cards. As seems obvious, beginners might be tempted to take this offer, which eventually results in the house raking in a huge booty.

With the Internet becoming so popular across the globe, there are now two online versions of the game: the downloadable game and flash blackjack. Whatever game one plays, whether online or at the casinos, it’s a good idea to do some reading of the famous Edward O’Thorpe and Ken Uston before taking to the table.

Black Jack Gambling

The Internet is full of very amusing stories about Blackjack gambling. There’s one person called Martha, from the Society for the Protection of Animals, who decided to take advantage of the blackjack gambling frenzy in her town to raise money for animal welfare. She actually made a huge packet just organizing the game for this cause.

Then there’s Ned, who was hospitalized with back problems because he sat hours on end, everyday, in one position, playing blackjack online. Under a heavy dose of medication, when he could barely talk, his friend heard him mumbling something about blackjack! Such is the following this game commands.

But did you know that blackjack is the only gambling game that is not determined by luck alone? It is more about mathematics and calculations than the thrill of sitting at a table in a casino waiting for lady luck to smile. It’s not a game for those who want to take chances. You do that and you just up the chances of the guy sitting there well prepared and set to win.

While the basic of blackjack gambling is counting, picking your seat at the table is equally important. For example, for basic strategy players, it doesn’t really matter where they sit. For counters, who use strategy variations, is makes sense to sit at third base so that they can see as many cards as possible before their turn. Of course, as they say, if you are playing blackjack in Rio, then the best place to sit is the one that gives you a good view of the waitresses at the bar.

Black Hair Styles

There are many favorite black hair styles around like braided, locks, sleek and straight, curly, short and funky or twisted and intricate hair styles. Whatever hairstyle you wish to choose, it is important to pay special attention to your facial features and bone structure. This is because some of the black hair styles can take your most beautiful facial features and make them even more stunning!

One thing to remember for the perfect black hair style is to take account of your build. For example, a close cropped black hair style does not suit one with a large frame. So remember to just make sure that your style and frame balance each other! The shape of the face too has to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct black hair style. Basically, there are five face shapes; oval, round, square, heart and rectangular. Whatever face shape you may have, it is better to choose a hair style that makes your face appear more oval. The reason the oval face is identified as the best facial shape is because of the perfect symmetry of some of the facial features it has, like the distance from the lips to the bottom of the chin.

If you do have a heart shaped face, you can make it appear more oval by positioning the weight of the black hair style at chin level. For those with round faces, it is best to minimize the cheekbones with some height in the bang. For square faces, it is better to have a hair style with short edges and texture directed towards the face. And for those with triangular shaped faces, more height and fullness should be present at the crown. With these generalized hints on black hair styles, you should go to a beauty parlor to get your hair cut accordingly!

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Known for its harsh winters, its many local artisans, and an abundance of hard woods unique to the area, Triberg in the Black Forest is the prime location for the production of cuckoo clocks. Even today, most of the world’s supply of cuckoo clocks still comes from Germany, mostly from the Black Forest area. There are imitators out there but beware – if it’s not from Germany or Austria it may not be a high quality, hand-carved cuckoo clock.

Today there are over 100 small companies in the area that are licensed to manufacture cuckoo clocks. The business has evolved from a winter months’ activity to a full time, year round endeavor. In fact, most of the original farms of the area have stopped producing grains and vegetables because the farmers are too busy harvesting the prized Linden wood for the manufacturing of cuckoo clocks. Only a few of these companies are large enough to sell their products overseas, and so only a few names, such as Dold, Schneider, Herr, Jaeger, Hermle and Schwab have achieved international fame as quality cuckoo clock craftsmen. Each of these companies, named after the artist who originally founded them, is known around the world as quality producers of cuckoo clocks.

Now Anton Schneider & Sons, the company founded in 1848 by Anton Schneider is in its sixth generation of Schneiders. The company employs only the most skilled craftsmen working, many of whom have been in with their company for several generations, and some of whom have worked there as long as forty years. The warehouse in Schonach, Germany is not only known for the quality of timekeeping in their cuckoo clocks, but also for the artistic nature of the individual pieces. Schneider cuckoo clocks are prized for their music and dancing figures as well as for larger, more intricate moving scenes. Their production has surpassed more than 300 different mechanical models to date, all of which carry their imprint on the clock dial.

Probably the most famous seller of cuckoo clocks is the German

company River City Cuckoo Clocks. While American distributors sometimes use the name River City, the original company is located in the Black Forest of Germany and serves as a one-stop wholesaler for many different brands of cuckoo clocks, of only the highest quality produced in the area.

Black Christian Singles

Not much difference is seen when we analyze and observe the black Christian singles community. The pressure felt by Christian singles is shared equally by black Christian singles too. The tension of being single for the rest of their lives is just as present in their lives.

But as with the other Christian singles, black Christian singles too have to put in complete faith in God and interact with all other singles. If there is a special someone destined for you, he or she will definitely step into your life.

A number of online networks exist to facilitate black Christian singles in meeting and knowing each other. Some dating networks are free, which means one can join in without having to pay any membership free, but others usually charge a membership fee if you want to use their services. Usually even the paid networks provide a few days’ free trial membership, which enables singles to test whether they like the network or not. And there are some like Soul Singles which provide free profile creation, but ask for a fee when using its services.

Fusion 101, eHarmony, Soul Singles, Big Church, Equally Yoked, Beliefnet’s Soulmatch,, and My Enamour are some networks which help singles to create profiles, browse and view profiles of other singles, send emails, chat, and do much more online.

Free networks include African American Singles, American Singles, Fusion 101, African American Passions, and Mocha Kafe.

Besides the aforementioned sites for young and adult black Christian singles, special networks exist, especially catering to the interests of mature, adult black Christian singles. Single Sites is one network which is completely devoted to such singles.

Equally Yoked and Metrodate are two dating online networks which often organize cruise offers and events in cities too, which members can attend and meet other singles of their area.

In this vast world, millions of singles exist, most with the hope of finding their special partner. Dating is there to help you find a mate. Determination in your life and undying faith in God allows you to get the best out of your life.

Black Chef Hats

The most popularly used chef’s hats are white in color. However, the latest market shows some trendy designer hats that come in different shades such as black, gray, checkered, red, blue and others. The black and the checkered ones are catching up on sales in the market compared to the traditional white ones.

Other models would include the black with checkered borders or the white ones with black or checkered borders. Red chef hats are also in vogue in the present market. Colored hats are mostly available in the cloth variety as compared to the disposable paper kind. The colored cloth chef hats are made of cotton or cotton blend material that can be starched and stiff while being comfortable to wear at the same time.

Colored chef hats are available with adjustable elastic or Velcro headbands, and have a comfortable sweatband built into them. Polyester chef hats are being made currently to give a crisper look than the cotton ones. Also, polyester or polyester blend chef hats are easier to maintain than the traditional cotton chef hats.

Although more and more chefs are using black chef hats, the head chef is still seen to be in a white hat. All the other chefs, cooks and the others working in the kitchen are in a revolutionary change with regards to colored chef hats. Black colored chef hats are also available in different styles like the base ball variety, short hats and such, changing the trend of the chefs wearing only long pleated hats.

Most chefs prefer black colored chef hats these days as the color tends to hide all the sweat and other splattered stains on the hat. Also, since it is a polyester blend it tends to soak up sweat a lot more than the disposable ones. Since they are available in a wide range of model, a deviation from the original plated style, more and more restaurants prefer that their chefs shift to the colored hats than the traditional white.

Although a complete black hat might look way different than a traditional chef’s white hat, white hats bordered or checkered with black tend to make a distinct change in the tradition. They would also not be that different in the styles and only the color could be changed for that unique touch of difference.

Birthday Gifts For Women

Lewis Carroll once said, “There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents … and only one for birthday presents, you know.” As Mr. Carroll knew, birthday presents are special, and different from other presents you might be getting all the year round for other occasions. So a birthday gift must be chosen with great care, and it must reflect a woman’s personality, her likes, and preferences.

The selection of birthday gifts depends on what your relation is to the person who is receiving the gift, and, of course, the person herself. So if she is a romantic person, her boyfriend or spouse can choose from many gift baskets available on websites like A Bath and Body basket for a relaxing bath is a good option; something more intimate like lingerie is also appreciated.

For friends and co-workers, a newspaper from the day and year of their birth is an ideal gift. A birthstone is a good option for those choosing gifts for a friend, sister, or any other woman you are close to. retails birthstones of all twelve months. Glass angels that come in many lovely colors, each color matching that of the birthstone, hold the stones; for example, a green glass angel holds the green birthstone for the month of May.

Jewels are, of course, the eternal favorites of all women, regardless of age. You can’t really go wrong there. The only thing to be kept in mind is the kind of jewelry she likes; is she the kind who will appreciate a chic, light platinum chain, or some antique jewelry, or maybe a simple silver plated bracelet?

For the women passionate (and even those not so passionate) about gadgets, electronics like the latest mobile phones, DVD players, and CDs of some special bands are all appreciated. A CD of her favorite band or musician is a gift she will appreciate.

Books are also a good gifting option. A racy thriller, the latest bestseller, or a romance novel is something most women will like.

If you are still not sure of what to gift her, then Birthday tins from websites like is the best bet. A birthday tin might contain something like cookies, party blowers, caramel corn, jellybeans, or many other items.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing and selecting a gift for a special occasion like a birthday can be quite bothersome. Often, we feel lost, unable to decide among the hundreds of thousands of products flooding the market. However, deep research reveals some great birthday ideas.

Numerous giftware companies fill the market providing both pre-designed and ready-made birthday gifts, as well as customized birthday gifts for all. Real flowers, clothes, gift baskets, electronic goods, crystals, jewels, leather goods, wallets, cheese cakes, toys, bags, home decorators, plants, cookery, books, body and bath products, musical boxes, engraved pens, scented candles, and customized plaque inscriptions besides others.

Personalized birthday gifts can be sought for at companies such as Last Laugh Gifts, Warm Sentiments, and Books Unique. Last Laugh Gifts provides a customized wine label with your friend’s or any other person’s picture on it.

Vermont Teddy Bears also provide teddy bears to be gifted on birthdays.

Patagonia Gifts also has a wide range of customized and pre-designed gifts for men and women. Letter openers, cross cufflinks, leather and silver cuff bracelets, and much more are all available at the aforementioned company. Red Envelope, Things Remembered, Generous Gems, Sundance, Bears in Chairs, Connection Channel, J.C. Penny, Personalization Mall, and Limoges Jewelry are some examples of companies which provide other customized items such as pens, rings, pendants, or necklaces.

Companies like Bodum, HoMedics, Cyber Café Center, Love is a Rose, Pyjamagram, AARP, and One Share also have great unique gifts for women. While Bodum and HoMedics deal in electronic goods, Love is a Rose provides beautiful crystallized roses in gold.

Gift baskets make good birthday gifts too. Some examples of gift basket companies are Wine Country Gift Baskets, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Warm Sentiments, Green Mountain, Nostalgia Baskets, and Book Baskets. Especially for men, Well Baskets, LLC has some truly delicious food baskets.